“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 37, “Fret Not Thyself Because of Evil Doers,” A Psalm of David, III

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“Emmanuel,”  Norman Hutchins

Fret – Worry

Psalm 37 – Is a Wisdom Psalm written as a Acrostic (a poem, word puzzle).  Its simple message is to Maintain Patience In The Midst Of Troubles.  God’s People can have such Patience because they know that their Eternal Reward Will Abundantly Surpass Any Temporal Troubles.  Amen.

“Fret Not Thyself Because of Evil Doers,” III, Psalm 37:8) Cease from anger, and forsake wrath:  fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.  Ephesians 4:26.  9) For evildoers shall be cut off:  but those that Wait Upon THE LORD, they shall inherit the earth.  10) For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be:  yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place (though you look for them), and it shall not be.  11) But the Meek (Obedient) shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the Abundance Of Peace.  12) The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth.  13) THE LORD Shall Laugh at him:  For HE SEETH that his day is coming.  1 Samuel 26:10.   

Quest  Study Bible –  v3-25, “If we Trust In God, are we guaranteed safety?”  This is a General Promise, not a Specific one.  Safe pasture (v. 3, NIV) sounds like physical safety, but other Passages in The Bible suggest a Broader Interpretation.  We can conclude that Spiritual Safety Is Always Guaranteed Even If Physical Safety Sometimes Is Not.  The Bible speaks not only of those who were saved from physical threats, but also of those who were not.  The Book of Hebrews recounts the stories of nameless martyrs (11:35-38), And JESUS TOLD HIS FOLLOWERS THAT SOME WOULD BE KILLED (John 16:2).  EVEN JESUS EXPERIENCED PHYSICAL SUFFERING AND DEATH.  Throughout history, many Righteous people have tragically lost their lives.  GOD Did Not Always Rescue Them.  Members of the early Church were tortured and died cruel deaths.  Such maltreatment has continued even into the present.  Some point out that more died as Christian Martyrs in the twentieth century than in any previous century.  The writer of this Psalm had seen the wicked thrive and the Righteous Suffer.  But in spite of that, he still could speak of Safety For The Righteous because he Chose To Focus On GOD And HIS Goodness.  Though the reasons behind life’s tragedies often remain a mystery, the psalmist, By Faith, could assert that GOD WOULD NOT ABANDON HIS PEOPLE.  Amen.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v7, 8, Rest … wait patiently:  These Commands reemphasize the Major Point of the Psalm, “do not fret (or Fret not thyself)” (v. 1).  This is not a call to be inactive, but to depend actively on THE LIVING LORD.  The Psalm gives a Commandment to Cease From Worry.  v9-12, the meek shall inherit the earth:  JESUS Quoted these words in Matthew 5:5, Confirming The Old Testament And Showing The Importance Of The Psalms In HIS LIFE.  v13-17, THE LORD LAUGHS:  These words recall the Scornful Laughter in (Psalm) 2:4.  What sheer horror for the wicked to hear GOD”S LAUGHTER Directed Against Them!  Contrast This Laughter With The Delight That THE LORD Finds In The Ways Of The Righteous (v. 23).

Quest Study Bible – v9, “Cut Off,” A common figure of speech to describe (1) the breaking off of a relationship, as in excomunicating, or alienating someone from the community; or, (2) A Sentence Of DIVINE JUDGMENT which eliminated someone by execution.   v9, “What was the significance of inheriting land?”  Land in the Old Testament symbolized more than just a piece of property.  It Often Represented The Blessing And PRESENCE OF GOD.  GOD’S PROMISE Is That One Day The Tables Will Be Turned:  those who are well off (,) may not be in the future; those who suffer will one day be comforted.  Ultimately The Righteous Will Be Rewarded And The Wicked Will Be Brought To Ruin.  JESUS MADE THE SAME POINT IN SAYING THAT THE MEEK WILL INHERIT THE EARTH (Obedient) (Matthew 5:5).   v12, “Gnash their teeth,”  See “What does it mean to gnash teeth?”  (112:10).  

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v7-20, Let us be satisfied that GOD Will Make All To Work For Good To Us.  Let us not discompose (disturb or agitate) ourselves at what we see in this world.  A Fretful, discontented spirit is open to many temptations.  For, in all respects, (that) which is alloted to the Righteous, is more comfortable and more profitable than the ill-gotten and abused riches of ungodly men.  It comes from a Hand Of Special LOVE.  God Provides Plentifully And Well, Not Only For HIS Working Servants, But For HIS Waiting Servants.  They Have That Which Is Better Than Wealth, PEACE OF MIND, PEACE WITH GOD, AND THEN PEACE IN GOD, THAT PEACE WHICH THE WORLD CANNOT GIVE, AND WHICH THE WORLD CANNOT HAVE.  GOD KNOWS THE BELIEVERS DAYS.  Not One Day’s Work Shall Go Unrewarded.  Their Time On Earth Is Reckoned (Counted) By Days, Which Will Soon Be Numbered, But Heavenly Happiness Shall Be For Ever.  This Will Be A Real Support To Believers In Evil Times.  Those That Rest On THE ROCK OF AGES (That Rock Is JESUS), Have No Reason To Envy The Wicked The Support Of Their Broken Reeds (Something relied on for support).


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