“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 64, “Praise and Prayer,” IV

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“Hosanna,” Israel Houghton

“Praise and Prayer,” IV, Isaiah 64:1) O That THOU Would Rend The Heavens, That THOU Wouldest Come Down, That The Mountains Might Bow Down At THY Presence,  2) As when the melting Fire burneth, the Fire causeth the waters to boil, to make THY NAME Known To THINE Adversaries, that the nations may tremble at THY Presence.  3) When THOU Didst Terrible Things which we looked not for, THOU Camest Down, the mountains flowed down at THY Presence.  4) For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, O GOD, Beside THEE, What HE Hath Prepared For him That Waiteth For HIM.  Psalm 31:19.  5) THOU Meetest him that Rejoiceth and Worketh Righteousness, those that Remember THEE In THY Ways Behold, THOU Art Wroth; for we have sinned:  in those is continuance (those who continue in sin), and we shall be saved.  Malachi 3:6.  

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v1, 2, Oh that … YOU would come down:  This appeal for THE LORD to (come down) is based on HIS Appearances at Sinai.  The image of fire often Symbolizes GOD’S PRESENCE Especially In Judgment.  v3, Awesome Things:  THE APPEARANCE OF GOD IS FEARSOME (Exodus 19:16-21; Deuteronomy 10:21; 2 Samuel 7:23).  for which we did not look:  GOD’S Saving Acts Surpass Expectations (Ephesians 3:20).  v4, Paul cites this Verse with some changes in 1 Corinthians 2:9.  v5, YOU Meet him … who remembers YOU In YOUR Ways:  These words reinforce the idea of v. 4.  The word indeed provides a transition from the petition to the confession of sin.

Quest Study Bible – v1-3, “WHAT HAPPENS WHEN GOD COMES DOWN?”  Who can say?  With GOD, There Is No Limit As To What Can Happen.  Isaiah wanted GOD To Demonstrate HIS GREAT POWER AND REVEAL HIS GLORY TO ALL NATIONS, Not Just To HIS OWN PEOPLE.  He wanted GOD Both to JUDGE The Evil Nations and to BLESS HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL.  When GOD COMES IN POWER TO DO AWESOME THINGS That We Did Not Expect (v. 3), THE WICKED AND THE RIGHTEOUS BOTH TREMBLE BEFORE HIM.  v4, “How can we wait for HIM?”   To Wait For GOD Means To TRUST HIM, To Be FAITHFUL To HIM And To Commit Oneself To HIM (see for example Psalm 37:3-7).  Waiting For GOD means, in particular, To Keep On TRUSTING Even When Things Are Going Badly—When You Have Not Yet Been Delivered From Your Troubles.  GOD DOES NOT ALWAYS INTERVENE IMMEDIATELY WHEN WE CALL ON HIM FOR HELP.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – 1-5, They Desire That GOD Would Manifest HIMSELF To Them And For Them, So That All May See IT.  This is applicable to THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST, WHEN THE LORD HIMSELF SHALL DESCEND FROM HEAVEN.  They Plead What GOD Had Used To Do, AND HAD DECLARED HIS GRACIOUS PURPOSE TO DO, FOR HIS PEOPLE.  They need not fear being disappointed of IT, for IT IS SURE; or disappointed in IT, FOR IT IS SUFFICIENT.  The Happiness of HIS PEOPLE IS BOUND UP IN WHAT GOD HAS DESIGNED FOR THEM, AND IS PREPARING FOR THEM, AND PREPARING THEM FOR;  FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE OR WILL DO.  Can we Believe THIS, and then think anything Too Great To Expect From HIS TRUTH, POWER, AND LOVE?  It Is Spiritual And Cannot Be Comprehended By Human Understanding.  IT IS EVER READY (HIS TRUTH, POWER, AND LOVE).  See What Communion There Is Between A GRACIOUS (MERCIFUL AND COMPASSIONATE) GOD And A Gracious Soul.  We Must Make Conscience (Our Moral Conduct) Of Doing Our Duty In Every Thing THE LORD Our GOD Requires.  Thou Meetest HIM:  This Speaks HIS FREENESS AND FORWARDNESS IN DOING THEM GOOD.  Though GOD Has Been Angry With Us For Our Sins, And JUSTLY, Yet HIS Anger Has Soon Ended; But In HIS FAVOR IS LIFE, Which Goes On And Continues, AND ON THAT WE DEPEND FOR OUR SALVATION.  Amen.             


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