“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 57, “GOD’S Accusation Against The Wicked,” IV

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“My Redeemer Lives,”  Nicole C. Mullen

“GOD’S Accusation Against The Wicked,” IV, Isaiah 57:13) When thou criest, let thy companies (your idols) deliver thee; but the wind shall carry them all away; vanity shall take them:  but he that Putteth his Trust In ME Shall Possess The Land, And Shall Inherit MY HOLY MOUNTAIN; 

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v13, Let your … idols deliver you:  The thought is pitiful (44:17).  the wind will carry them all away:  The idols are like worthless chaff (Psalm 1:4).  puts his Trust:  This verb is used of a little chick finding shelter under its mother’s wings (4:6; 25:4; Ruth 2:12).  

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v13, When thou criest, let thy companies deliver thee  From distress and impending ruin, if they can; meaning not the allies and auxiliaries of the Jews, the Egyptians and Assyrians, they sent to for help, as Kimchi, and others; rather, as Jarchi, their idols and graven images they worshiped, angels and saints departed, the Papists pray unto; let them now, in the time of Rome’s ruin, renew their addresses to them for help and deliverance, if they can give it: or, “thy gathered ones” F26; the kings of the earth the whore of Rome has gathered unto her to commit fornication with her: and who, by her emissaries, will be gathered together to The Battle Of THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, AND TO MAKE WAR WITH THE LAMB, BUT WILL BE OVERCOME; as also her (the whore of Rome)  many religious societies and convents of Jesuits, friars, priests, &c.; these will stand afar off, and lament her in her distress; even the kings and merchants of the earth, ship masters, and all company in ships, but will not be able to relieve her, ( Revelation 18:9-19 ) : but the wind shall carry them all away; vanity shall take them;  so far will they be from helping her in the time of her calamity, that THE WIND OF GOD’S POWER AND WRATH SHALL CARRY THEM AWAY AS CHAFF:  A PUFF OF HIS “BREATH,” shall dissipate them, and bring them to nothing; they will be no more able to stand before HIM than the lightest thing that can be thought of can stand before a blustering wind or tempest. The phrase denotes an utter and easy destruction of the whole jurisdiction and hierarchy of the church of Rome: but he that putteth his Trust In ME shall possess the land, and shall inherit MY Holy Mountain; such of GOD’S People as will be in Babylon a little before its fall, and will be Called out of it, who shall betake themselves to THE LORD AS THEIR ONLY REFUGE, And Put Their TRUST AND CONFIDENCE IN HIM, Rejecting All As Their Only Refuge, Rejecting All Idolatry And Superstitious Worship, Shall Enjoy THE COMMUNION OF THE TRUE CHURCH OF CHRIST, AND PARTAKE OF ALL THE ORDINANCES OF IT:  it may be this may have also a particular respect unto the Jews, who will be called about this time; who, upon their Believing In CHRIST, will return to their own land, and dwell in Jerusalem, GOD’S HOLY MOUNTAIN, AS IT USED TO BE CALLED. Hence it follows:  “Comfort for the contrite.”

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible – v13, The Idols And Their Worshipers Shall Come To Nothing; But Those WHO TRUST IN GOD’S GRACE, SHALL BE BROUGHT TO THE JOYS OF HEAVEN.  With THE LORD There Is Neither Beginning Of Days, Nor End Of Life, Nor Change Of Time.  HIS NAME IS HOLY, AND ALL MUST KNOW HIM AS A HOLY GOD.  HE Will Have Tender Regard To Those Who Bring Their Mind To Their Condition, And DREAD HIS WRATH.  HE WILL MAKE HIS ABODE WITH THOSE WHOSE HEARTS HE HAS THUS HUMBLED, IN ORDER TO REVIVE AND COMFORT THEM.  Amen.  


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