“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 63, “PRAISE AND PRAYER,” III

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“Jesus The Christ, The Messiah, The Anointed And Holy One”

“The Battle Is Not Yours,”  Yolanda Adams

“PRAISE AND PRAYER,” III, Isaiah 63:15) Look Down From Heaven,  And Behold From The Habitation Of THY HOLINESS AND OF THY GLORY:  Where Is THY ZEAL AND THY STRENGTH, THE SOUNDING OF THY BOWELS (STRONG PASSIONS) AND OF THY MERCIES TOWARD me?  Are THEY Restrained?  16) Doubtless THOU ART our FATHER, though Abraham be ignorant of us, and Israel acknowledged us not:  THOU, O LORD, ART our FATHER, our REDEEMER, THY NAME IS FROM EVERLASTING.  Galatians 3:28.  17) O LORD, why hast THOU made us to err from THY WAYS, and hardened our hearts from THY FEAR?  Return For THY servants’ sake, the tribes of THINE INHERITANCE.  Psalm 119:10; Matthew 13:15.  18) The people of THY HOLINESS have possessed It (THY SANCTUARY) but a little while:  our adversaries have trodden down THY SANCTUARY.  Daniel 8:24.  19) We are THINE:  THOU NEVER barest rule over them (the heathens); they were not CALLED BY THY NAME.   

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary –  v15, HEAVEN REFERS TO GOD’S UNIVERSAL RULE OVER SPACE AND TIME (Psalm 11:4-6).  The pronoun me is a personified Israel (59:9-15).  v16, GOD Is their Father because HE CREATED THEM AS A NATION (Deuteronomy 32:6; Jeremiah 3:4, 19).  Abraham and Israel, the people’s human fathers (51:2), were limited in their knowledge by time and space, in contrast to THE LORD, the people’s FATHER AND REDEEMER FROM EVERLASTING (41:14).   v17, us:  Isaiah identifies himself with his people (59:9-15).  THE LORD confirming the people in their sin, hardened their hearts (6:10; Exodus 4:21; Psalm 95:8).   v18, 19, Called by YOUR NAME Signifies THE LORD OWNERSHIP OF THE PEOPLE (Deuteronomy 28:10; Jeremiah 14:9).   

Quest Study Bible – v17, “WHY WOULD GOD CAUSE PEOPLE TO STRAY FROM HIS WAYS?”  Some say that GOD Simply Allowed HIS People To Stray–HE Gave Them The Opportunity.  GOD IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF SIN; HE DOES NOT CAUSE PEOPLE TO SIN.  Though the Hebrews did not always distinguish it so carefully, There Is A Vast Difference Between WHAT GOD ALLOWS TO HAPPEN, Which Can Include Sin, And WHAT GOD CAUSES TO HAPPEN.  For further discussion on this, see article:  “HOW CAN A HOLY GOD SEND AN EVIL SPIRIT?”  (Judges 9:23).

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v15-19, They Beseech HIM To Look Down On The Abject Condition Of Their Once-Favored Nation.  Would It Not Be Glorious To HIS NAME To Remove The Veil From Their Hearts, To Return To The Tribes Of HIS INHERITANCE?  The Babylonish Captivity, And The After-Deliverance Of The Jews, Were Shadows Of The Events Here Foretold.  THE LORD LOOKS DOWN UPON US IN TENDERNESS AND MERCY.  SPIRITUAL JUDGMENTS ARE MORE TO BE DREADED THAN ANY OTHER CALAMITIES; And We Should Most Carefully Avoid Those Sins Which Justly PROVOKE THE LORD To Leave Them To Themselves And To Their Deceiver.  “OUR REDEEMER FROM EVERLASTING”  IS THY NAME; Thy People Have Always Looked Upon THE GOD TO WHOM THEY MIGHT APPEAL.  THE LORD WILL HEAR THE PRAYERS OF THOSE WHO BELONG TO HIM, AND DELIVER THEM FROM THOSE NOT CALLED BY HIS NAME.  Amen.   


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