“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/ Psalm 84, “How Amiable Are Thy Tabernacles,” cont’d

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“Brighter Day,” Kirk Franklin

Psalm 84 is one of the Psalms of Zion.  These Psalms Celebrate GOD’S PRESENCE In Jerusalem, The City Where HIS TEMPLE Was Built.  The Psalm was composed by the sons of Korah (Psalm 42; 44-49; 85; 87; 88).  Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary.

Sons of Korah (84:title)  A choir of Levites that king David appointed to serve in The Temple Worship.  These were descendants of Korah, who was the grandson of Levi, the head of one of The Twelve Tribes of Israel.  The Levites were responsible for The Temple Worship.  Korah got into a dispute with Moses and was eventually swallowed alive by the ground (Numbers 16:1-33).  Quest Study Bible.

“How Amiable Are Thy Tabernacles,” cont’d, Psalm 84:8) O Lord God Of Hosts, hear my Prayer:  give Ear, O God Of Jacob.  Selah.  9) Behold, O God our Shield, and Look upon the face of THINE Anointed.  Genesis 15:1.  10) For A Day In Thy Courts Is Better Than A Thousand.  I had rather be a doorkeeper in The In The House Of My GOD, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.  

Nelson’s Concise Bible Commentary – v8, Lord God Of Hosts, literally “The God Of Armies,” speaks of God’s Transcendence (Existence, Supremacy).  The Hosts are the Angelic Armies of The Heavens.  This Title is balanced by the phrase God Of Jacob, Referring To The Covenant Relationship GOD Established With The Patriarchs of Israel.  v9, The two phrases our Shield and Your Anointed both point to the same Person, THE KING Of ISRAEL (89:3, 4).  Each person that was Anointed in The Old Testament foreshadowed The Coming Anointed One, THE MESSIAH.  v10-12, a day … a thousand:  Nothing in the pilgrim’s daily experience can be compared TO A DAY SPENT IN THE WORSHIP OF GOD IN THE HOLY TEMPLE.  A doorkeeper … dwell in tents:  The role of a menial servant in The House Of his God is more desirable than a life of luxury with those who practice wickedness.  No good thing Will HE Withhold:  This is an observation of a wise and Righteous person; time after time, GOD GIVES GOOD GIFTS TO HIS PEOPLE.

Quest Study Bible – v9, “Who Is Their Shield?”  The Anointed One, the king in Jerusalem.  The word shield could also be translated sovereign (see NIV text note).  The king’s duty was to protect the people within his charge.  Perhaps the king was in some sort of danger when this Psalm was written.

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v9, Behold, O God our Shield  Which may be considered either as the Character Of God, Who Is Addressed, Who Was David’s Shield, And The Shield Of HIS People, to Protect and Defend them from their enemies, and is The Shield of all the Saints; this Favor encompasses them as a Shield, and HIS TRUTH is their Shield and Buckler; HIS TRUTHFULNESS AND FAITHFULNESS, In Keeping Covenant And Promises; and so is HIS POWER, By Which They Are Kept Unto Salvation; see ( Psalms 3:3 ) ( 5:12 ) ( 91:4 ) , or else it belongs to other persons and things the psalmist desires God Would Behold, in agreement with the following clause. Jarchi interprets it of The House Of The Sanctuary, as a Shield unto them; much better Aben Ezra of the king their protector; and makes the sense of the petition to be, that God would save our king; it Is Best To Apply It To CHRIST, Afterwards Called A SUN and SHIELD; see on ( Psalms 84:11 ) , and to WHOM the following clause belongs:  and look upon the face of THINE Anointed;  meaning either HIMSELF, David, The Anointed of THE GOD OF JACOB, who was Anointed with oil, in a literal sense, king of Israel, by the appointment and order of THE LORD HIMSELF; and his request is, that GOD WOLD LOOK UPON his OUTWARD STATE AND CONDITION,  which was a distressed and an afflicted one, with an eye of Pity and Compassion, he being deprived of Sanctuary Worship and Service, and of THE PRESENCE OF GOD THERE; see        ( Psalms 132:1 ) or rather he has a view to THE MESSIAH. THE LORD’S CHRIST, or Anointed, the anointed Prophet, Priest, and King, anointed with the Oil of Gladness, THE GRACE OF THE SPIRIT, without measure; and so the sense is, that though he and his petitions were unworthy of notice, yet he entreats that GOD WOULD LOOK UPON HIS SON THE MESSIAH, and for HIS SAKE HEAR AND ANSWER him; LOOK UPON HIS PERSON, and accept him IN HIM, THE BELOVED; UPON HIS FUTURE OBEDIENCE AND RIGHTEOUSNESS, AND IMPUTE IT TO him; UPON HIS SUFFERINGS, AND DEATH HE WAS TO ENDURE, TO SAVE him from his sins; UPON HIS BLOOD TO BE SHED FOR THE REMISSION OF THEM, AS HE HAD LOOKED UPON THE BLOOD OF THE PASSOVER, UPON THE DOORPOSTS Of The Israelites, And Saved Them WHEN HE DESTROYED THE FIRSTBORN OF EGYPT; AND UPON HIS SACRIFICE, WHICH IS OF A SWEET SMELLING SAVOR; AND UPON HIS FULLNESS, For The Supply Of His Wants. Kimchi takes it to be a Prayer For The Speedy COMING OF THE MESSIAH.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v8-12, In All Our Addesses To GOD, we must desire that HE WOULD LOOK ON CHRIST, HIS ANOINTED ONE, And Accept Us For HIS SAKE:  We Must Look To HIM WITH FAITH, AND THEN GOD WILL WITH FAVOR LOOK UPON THE FACE OF THE ANOINTED:  We, Without HIM, Dare Not Show Our Faces.  The Psalmist Pleads Love To GOD”S ORDINANCES.  Let Us Account One Day In God’s Courts Better Than A Thousand Elsewhere; And Deem The Meanest Place IN HIS SERVICE PREFERABLE TO THE HIGHEST EARTHLY PREFERMENT.  We are here in darkness, But If GOD BE OUR GOD, HE WILL BE TO US A SUN, TO ENLIGHTEN AND ENLIVEN US, TO GUIDE AND DIRECT US.  We are here in danger, But HE Will Be To Us A Shield, To Secure Us From The Fiery Darts That Fly Thick About Us.  Though HE Has Not Promised To Give Us Riches And Dignities, HE HAS PROMISED TO GIVE GRACE AND GLORY TO ALL THAT SEEK THEM IN HIS APPOINTED WAY.  And What Is Grace, But Heaven Begun Below, In The Knowledge, Love, And Service Of God?  What Is Glory, But The Completion Of This Happiness, In Being Made Like To HIM, And In Fully Enjoying HIM FOR EVER?  Let It Be Our Care To Walk Uprightly, And Then Let Us Trust GOD To Give Us Everything That Is Good For Us.  If We Cannot Go To The House Of THE LORD, We May Go By Faith To THE LORD Of The House; In HIM We Shall Be Happy, And May Be Easy.  That Man Is Really Happy, Whatever His Outward Circumstances May Be, Who Trusts In THE LORD OF HOSTS, THE GOD OF JACOB.  Amen.           


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