“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 84, “How Amiable Are Thy Tabernacles,” III

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“Brighter Day,” Kirk Franklin  

Psalm 84 is one of the Psalms of Zion.  These Psalms Celebrate GOD’S PRESENCE In Jerusalem, The City Where HIS TEMPLE Was Built.  The Psalm was composed by the sons of Korah (Psalm 42; 44-49; 85; 87; 88).  Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary.

Sons of Korah (84:title)  A choir of Levites that king David appointed to serve in The Temple Worship.  These were descendants of Korah, who was the grandson of Levi, the head of one of The Twelve Tribes of Israel.  The Levites were responsible for The Temple Worship.  Korah got into a dispute with Moses and was eventually swallowed alive by the ground (Numbers 16:1-33).  Quest Study Bible.

“How Amiable Are Thy Tabernacles,” III, Psalm 84:11) For The Lord God Is A Sun And Shield:  The Lord Will Give Grace And Glory:  No Good Thing Will HE Withhold From them that Walk Uprightly.  12) O Lord Of Hosts, Blessed is the man that Trusteth In Thee.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v10-12, a day … a thousand:  Nothing in the pilgrim’s daily experience can be compared TO A DAY SPENT IN THE WORSHIP OF GOD IN THE HOLY TEMPLE.  A doorkeeper … dwell in tents:  The role of a menial servant in The House Of his God is more desirable than a life of luxury with those who practice wickedness.  No good thing Will HE Withhold:  This is an observation of a wise and Righteous person; time after time, GOD GIVES GOOD GIFTS TO HIS PEOPLE.

Quest Study Bible – v11, “How Is God Like A Shield?”  Ancient shields protected the body during warfare.  Likewise, God Protects His People From The Fiery Darts of the evil one, from fear and from the danger of the unknown.  v11, “Whose Walk Is Blameless,”  The walk of those who seek God’s Will.  This doesn’t imply perfection, but Undivided Loyalty.  No one is completely blameless Before The Lord since we’ve all sinned (53:1-3).  But When God Grants Forgiveness, we become blameless In His Sight.  See “How could David claim to be blameless?”  (26:1). 

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v11, For The Lord God Is A Sun And Shield  Christ is “The Sun Of Righteousness”, And It Is In The House of God That He Arises Upon His People With Healing In His Wings, ( Malachi 4:2 ) He Is Like The Sun, THE GREAT LIGHT, THE FOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, That Dispels Darkness, Makes Day, And Give Light To All The Celestial Bodies, Moon, Stars, Church And Ministers; HE Is A “Sun” To Enlighten His People With The Light Of Grace, To Warm Them With The Beams Of HIS LOVE, To Cheer And Refresh Their Souls With The Light Of His Countenance, And To Make Them Fruitful And Flourishing And HE IS A “SHIELD” To Protect them from all their enemies; HE IS THE SHIELD OF FAITH, Against The Temptations Of Satan; HE IS THE SHIELD OF SALVATION, AND HIS SALVATION IS A SHIELD WHICH SHELTERS FROM DIVINE JUSTICE, AND SECURES FROM WRATH TO COME:  The Lord Will Give Grace And Glory:  HE Gives Converting Grace, The First Grace, And All Future Supplies Of It; HE GIVES SANCTIFYING GRACE, Faith, Hope, Love, And Every Other; HE Gives Justifying, Pardoning, Adopting, And Persevering Grace, AND ALL FREELY; HE Gives Honor And Glory Among Men, Fellow Creatures, And Fellow Christians; And HE GIVES ETERNAL GLORY, THE GLORY HIS FATHER GAVE HIM, THE CROWN OF GLORY, LIFE, AND RIGHTEOUSNESS:  THIS IS THE GIFT OF GOD THROUGH CHRIST; CHRIST Gives A Right Unto It; And In His House And Ordinances, AS HE GIVES MORE GRACE TO THE HUMBLE THAT WAIT UPON HIM, So HE Encourages And Increases Their HOPE OF GLORY; And HE That Gives The One Will Certainly Give The Other; For These Two Are Inseparably Connected Together, So That he That Has The One Shall Enjoy The Other:  no good thing will HE Withhold From Them That Walk Uprightly; That Walk By Faith, And In CHRIST, as they have Received HIM; who have their conversation according to The Gospel of Christ, and Walk In The Uprightness And Sincerity Of Their Hearts; From Such The Lord Will Not Withhold Any Good Thing HE Has Purposed For Them, Promised to them, or Laid Up for them in Covenant; No Spiritual Good Thing Appertaining To Life And Godliness, And No Temporal (Worldly, Temporary) Blessing that is good for them; HE WILL DENY THEM NO GOOD THING THEY ASK OF HIM, Not Anything That Is Good For Them; And HE WILL NOT DRAW BACK ANY GOOD THING HE HAS BESTOWED ON THEM, HIS GIFTS ARE WITHOUT REPENTANCE (REGRET).  Amen.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v8-12, In All Our Addesses To GOD, we must desire that HE WOULD LOOK ON CHRIST, HIS ANOINTED ONE, And Accept Us For HIS SAKE:  We Must Look To HIM WITH FAITH, AND THEN GOD WILL WITH FAVOR LOOK UPON THE FACE OF THE ANOINTED:  We, Without HIM, Dare Not Show Our Faces.  The Psalmist Pleads Love To GOD”S ORDINANCES.  Let Us Account One Day In God’s Courts Better Than A Thousand Elsewhere; And Deem The Meanest Place IN HIS SERVICE PREFERABLE TO THE HIGHEST EARTHLY PREFERMENT.  We are here in darkness, But If GOD BE OUR GOD, HE WILL BE TO US A SUN, TO ENLIGHTEN AND ENLIVEN US, TO GUIDE AND DIRECT US.  We are here in danger, But HE Will Be To Us A Shield, To Secure Us From The Fiery Darts That Fly Thick About Us.  Though HE Has Not Promised To Give Us Riches And Dignities, HE HAS PROMISED TO GIVE GRACE AND GLORY TO ALL THAT SEEK THEM IN HIS APPOINTED WAY.  And What Is Grace, But Heaven Begun Below, In The Knowledge, Love, And Service Of God?  What Is Glory, But The Completion Of This Happiness, In Being Made Like To HIM, And In Fully Enjoying HIM FOR EVER?  Let It Be Our Care To Walk Uprightly, And Then Let Us Trust GOD To Give Us Everything That Is Good For Us.  If We Cannot Go To The House Of THE LORD, We May Go By Faith To THE LORD Of The House; In HIM We Shall Be Happy, And May Be Easy.  That Man Is Really Happy, Whatever His Outward Circumstances May Be, Who Trusts In THE LORD OF HOSTS, THE GOD OF JACOB.  Amen.       


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