“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 37, “Fret Not Thyself Because of Evil Doers,” A Psalm of Davit, VI

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“Emmanuel,”  Norman Hutchins

Fret – Worry

Psalm 37 – Is a Wisdom Psalm written as a Acrostic (a poem, word puzzle).  Its simple message is to Maintain Patience In The Midst Of Troubles.  God’s People can have such Patience because they know that their Eternal Reward Will Abundantly Surpass Any Temporal Troubles.  Amen.

“Fret Not Thyself Because of Evil Doers,”  VI, Psalm 37:29) The Righteous Shall Inherit The Land, And Dwell Therein For Ever.  30) The mouth of the Righteous speaketh Wisdom, and his tongue talketh of Judgment.  31) The Law Of his GOD Is In his Heart; none of his Steps Shall Slide.  32) The wicked watcheth the Righteous, and seeketh to slay him.  33) THE LORD Will Not Leave him In his (the wicked’s) hand, NOR CONDEMN him (the Righteous) When he Is Judged.   Psalm 109:31.  34) Wait On THE LORD, And Keep HIS WAY, And HE SHALL EXALT THEE To Inherit The Land:  When The Wicked Are Cut Off, Thou Shalt See It.   

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v26-29, The same Command to Depart From Evil is found in 34:14.  In this life people must chose to either Cling To GOD And Righteousness, or to pursue evil.  THE WAY OF GOD LEADS TO EVERLASTING LIFE.  THE LORD LOVES JUSTICE:  Because GOD Stands Opposed To Injustice, GOD”S People Ought To Love The Things That HE Loves And Detest The Things That HE Hates.  v30, 31, in his heart:  At numerous places in the Psalms, the Psalmist declares his Love For GOD”S LAW and his effort to make it integral to his life (1:2; 19:7-11; 119:1-176).  v32-35, To WAIT ON THE LORD Is An Act Of FAITH; Not To Wait On HIM IS FOOLISHNESS.  like a native green tree:  David admits that the wicked might prosper, but he also affirms that they will not enjoy success forever.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v21-33, THE LORD Our GOD Requires That We Do Justly, and render to all their due.  It is a great sin for those that are able, to deny the payment of just debts; it is a great misery not to be able to pay them.  He that is Truly Merciful, will be Ever Merciful.  We Must Leave Our Sins; Learn To Do Well, And Cleave To It.  This Is True Religion.  The Blessing Of GOD Is The Spring, Sweetness, And Security Of All Earthly Enjoyments.  And if we are sure of This, we are sure not to want any thing in this world.  BY HIS GRACE AND HOLY SPIRIT, HE DIRECTS THE THOUGHTS, AFFECTIONS, AND DESIGNS OF GOOD MEN.  BY HIS PROVIDENCE HE OVERRULES EVENTS, SO AS TO MAKE THEIR WAY PLAIN.  HE DOES NOT ALWAYS SHOW THEM HIS WAY FOR A DISTANCE, BUT LEADS THEM STEP BY STEP, AS CHILDREN ARE LED.  GOD WILL KEEP THEM FROM BEING RUINED BY HEIR FALLS, EITHER INTO SIN OR INTO TROUBLE, THOUGH SUCH AS FALL INTO SIN WILL BE SORELY HURT.  Few, if any, have known the Consistent Believer, or HIS Children, reduced to abject, friendless want.  GOD FORSAKES NOT HIS SAINTS IN AFFLICTION; AND IN HEAVEN ONLY THE RIGHTEOUS SHALL DWELL FOR EVER; THAT WILL BE THEIR EVERLASTING HABITATION.  A good man may fall into the hands of a messenger of Satan, and be sorely buffeted, BUT GOD WILL NOT LEAVE him IN his ENEMIES HANDS.  v34-40, Duty is ours, and we must mind it; But Events Are GOD’S, we must refer the disposal of them to HIM.  What a striking picture is in ver. 35-36, of many a prosperous enemy of GOD!  But GOD Remarkably Blights The Projects Of The Prosperous Wicked, Especially Persecutors.  None are perfect in themselves, but Believers Are So In Christ Jesus.  If All The Saint’s Days Continue Dark And Cloudy, his Dying Day May Prove Comfortable, And His Sun Set Bright; or, if it should be set under a cloud, Yet his Future State Will Be EVERLASTING PEACE.  THE SALVATION OF THE RIGHTEOUS WILL BE THE LORD’S DOING.  HE WILL HELP THEM TO DO THEIR DUTIES, TO BEAR THEIR BURDENS; HELP THEM TO BEAR THEIR TROUBLES WELL, AND GET GOOD BY THEM, AND, IN DUE TIME, WILL DELIVER THEM OUT OF THEIR TROUBLES.  Let sinners then depart from evil, and do good; Repent of and Forsake Sin, AND TRUST IN THE MERCY OF GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.  Let Them Take HIS YOKE Upon Them, And Learn Of HIM, That They May Dwell For Evermore In Heaven.  Let us mark the closing scenes of different characters, and always depend on GOD’S MERCY.  Amen.      


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