“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Luke 1, “Zachariah’s Song”

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“My Redeemer Lives,” Nicole C. Mullen

“Zachariah’s Song,” Luke 1:67) And his father Zacharias was filled with The Holy Ghost, and Prophesied, saying,  Joel 2:28.  68) Blessed Be The Lord God Of Israel; For He Hath Visited And Redeemed His People,  69) And Hath Raised Up An Horn Of Salvation For us in the house of His servant David;  7o) As He Spake By The Mouth Of His Holy Prophets, Which Have Been Since The World began:  71) That we should be Saved from our enemies, and from the hand of all that hate us;  72) To Perform The Mercy Promised to our fathers, and to Remember His Holy Covenant;  73) The Oath Which He Sware to our father Abraham,  Hebrews 6:13.  74) That He Would Grant Unto us, that we Being Delivered out of the hand of our enemies Might Serve Him Without Fear,  Romans 6:18.  75) In Holiness And Righteousness Before Him, All The Days of our life.  Ephesians 4:24; 2 Thessalonians 2:13.  76) And thou, child, shalt be Called The Prophet Of The Highest:  for thou Shalt Go before The Face Of The Lord To Prepare His Ways;  77) To Give Knowledge Of Salvation Unto His People By The Remission Of Their Sins,  Isaiah 11:1.   

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible –  v67, And his father Zacharias was Filled With The Holy Ghost,  &c.] With a spirit of prophecy, as his wife Elisabeth had been before, ( Luke 1:41and Prophesied   saying; the following things, relating to The Messiah, His Incarnation and Redemption by Him; to The Accomplishing Of The Covenant, Oath, Promise and Mercy of God to His People; and to his son, The Forerunner Of Christ; and to his work and office, in the various parts and branches of it, which he should perform. Whence it appears, that the following song is of Divine Inspiration; and that Zacharias spake it as he was Moved By The Holy Ghost, as the Prophets of old did.  v76,  And thou, child, shalt be called the Prophet of The Highest,  &c.] Here Zacharias turns himself to his son John, though an infant, and incapable of knowing what was said to him; and for the sake of those that were present, describes his office and work; and says, that he should be “called”, that is, that he should “be”, and be accounted a “Prophet”: for he was not only a preacher of Christ and His Gospel, but he also Foretold The Coming Of The Messiah; and the Vengeance that should fall on the Jewish nation, for their Unfruitfulness, Impenitence, and Unbelief: and The Prophet “Of The Highest”; That Is, Of God; as the Persic version renders it, of The Most High God; and by Whom Is Meant, The Lord Jesus Christ, whose Prophet, Harbinger, and Forerunner John was; and so is A Proof Of Christ Being The Supreme, or Most High God:  for thou shalt go before The Face Of The Lord, To Prepare His Ways;  as the Angel had suggested in  (Luke 1:17 )  and as was Prophesied of him in            ( Isaiah 11:3 ) ( Malachi  3:1 ) . (See Gill on Matthew 3:3).   v77,  To Give Knowledge Of Salvation  This is still said of John, and belongs to his work and office; though the Syriac and Arabic versions read, “that he may give”; as if it was spoken of The Lord, before whose face John was to go, and Whose Ways he was to prepare: by “Salvation” is meant, not a temporal (Temporary) Salvation, or a deliverance from the Roman yoke, the Jews were expecting, for John gave no intimation of any such salvation; but of a Spiritual and Eternal Salvation, and Of Christ Himself, The Author Of It; Who Is Often Called Salvation, because He Was Appointed to this Business, Was Fitted For It (SALVATION), and Has Effected It; and there is Salvation In Him, and in no other, the “Knowledge” of This is not merely, notional and speculative, but, Sure, and Certain; and is More Excellent, than any other kind of knowledge whatever: and this is a Gift”; It is not what is attained unto, and acquired by application, diligence, and industry, as other sort of knowledge; but is A Gift Of God, though in the use of means, and through The Ministry Of The Word: and so John is said to give It Ministerially, he being an Instrument In The Hand Of God, whereby souls came to The Knowledge Of Salvation By Christ, and Believed In Him: Tt Was Communicated By God Through His Ministry,  Unto His People:  meaning not the people of John the Baptist, the Jews, though it was True of God’s Elect among them; but The People Of Christ, and that not all mankind, who are His By Creation; but a Special People, Whom The Father Has Given Him, and He Has Purchased By His Blood; whom He Conquers By His Grace, and Makes a willing people, in The Day Of His Power: to these, and only these, is The Knowledge Of Salvation By Christ Given; for none else are appointed to it, and for no other is it wrought out. It follows,  by the Remission of their sins;  the sense of which is, either that Salvation is by The Forgiveness of sin, and lies in It, that being a Principal Part of It; see ( Ephesians 1:7 ) . Sins are debts; forgiving them is a remitting these debts, a loosing them, or the obligation to payment, which is done Freely and Fully, For Christ’s Sake, and Through His Blood; and herein lies The Blessedness And Salvation of men; see ( Romans 4:6Romans 4:7 ) . Or else that The Knowledge Of Salvation Was Conveyed Through The Ministry of John, not by preaching The Works of The Law, but The Doctrine of Remission of Sins, By Christ; ( Mark 1:4 ) ( John 1:29 ) and Which Is The Sum And Substance Of The Gospel, as It Was Ordered To Be Preached by Christ, and Was Preached By His Apostles. The Alexandrian copy reads, “our sins”. 

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