“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 53, “The Fool,” A Psalm of David, cont’d

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“Emmanuel” Norman Hutchins

Psalm 53 is a recasting of Psalm 14 with only slight differences, particularly in the ending.  Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary.

Iniquity – Wickedness, Vice

“The Fool,” cont’d, Psalm 53:4) Have the workers of iniquity no knowledge?  who eat up MY people as they eat bread:  they have not called upon GOD.  5) There were they in great Fear, where no Fear was:  For GOD Hath Scattered The Bones of him that encampeth against THEE (CHRIST OR HIS CHURCH):  THOU Hast Put them to shame, Because GOD Hath Despised them.  

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v4, Have the workers of iniquity no knowledge?  &c.] In ( Psalms 14:4 ) , it is, “have all the workers” There are none of them but what have, unless given up to judicial blindness, and hardness of heart, to believe a lie, as antichrist and his followers, ( 2 Thessalonians 2:10 2 Thessalonians 2:11 ) ; (See Gill on Psalms 14:4);  who eat up MY people, [as] they eat bread;  and drink their blood, and are drunken with it, ( Revelation 17:6 ) ;  they have not called upon GOD;  but upon their idols, upon the Virgin Mary, and Saints departed. In ( Psalms 14:4 ) , it is, “(they have not called) upon THE LORD”.  v5, There were they in great, fear, [where] no fear was  Before; neither of GOD nor man, nor any dread of punishment, but the utmost security, ( Revelation 18:7Revelation 18:8 Revelation 18:10 ) ; also (See Gill on Psalms 14:5); For GOD Hath Scattered the bones of [him] that encampeth [against] Thee;  either against CHRIST, or against HIS CHURCH and people; who set themselves against the PERSON, OFFICE, AND GRACE OF CHRIST, and seek to distress and destroy HIS INTEREST: “the bones [of such] GOD Will Scatter”: that is, HE WILL DESTROY antichrist and his armies, which are his strength, as the bones are the strength of the human body; and make such a carnage of them, that the fowls of the air shall eat their flesh, and their bones shall be scattered here and there; see  ( Revelation 19:17-21 ) . So the Targum,  “for God scatters the strength of the armies of the wicked.”  Kimchi interprets it of the bones of the nations that shall encamp against Jerusalem, in the days of Gog; see ( Revelation 20:8 Revelation 20:9 ) ; and Aben Ezra observes, that “THEE” respects either GOD OR THE MESSIAH;  THOU Hast Put [them] to shame;   this is either an address of the Psalmist unto GOD, declaring what HE HAD DONE; or rather of GOD THE FATHER TO HIS SON CHRIST JESUS; and so Kimchi and Ben Melech say this refers to THE MESSIAH: and it may be expressive of the shame and confusion that antichrist and his followers will be thrown into, when they shall make war with THE LAMB, AND HE SHALL UNCOVER THEM, ( Revelation 17:14 ) ;  Because GOD Hath Despised them;  or rejected them as reprobates (wicked); given them up to a reprobate mind; and being ungodly men, has before ordained them to this condemnation. The Targum is,  “FOR THE WORD OF THE LORD HATH REJECTED Them;”  as filthy, loathsome, and abominable, and cast them alive into the Lake Of Fire,  ( Revelation 19:20 ).

Quest Study Bible –  v1-6, SCRIPTURE LINK “The fool says in his heart,”   The same thoughts can be found in 14:1-7.  v1-6, “Why are some Verses repeated in Scripture?”   The Psalm seems to be a repetition and revision of Psalm 14.  One difference—GOD is used in place of LORD—leads some to believe this Psalm was written a few centuries later, possibly during the reign of Hezekiah.  By that time many regarded YAHWEH (LORD) As More Than Just THE GOD Of Israel.  Others, however, wonder if David may have made slight revisions so the Psalm could be used for another occasion or with different music.  Whatever the reason, the result is that THE TRUTH Is Emphasized.  See “Why repeat these Verses, almost Word for Word?”  (2 Kings 14:15-16) and “Why is this information repeated?”  (Jeremiah 52:1-24).

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – The Corruption Of Man By Nature.  This Psalm is almost the same as the 14th.  The scope of It is to convince us or our sins.  GOD, By The Psalmist, Here Shows Us How Bad We Are, And Proves This By HIS OWN CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE.  HE SPEAKS Terror To Persecutors, the worst of sinners.  HE SPEAKS Encouragement To GOD’S Persecuted People.  How comes it that men are so bad?  Because there is no FEAR OF GOD before their eyes.  Men’s bad practices flow from their bad principles; if they profess to Know GOD, yet in works, because in thoughts, they Deny HIM.  See the folly of sin; he is a fool, In The Account Of GOD, WHOSE JUDGMENT, We Are Sure Is RIGHT, (Yet we) harbor such Corrupt Thoughts.  And see the Fruit of Sin; to what it brings men, when their hearts are hardened through The Deceitfulness of Sin.  See Also THE FAITH Of The Saints, and their Hope and Power as to the Cure of this great evil.  THERE WILL COME A SAVIOR, A GREAT SALVATION, A SALVATION FROM SIN.  GOD WILL SAVE HIS CHURCH FROM ITS ENEMIES.  HE WILL SAVE ALL BELIEVERS FROM THEIR OWN SINS, THAT THEY MAY NOT BE LED CAPTIVE BY THEM, AND THIS WILL BE EVERLASTING JOY TO THEM.  FROM THIS WORK THE REDEEMER HAD HIS NAME JESUS, FOR HE SHALL SAVE HIS PEOPLE FROM THEIR SINS, Matthew 1:21.  Amen.

Matthew 1:21) And she shall bring forth a SON, and thou shalt call HIS NAME JESUS:  FOR HE SHALL SAVE HIS PEOPLE FROM THEIR SINS.  Genesis 49:10.  Amen.  


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