“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 59, “Sin, Confession and Redemption,” III

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“Glory To The Lamb,” Geoffrey Golden

Recompence/Recompense – Make Amends, Compensate, Repay.


“Sin, Confession and Redemption,” III, Isaiah 59:16) AND HE SAW THAT THERE WAS no man, and Wondered that there was no Intercessor (Someone To Intervene).  THEREFORE HIS ARM BROUGHT SALVATION unto him; AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS Sustained him.  Mark 6:6.  17) FOR HE PUT ON RIGHTEOUSNESS AS A BREASTPLATE, AND AN HELMET OF SALVATION UPON HIS HEAD; AND HE PUT ON THE GARMENTS OF VENGEANCE FOR CLOTHING, AND WAS CLAD WITH ZEAL AS A CLOKE.   18) According to Their Deeds, Accordingly HE WILL REPAY, Fury To HIS Adversaries, Recompence to HIS Enemies; to the islands HE WILL REPAY Recompence.  19) So shall they Fear THE NAME OF THE LORD from the west, And HIS GLORY from the rising of the sun.  When the enemy shall come in like a flood, THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD Shall Lift Up A Standard (CHRIST AND HIS GOSPEL) Against him.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary –  v15, 16, Justice refers here to Salvation (vv. 9, 10).  THE LORD, USING THE FIRST PERSON, Expresses The Thought Of This Passage In 63:5.  no man:  GOD’S SALVATION Does Not Depend On Humans (Ezekiel 22:30).  HIS OWN ARM Represents THE LORD As A Warrior.  Righteousness Refers To THE LORD’S VICTORIOUS SALVATION (46:13; 51:6, 8; 56:1).  v17, THE LORD’S BREASTPLATE AND HELMET are taken up by HIS Saints in their battle against the devil (Ephesians 6:14-17).  v18, Recompense to HIS enemies is translated “fully repays HIS enemies” in 66:6.  Coastlands (Islands) indicates that THE LORD’S adversaries were distant nations (41:1).  v19, from the west … from the rising of the sun is another way of saying everywhere.  When the enemy comes could also mean “When HE Comes As An Enemy” (35:4).

Quest Study Bible – v16, “Who Did GOD Expect To Intervene?”  Though this could refer to all The People Of GOD, It Likely Means That GOD Expected Their Leaders To Intervene.  But the king, his aids, the priests, and even many of the prophets of Israel failed to defend those who were being oppressed by the injustice committed throughout the land.  v17, “RIGHTEOUSNESS AS HIS BREASTPLATE,”  GOD Is Described As A Warrior WHO Wears A Breastplate Of Righteousness And A Helmet Of Salvation.  Later, Paul uses these Same Terms To Instruct Christians About Their Spiritual Armor.  See Ephesians 6:14, 17.   v18, “How do the Warnings of this Chapter fit with the Reassurances of chs. 54-56?”  In The Old Testament we see a recurring pattern in the life of the Hebrew people:  Their sin; GOD JUDGES THEM; they Repent; GOD FORGIVES THEM.  Then the cycle begins all over again.  GOD’S NATURE Includes both Judgment and Forgiveness, both Warnings and Reassurances.  The Israelites sometimes needed Judgment, sometimes Forgiveness.  Both Were Equally Important In GOD’S Formation of THE SPIRITUAL Life of their nation.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – 16-21, This Passage Is Connected With The Following Chapters.  It Is Generally Thought To Describe THE COMING OF THE MESSIAH, AS THE AVENGER AND DELIVERER OF HIS CHURCH.  There was none to Intercede With GOD To Tun Away HIS WRATH; None To Interpose (Involve Oneself) For The Support Of JUSTICE And TRUTH.  YET HE ENGAGED HIS OWN STRENGTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS FOR HIS PEOPLE.  GOD WILL MAKE HIS JUSTICE UPON THE ENEMIES OF HIS CHURCH AND PEOPLE PLAINLY APPEAR.  When the enemy threatens to bear down all without control, then THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD Shall Stop him, (and) put him to flight.  HE THAT HAD DELIVERED, WILL STILL DELIVER.  A far more GLORIOUS SALVATION Is Promised To Be Wrought Out (Brought About) By THE MESSIAH In The Fullness Of Time, Which All The Prophets Had In View.  THE SON OF GOD SHALL COME TO US TO BE OUR REDEEMER; THE SPIRIT OF GOD SHALL COME TO BE OUR SANCTIFIER:  THUS THE COMFORTER SHALL ABIDE WITH THE CHURCH FOR EVER, John 14:16.  THE WORD OF CHRIST WILL ALWAYS CONTINUE IN THE MOUTHS OF THE FAITHFUL, and whatever is pretended to be the Mind Of THE SPIRIT, Must Be Tried By The SCRIPTURES.  We must lament the progress of infidelity and impiety.  But The Cause of THE REDEEMER Shall Gain a Complete Victory Even On Earth, And The Believer Will Be More Than (A) CONQUEROR When THE LORD Receives him TO HIS (THE LORD’S) GLORY IN HEAVEN.  Amen.


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