“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Luke 1, “Mary’s Song”

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Mary and Elizabeth

“Be Blessed,” Yolanda Adams

Mary’s Song,” Luke 1:46) And Mary said, My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord,  1 Samuel 2:1.  47) And my Spirit Hath Rejoiced In God my Saviour.  48) For He Hath Regarded The Low Estate Of His Handmaiden:  For, Behold, From Henceforth All Generations Shall Call me Blessed.  49) For He That Is Mighty Hath Done To me Great Things; AND HOLY IS HIS NAME.  50) AND HIS MERCY IS ON them that FEAR HIM From Generation To Generation.  Exodus 20:6; Psalm 85:9.  51) HE HATH SHEWED STRENGTH WITH HIS ARM; HE HATH SCATTERED THE PROUD IN THE IMAGINATION OF THEIR HEARTS.  Isaiah 40:10; 1 Peter 5:5.  52) HE HATH PUT DOWN THE MIGHTY FROM THEIR SEATS, AND EXALTED THEM OF LOW DEGREE.  53) HE HATH FILLED THE HUNGRY WITH GOOD THINGS; AND THE RICH HE HATH SENT EMPTY AWAY.  Ezekiel 34:29.  54) HE HATH HOLPEN (HELPED) HIS SERVANT ISRAEL, IN REMEMBRANCE OF HIS MERCY;  Psalm 98:3; Jeremiah 31:3, 20.  55) AS HE SPAKE TO our FATHERS, TO ABRAHAM, and to his seed FOR EVER.  Genesis 17:19; Galatians 3:16.  56) And Mary abode with her (Elizabeth) about three months, and returned to her own house.  

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v46, The following Hymn (vv.46-55) gets its name, the “Magnificat,” from the Latin word magnifies.  Mary’s Hymn is a recital of what God Had Done For Her.  v47, 48 all generations will call me Blessed:  Mary went from being a poor unknown Hebrew girl to The Most Honored Woman In History.   v49,  He Who Is Mighty:  God Protects And Fights For His Children.  Holy Is His Name:  God Is Unique From All Other Beings (see Psalm 99:3; Isaiah 57:15).  v50, The term mercy expresses The Concept Of God’s Loyal Love (see Psalm 103).  v51-53,  Mary was looking forward to when God’s People are no longer oppressed, But Are Blessed By The Lord.  God’s Strength With His Arm figuratively Describes His Activity And Power As Savior Of His People  (see v. 47, Psalm 89:13; 118:15).  v54-56,  His servant Israel:   Israel has a special roll in Serving God.  He Spoke To our fathers:  God’s Actions in the life of Mary were based on Commitments He Made Centuries Before (see Genesis 12:1-3; 22:16-18).  

Quest Study Bible – v48-55, “How much did Mary know about Jesus?”  Mary realized that Jesus Was A Promised Gift Of God, The Messiah (vv. 31-35).   But the Incident recorded 2:41-52 indicates that she didn’t realize Jesus Was God In Human Flesh.  v48,  “Was Mary boasting?”  No.  She was filled with wonder that she — poor, young and female — could be Used By God For An Eternal Purpose.  Sinful pride would have cause her to Refuse God’s Call To Serve or to claim credit for what God Had Done.  Mary Joyfully and Gratefully Praised God.

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v56,  And Mary abode with her about three months  That is, she continued with Elisabeth, as the Syriac and Persic versions express, about the space of three months; in which time, she had full satisfaction of The Truth Of The Sign The Angel Had Given her; namely, of Elisabeth’s Conception and Pregnancy, for by this time she was ready to give birth; and she must now be Fully Assured, that she was With Child herself: this space of three months is a term of time fixed by the Jewish doctors, to know whether a woman is with child or not, as in case of divorce or death: the rule runs thus F11;  “every woman that is divorced, or becomes a widow, lo! she may not marry, nor be betrothed, until she waits, (Mwy) (Myevt) , ninety days (i.e. three months), exclusive of the day in which she is divorced, or her husband dies, and of the day in which she is betrothed; that so it may be known whether she is with child or not, in order to distinguish between the seed of the former, and the seed of the second husband.”  And so in the case of marrying the wife of a brother, that died without issue F12, and of newly married couples mistaking their spouses F13:  and returned to her own house;  at Nazareth, in Galilee; and now it was, that Joseph, to whom she was betrothed, perceived she was with child; and suspecting evil, had a mind to put her away privately; but was Informed By An Angel Of God, in a dream, of The Whole Matter; and was Advised and Encouraged to take her to wife, which he accordingly did; see ( Matthew 1:18-20 ) .

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v39-56, It Is Very Good For Those Who Have The Work Of Grace In Their Souls, To Communicate One To Another.  On Mary’s Arrival, Elisabeth Was Conscious Of The Approach of Her Who Was To Be The Mother Of The Great Redeemer.  At the same time she (Elizabeth) was Filled With The Holy Ghost, And Under His Influence Declared That Mary And Her Expected Child Were Most Blessed And Happy, As Peculiarly Honored Of And Dear To THE MOST HIGH GOD.  Mary animated by Elisabeth’s address, and being also Under The Influence Of The Holy ghost, Broke Out Into Joy, Admiration, and Gratitude.  She Knew She Was A Sinner Who Needed A Saviour, Through The Promised Messiah.  Those Who See Their Need Of Christ, And Are Desirous Of Righteousness And Life In Him, He Fills With Good Things, With The Best Things; And They Are Abundantly Satisfied With The Blessings He Gives.  He Will Satisfy The Desires Of The Poor In Spirit Who Long For Spiritual Blessings, while the self-sufficient will be Sent Away.      


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