“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 57, “Comfort For The Contrite (Repentant),” III

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“I’m Gonna Be Ready,” Yolanda Adams

Covetousness – Desiring that which belongs to another.  Bible Dictionary

 “Comfort For The Contrite (Repentant),” III, Isaiah 57:19) I Create The Fruit Of The Lips; PEACE, PEACE To him That Is Far Off, And To him That Is Near, SAITH THE LORD, AND I WILL HEAL him.  Hebrews 13:15; Acts 2:39.  20) But The Wicked Are Like The Troubled Sea, When It Cannot Rest, Whose Waters Cast Up Mire And Dirt.  21) There Is No Peace, Saith My GOD, To The Wicked.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v19, Peace, Peace indicates “GENUINE PEACE.”  Contrast the false use of this phrase in Jeremiah 6:13, 14; 8:10, 11.  v20, The fate of the wicked is also described in 56:9–12; 57:3–13.  troubled sea:  For a similar analogy (comparison) comparing the wicked to turbulent waters, see Jude 13.  v21,  There is no Peace … for the wicked:  This phrase is also found in 48:22.

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v19, I Create The Fruit Of The Lips  Which is Praise and Thanksgiving,      ( Hebrews 13:16 ) that is, give occasion of It, afford matter for it, by restoring comforts to the church and its mourners, as in the preceding verse; and by giving peace, as in all the following words. The Targum renders it,  “the Speech of the lips in the mouth of all men;”  as if it respected that Blessing of nature, speech, common to all mankind: whereas this is a BLESSING OF GRACE, Peculiar To Some That Share In The Above Blessings; And It May Be Restrained (Or Only) To Gospel Ministers, the fruit of whose lips is the GOSPEL OF PEACE; or THE WORD PREACHING PEACE BY CHRIST; THE WORD OF RECONCILIATION Committed To Them; The Subject Of Their Ministry, as follows: PEACE, PEACE to him that is far off, and to him that is near, SAITH THE LORD;  PEACE WITH GOD, MADE BY CHRIST, IS THE FRUIT OF JEHOVAH THE FATHER’S LIPS, WHO PROMISED IT IN COVENANT, ON CONDITION OF CHRIST’S SHEDDING HIS BLOOD TO MAKE IT; WHENCE THE COVENANT IS CALLED THE COVENANT OF PEACE; AND SPOKE OF IT IN PROPHECY, AS WHAT SHOULD BE OBTAINED BY CHRIST THE PEACEMAKER; And Peace Of Conscience Flowing From It IS THE FRUIT OF CHRIST’S LIPS, WHO PROMISED TO GIVE IT TO, AND LEAVE IT WITH, HIS DISCIPLES; And That They Should Have IT IN HIM, When They Had Tribulation In The World; And Who Also By HIS Apostles Went And preached PEACE to them that were afar off, and to them that were nigh;  Having First Made It BY THE BLOOD OF HIS CROSS, ( Ephesians 2:17 ) in which place there seems a manifest reference to this Passage, when THE GOSPEL Was Preached To The Jews That Were Near; to them in Judea first, from whence it first came; and then to the Gentiles that were afar off, as well as the dispersed Jews in distant countries; and in the latter day, to which this Prophecy refers, it will be preached far and near, even all the world over; when the earth will be filled with THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE GOSPEL OF PEACE, through the Ministry of a set of men Raised Up By THE LORD, Created For That Purpose, And Eminently Furnished For Such Service; The Effect Of Which Will Be Great Spiritual Peace In The Hearts Of GOD’S People, And Much Concord (Agreement), Unity, And Love Among Them, As Well As There Will Be An Abundance Of External Peace And Prosperity; And When Nations Shall Learn War No More. This Kimchi and Ben Melech take to be yet future, and what will be after the war of Gog and Magog: “AND I WILL HEAL THEM (Him)”; of all their soul sicknesses and maladies; of all their divisions and declensions (moral deterioration’s); of their carnality and earthly mindedness, before complained of; and even of all their sins and backsliding’s; And Restore Them To Perfect Health In Their Souls, And In Their Church State.  Amen.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v14-21, When Troubles Last Long, Even Good Men Are Tempted To Entertain Hard Thoughts Of GOD.  Therefore HE WILL NOT CONTEND (STRIVE, STRUGGLE WITH Man), For Ever, For HE WILL NOT FORSAKE THE WORK OF HIS OWN HANDS, NOR DEFEAT THE PURCHASE OF HIS SON’S BLOOD.  COVETOUSNESS Is A Sin that particularly lays men under THE DIVINE Displeasure.  See The Sinfulness Of Sin.  See Also That Troubles Cannot Reform Men Unless GOD’S GRACE Work(s) In Them.  PEACE Shall Be Published (Made Public), PERFECT PEACE.  It Is The Fruit Of Preaching Lips, And Praying Lips.  CHRIST CAME AND PREACHED PEACE TO GENTILES, AS WELL AS TO THE JEWS; To After-Ages, Who Were Afar Off In Time, As Well As To Those Of That Age.  But the wicked would not be healed by GOD’S GRACE, Therefore Would Not Be Helped By HIS Comforts.  Their ungoverned lusts and passions made them like the troubled sea.  Also The Terrors Of Conscience Disturbed Their Enjoyments.  GOD HATH SAID IT, AND ALL THE WORLD CANNOT UNSAY IT.  That There Is No PEACE To Those Who Allow Themselves In Any Sin.  If We Are Recovered From Such An Awful State, IT IS ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD.  AND THE INFLUENCES OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, AND THAT NEW HEART, From Whence Comes GRATEFUL PRAISE, THE FRUIT Of Our Lips, ARE HIS GIFT.  SALVATION, With All Fruits, Hopes, And Comforts, IS HIS WORK, AND TO HIM BELONGS ALL THE GLORY.  There Is No Peace For The Wicked Man; But Let The Wicked Forsake his Way, And The Unrighteous Man his Thoughts; And Let him RETURN TO THE LORD, AND HE WILL HAVE MERCY UPON him, AND (RETURN) TO OUR GOD, AND HE WILL ABUNDANTLY PARDON.  Amen.


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