“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 58, “True Fasting,” III

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“Victory,” Yolanda Adams

“True Fasting, III, Isaiah 58:8) Then Shall Thy Light Break Forth As The Morning, And Thine Health Shall Spring Forth As The Morning, And Thine Health Shall Spring Forth Speedily:  And Thy Righteousness Shall Go Before Thee:  THE GLORY OF THE LORD SHALL BE THY REREWARD (REAR GUARD).  9) Then Shalt Thou Call, And THE LORD SHALL ANSWER; Thou Shalt Cry, And HE SHALL SAY, HERE I AM.  If Thou Take Away From The Midst Of Thee The Yoke, The Putting Forth Of The Finger, And Speaking Vanity;  10) And If Thou Draw Out Thy Soul (Spend Yourselves In Behalf Of) To The Hungry,  And Satisfy The Afflicted Soul (The Needs Of The Oppressed); Then Shall Thy Light Rise In Obscurity (from Insignificance), And Thy Darkness Be As The Noon Day:  11) And THE LORD SHALL GUIDE THEE CONTINUALLY, AND SATISFY THY SOUL IN DROUGHT, AND MAKE FAT THY BONES; AND THOU SHALT BE LIKE A WATERED GARDEN, AND LIKE A SPRING OF WATER, WHOSE WATERS FAIL NOT.  12) And They That Shall Be Of Thee Shall Build The Old Waste Places (Ancient Ruins):  Thou Shalt Raise Up The Foundations Of Many Generations; And Thou Shalt Be Called, The Repairer Of The Breach (Broken Walls), The Restorer Of Paths To Dwell In.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v8, The Light Dawned With The Advent (Season Of Expectation) Of CHRIST (v. 10; 9:2; 10:17; 59:9; 60:1-3; Luke 1:78, 79).  Righteousness refers to Salvation (56:1).  THE GLORY OF THE LORD probably refers to THE PILLAR OF CLOUD AND FIRE In The Desert (4:5, 6; Exodus 13:21; 14:20).  REAR GUARD (REREWARD):  A marching army needs an alert rear defense (see also 52:12).  v9, The pointing of the finger was a sinister gesture (Proverbs 6:13).  v10, The afflicted soul here contrasts with the hypocritical affliction described in v. 3.  v11, A watered garden and a perennial (Everlasting) spring are similes for prosperity and Blessings Of GOD’S SALVATION.  v12, Build the old waste places restored exiles had the Spiritual and economic resources to rebuild Judah.

Quest Study Bible – v8, 10, “Your light will break forth … your light will rise in the darkness,”   For the Israelites in Isaiah’s day, darkness halted most activities, and brought all sorts of threats and dangers.  In figurative language, then, darkness became a symbol for evil; light, on the other hand, represented goodness.  Here Light First Represents GOD’S SALVATION — To Protect And Heal (v. 8); then It represents the peoples genuine acts of Righteousness.  v12, “What ancient ruins would be rebuilt?”  The ruins of Jerusalem.  Isaiah foretold its destruction and its restoration.  It would be rebuilt by the people, A Sure Sign That GOD Would Be With Them Once More.  The Faithful workers who would rebuild the city are called the Repairer[s] and Restorer[s] of the city.  The Rebuilding of Jerusalem Would Be Evidence That GOD Had Restored The People Of Israel.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v3-12, A Fast Is A Day To Afflict The Soul; If It Does Not Express True Sorrow For Sin, And Does Not Promote The Putting Away Of Sin, It Is Not A Fast.  These Professors Had Shown Sorrow On Stated Or Occasioned Fasts.  But They Indulged Pride, Covetousness, And Malignant Passions.  To Be Liberal And Merciful Is More Acceptable To GOD Than Mere Fasting.  Which, Without Them, Is Vain And Hypocritical.  Many Who Seem Humble In GOD”S HOUSE, Are Harsh At Home, And Harass Their Families.  But No Man’s Faith Justifies, Which Does Not Work By LOVE.  Yet Persons, Families, Neighborhoods, Churches, Or Nations, Show Repentance And Sorrow For Sin, By Keeping A Fast Sincerely, And From Right Motives, Repenting, And Doing Good Works.  The Heavy Yoke Of Sin And Oppression Must Be Removed.  As Sin And Sorrow Dry The Bones And Weaken The Strongest Human Constitution; So The Duties Of Kindness And Charity Strengthen And Refresh Both Body And Mind.  Those Who Do Justly And Love Mercy, Shall Have (The) Comfort, Even In This World.  GOOD WORKS Will Bring The BLESSING OF GOD, Provided They Are Done From LOVE TO GOD And Man, And Wrought (Worked Out) In The Soul By THE HOLY SPIRIT.  Amen.


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