“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 61, “THE YEAR OF THE LORD’S FAVOR,” cont’d

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“Open My Heart,” Yolanda Adams

“THE YEAR OF THE LORD’S FAVOR,” cont’d, Isaiah 61:4) And they shall build the old wastes (ancient ruins), they shall raise up the former desolations (places long devastated), and they shall repair the waste cities (former cities that have been devastated), the desolations of many generations.  5) And strangers shall stand and feed your flocks, and the sons of the alien shall be your plowmen and your vinedressers.  6) But ye shall be named The Priests Of THE LORD:  men shall call you the Ministers Of Our GOD:  ye shall eat the riches of the Gentiles, and in their glory shall ye boast yourselves (you will feed on the wealth of nations).  Exodus 19:6.  7) For your shame ye shall have double (portion); and for confusion they shall rejoice in their portion (rejoice in their inheritance):  therefore in their land they shall possess the double:  Everlasting Joy Shall Be Upon Them.  2 Kings 2:9.  8) FOR I THE LORD LOVE JUDGMENT, I HATE ROBBERY FOR BURNT OFFERING; AND I WILL DIRECT THEIR WORK IN TRUTH, AND I WILL MAKE AN EVERLASTING COVENANT WITH THEM.  Isaiah 55:3.  9) And their Seed shall be known among the Gentiles, and their offspring among the people:  all that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are The Seed Which THE LORD HATH BLESSED.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v4, 5, They refers to Jews (58:12) and Gentiles (60:10).  Desolations of many generations:  See 58:12; 60:10.  v6, Priests of THE LORD:  With CHRIST, They will make intercession for sinners (53:12; Exodus 19:6; 1 Peter 2:9; Revelation 1:6).  Servants here means “Ministers,”  a synonym (meaning the same) for “Priests.”  (1 Kings 8:11).  v7, 8, Everlasting Joy:  For other references to Eternal Joy, see 35:10; 51:11; 60:19, 20.  v9, Shall be known has the sense of “shall be renowned (distinguished).”  among the Gentiles … whom THE LORD Has Blessed:  This section alludes to the Fulfillment of THE PROMISES Made To Abraham (41:8; 51:2; Genesis 12;3).

Quest Study Bible – v5, “Was it a benefit to have alien and foreign workers?”  Yes.  It was a sign of prosperity to have many servants.  Life was very hard for most people in the ancient world and the promise of having others to do your work for you was a Wonderful Picture Of GOD’S SALVATION.  These, most likely, were domestic servants from other nations, not slaves captured in war.

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v8, FOR I THE LORD LOVE JUDGMENT  To do that which is Right and Just HIMSELF, and to see it done by others, and therefore HE WILL RIGHT THE WRONGS OF HIS PEOPLE; and whereas the Jews, though they have justly suffered HIS VENGEANCE for their sins, yet being Reproached and Abused beyond measure by the Gentiles, among whom they are dispersed; THE LORD WILL LOOK IN MERCY UPON THEM, AND WILL DELIVER AND SAVE THEM,AND BESTOW FAVORS PLENTIFULLY ON THEM, as in the preceding verse: or THE LORD Loves Strict Justice And Real Righteousness, And Will Not Be Put Off With An Imperfect RIGHTEOUSNESS In The Room (or In Stead) Of A Perfect One, and much less an insincere and hypocritical one, such as that of the unbelieving Jews, the pharisaical (Pharisees practicing or advocating strict observance of external forms and ceremonies of religion or conduct without regard to THE SPIRIT); self-righteous; hypocritical. sect of them; Nothing Less Is Acceptable To GOD Than A Perfect RIGHTEOUSNESS, Which Is Adequate to the Demands of Law and Justice; and such a RIGHTEOUSNESS is not to be found among men, ONLY IN HIS SON JESUS CHRIST, WITH WHICH HE IS WELL PLEASED, ( Isaiah 42:21 ) :  I HATE ROBBERY FOR BURNT OFFERING;  that which is stolen, though it be converted into a burnt offering: or, “with a burnt offering” F3; all immorality, this being put for the whole, along with ceremonial sacrifices; as if it could be Atoned (To Appease GOD) for by them, or would be connived at on account of them: or, (by burnt offering;) expiation of theft, or any other sin, by the Sacrifices Of The Law, BEING OFFERED UP WITHOUT FAITH IN CHRIST; and especially since THE GREAT SACRIFICE (CHRIST JESUS ON THE CROSS), THE ANTITYPE (IS CHRIST, all Types were of THE ONE TO COME, Encyclopedia of The Bible) of them, IS OFFERED UP; AND THEREFORE GOD WILL HAVE NO MORE OFFERED UP, THEY ARE DISPLEASING AND HATEFUL TO HIM, ( Isaiah 1:12 Isaiah 1:13 ) ( Hebrews 10:5-8 ) :  AND I WILL DIRECT THEIR WORK IN TRUTH;  Appoint them work and service of a SPIRITUAL Nature, and Direct them, and Enable them to perform it in SPIRIT AND TRUTH, in opposition to the carnal and shadowy ordinances of the ceremonial law; see ( John 4:23John 4:24 ) :  AND I WILL MAKE AN EVERLASTING COVENANT WITH THEM;  that is, RENEW THE EVERLASTING COVENANT OF GRACE WITH THEM, MAKE IT MANIFEST (CLEAR) UNTO THEM; APPLY THE GRACE AND BESTOW BLESSINGS OF IT TO AND ON THEM, ( Romans 11:25-27 ) .  Amen.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v4-9, Promises Are Here Made To The Jews Returned Out Of Captivity, which extend to all those who, through GRACE, are Delivered Out Of Spiritual Thraldom (State of Slavery).  An unholy soul is like a city that is broken down, and has no walls, like a house in ruins; But By THE POWER OF CHRIST’S GOSPEL AND GRACE, IT IS FITTED TO BE A HABITATION OF GOD, THROUGH THE SPIRIT.  When By THE GRACE OF GOD, We Attain To HOLY Indifference As To The Affairs Of This World; When, Though Our Hands Are Employed About Them, But Preserved ENTIRE TO GOD, AND HIS SERVICE, Then the sons of the alien are our plowmen and vine-dressers.  Those Whom HE SETS AT LIBERTY, HE SETS TO WORK.  HIS SERVICE IS PERFECT FREEDOM; It Is The Greatest Honor.  All Believers Are Made, To Our GOD, kings and priests, and always ought to conduct themselves as such.  Those who have THE LORD FOR THEIR PORTION, Have Reason To Say, That They Have Worthy Portion, And To REJOICE IN IT.  In The Fullness Of Heavens Joys We Shall Receive More Than Double For All Our Services And Sufferings.  GOD DESIRES TRUTH, AND THEREFORE HATES ALL INJUSTICE.  Nor will It justify any man’s robbery to say, it was for burnt offerings; and that robbery is most hateful which is under this pretense.  Let the children Of godly parents be such, that all may see The Fruits Of A Good Education; An Answer To The Prayers For Them, In THE FRUIT OF GOD’S BLESSING.  Amen. 


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