“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Luke 1, “The Birth of John Baptist”

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“More Than I Can Bear,” Kirk Franklin

“The Birth of John Baptist,” Luke 1:57) Now Elisabeth’s full time came that she should be delivered; and she brought forth a son.  58) And her neighbours and her cousins heard How The Lord Had Shewed Great Mercy Upon her, and they Rejoiced with her.  59) And it came to pass, that on the eighth day they came to circumcise the child; and they called him Zacharias, after the name of his father.  Leviticus 12:3.  60) And his mother answered and said, not so; but he shall be called John.  61) And they said unto her, There is none of thy kindred that is called by this name.  62) And they made signs to his father, how he would have him called.  63) And he asked for a writing table, and wrote, saying, His name is John.  And they marvelled all.  64) And his mouth was opened immediately, and his tongue loosed, and he spake, and Praised God.  65) And fear came on all that dwelt round about them:  and all these sayings were noised abroad throughout all the hill country of Judea.  66) And all they that heard them laid them up in their hearts, saying, What manner of child shall this be!  And The Hand Of The Lord Was With him (John).  

Nelson’s Concise Bible Commentary – v57-59, they would have called him:  It was a custom to give a family name to a newborn.  v60, 61  John was the name the Angel told Zacharias to give the child (v.13).  v62-66, A writing tablet was a wood tablet covered with wax.

Quest Study Bible – v59, “Circumcise the child,”  See article:  Why Did God Command Circumcision?”  (Genesis 17:10).  

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v63, And he asked for a writing table That is, he made signs for one, for as yet he could not speak. The Persic version renders it “ink”, and the Ethiopic, a book, and the Vulgate Latin, a notebook. The word signifies “a little table”, such as they used to write not only “upon”, but “in”; and was sometimes of brass F20, sometimes of wood, and sometimes of wax F21, on which they wrote with a style or pen;  and wrote, saying, his name is John:  not that he must be, or shall be, so called; but this is his name, and no other; being what the Angel had given him before his conception, and Zacharias now confirms:  and they marvelled all;  they were astonished, not so much at the new name brought into the family, as at the agreement between Elisabeth and Zacharias in this point, when the latter was both deaf and dumb; they knowing nothing, as yet, of the Angel’s message to him.  v64,  And his mouth was opened immediately  As soon as ever the child was named, and so all things accomplished which the Angel Had Foretold;  and his tongue loosed; the impediments of speech were removed, and the use of his tongue and lips was restored unto him:  and he spake and Praised God;  for the safe delivery of his wife; for the birth of his son, The Forerunner Of Christ; For The Conception Of The Messiah; For God’s Gracious Regards To His Church And People, in these instances; and for the restoration of speech and hearing to himself, of which he had been some time deprived for his unbelief.  v65, And fear came on all that dwelt round about them  That is, The Fear Of God, An Awful RELEVANCE Of The Divine Majesty; they perceived The Hand Of God Was In These Things, And That These Were Effects Of Divine Power; and Which made very serious impressions upon their minds, and they thought, and spoke of them with great solemnity; see ( Acts 2:43 ) ( 5:11 ) .  and all these sayings were noised abroad throughout all the hill country of Judea:  the several things relating to the Appearance of the Angel to Zacharias in The Temple; His Message to him; the Striking him deaf and dumb; the Conception of Elisabeth, who had been barren; the Birth of her son; the Unusual Name given him; and the More Unusual Manner in which it was given; and the Opening of Zacharias’s mouth, and the Loosening of his tongue upon this, were reported, and commonly talked of by all people to that part of Judea, where the parents of John dwelt.  v66,  And all they that heard them  The above things, laid them up in their hearts; treasured them up in their memories, and often thought of them in their minds, what should be the meaning, and what would be the issue of them:  saying, what manner of child shall this be?  what will he be, or come to? and what is it that he shall do? surely he must be designed in Providence to be put into some high station, and some Eminent Work and Service; since so many, and such great things, have gone before, and attended his birth:  and The Hand Of The Lord Was With him; which may intend the Special Care, and peculiar Providence Of God In Preserving his Life, Giving him Health, Causing him to Grow Strong and Robust, and in Stature of body, and in Endowments of mind; and also the Communications of Grace unto him, and The Gracious Presence Of God with him, so soon as he was capable of enjoying them; as likewise a Spirit of Prophecy, which is sometimes signified by The Hand Of The Lord; and the Extraordinary Gifts Of The Spirit, which, in process of time, appeared in him, qualifying him for his high office and work: The Hand Of The Lord, with the Jews, is The Holy Ghost: thus they interpret ( 1 Chronicles 28:19 ) “all in writing”, this is the “Masora”; “from The Hand Of The Lord”, (vdwqh xwr wz) , “This Is The Holy Ghost”. {w} 


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