“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 37, “Fret Not Thyself Because of Evil Doers,” A Psalm of David

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“Emmanuel,”  Norman Hutchins

Fret – Worry

Psalm 37 – Is a Wisdom Psalm written as a Acrostic (a poem, word puzzle).  Its simple message is to Maintain Patience In The Midst Of Troubles.  God’s People can have such Patience because they know that their Eternal Reward Will Abundantly Surpass Any Temporal Troubles.  Amen.

“Fret Not Thyself Because of Evil Doers,” Psalm 37:1) Fret Not Thyself Because Of Evil Doers, neither be thou be thou envious against the workers of iniquity (wickedness).  2) For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.  3) Trust In THE LORD, And Do Good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.  4) Delight thyself also in THE LORD; And HE Shall Give Thee The Desires Of Thine Heart.  Song of Solomon 2;3.  5) Commit thy way unto THE LORD; Trust Also In HIM; And HE Shall Bring It To Pass.  6) And HE Shall Bring Forth thy Righteousness as the light, thy Judgment as the noonday. 

Quest  Study Bible –  v3-25, “If we Trust In God, are we guaranteed safety?”  This is a General Promise, not a Specific one.  Safe pasture (v. 3, NIV) sounds like physical safety, but other Passages in The Bible suggest a Broader Interpretation.  We can conclude that Spiritual Safety Is Always Guaranteed Even If Physical Safety Sometimes Is Not.  The Bible speaks not only of those who were saved from physical threats, but also of those who were not.  The Book of Hebrews recounts the stories of nameless martyrs (11:35-38), And JESUS TOLD HIS FOLLOWERS THAT SOME WOULD BE KILLED (John 16:2).  EVEN JESUS EXPERIENCED PHYSICAL SUFFERING AND DEATH.  Throughout history, many Righteous people have tragically lost their lives.  GOD Did Not Always Rescue Them.  Members of the early Church were tortured and died cruel deaths.  Such maltreatment has continued even into the present.  Some point out that more died as Christian Martyrs in the twentieth century than in any previous century.  The writer of this Psalm had seen the wicked thrive and the Righteous Suffer.  But in spite of that, he still could speak of Safety For The Righteous because he Chose To Focus On GOD And HIS Goodness.  Though the reasons behind life’s tragedies often remain a mystery, the psalmist, By Faith, could assert that GOD WOULD NOT ABANDON HIS PEOPLE.  Amen.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v1-4, Do no fret (Fret Not Thyself) is the theme of this Psalm.  When the wicked seem to prosper, the psalmist calls for Patience, A Renewed Sense of Dependence On THE LORD, and a new sense of Pleasure In Knowing HIM.  v5, 6, To commit your way means to “to roll it over on THE LORD (or, to give it to THE LORD).”  What a splendid picture of TRUSTING IN HIM.

Quest Study Bible – v4, “Does GOD give us anything we desire?”  But HE Will Give Us Our Desire When They Are Shaped By A Delight In THE LORD.  To receive this Promise, we must first meet The Conditions Attached To IT:  BY LOVING GOD ABOVE ALL ELSE, our desires will become WHAT HE DESIRES FOR US.  Then Our Greatest Longing Will Be To Conform Our Lives To HIS WILL.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v1-6,  When We Look Abroad We See The World Full Of Evil-Doers, that flourish and live in ease.  So it was seen of old,  therefore let us not marvel at the matter.  We are tempted to Fret in this; to think them the only happy people, and so we are prone to do like them:  but this we are warned against.  Outward prosperity is fading.  When we look forward, with an Eye Of Faith, we shall see no reason to envy the wicked.  Their weeping and wailing will be Everlasting.  THE LIFE OF RELIGION IS A BELIEVING TRUST IN THE LORD, AND DILIGENT CARE TO SERVE HIM ACCORDING TO HIS WILL.  It is not Trusting GOD, but Tempting HIM, if we do not make Conscience Of Our Duty To HIM.  A man’s life consists not in abundance, but, Thou Shalt Have Food Convenient For Thee.  This is more than we deserve, and it is enough for one that is going to Heaven.  To Delight In GOD Is As Much A Privilege As A Duty.  He Has Not Promised To Gratify The Appetites Of The Body, and the humors of the fancy, But The Desires Of The Renewed Sanctified Soul.  What is the desire of the heart of a good man?  It Is This, To Know, And Love, And Serve GOD.  Commit Thy Way Unto THE LORD, The Burden Of Thy Care.  We must roll it off ourselves, not afflict and perplex ourselves with thoughts about future events, but refer them to GOD.  By Prayer Spread Thy Case And All Thy Cares Before THE LORD, And TRUST IN HIM.  We Must Do Our Duty, And Then Leave The Event With GOD.  The Promise Is Very Sweet.  He Shall Bring That To Pass, Whatever It Is, Which Thou Has Committed To Him.  


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