“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Matthew 28, “THE GREAT COMMISSION”

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“The Blood Will Never Lose It’s Power,”  Richard Smallwood

“It Is Well,” Richard Smallwood

“THE GREAT COMMISSION,”  Matthew 28:16) Then The Eleven Disciples Went Away Into Galilee, Into A Mountain Where JESUS Had Appointed Them.  Mark 15:41.  17) And When They Saw HIM, They Worshipped HIM:  But Some Doubted.

Quest Study Bible – v17, “Why did some Disciples doubt what they saw?”  The Resurrection was so startling that many of the Disciples found It hard to believe.  For more than a month, therefore, JESUS Supplied HIS Disciples With Many Convincing Proofs That HE WAS ALIVE (Acts 1:3; 10:40-41).  It is possible that on this occasion some were seeing THE RISEN CHRIST FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v16-20, This evangelist passes over other appearances of CHRIST, recorded by Luke and John, and hastens to the most Solemn; One Appointed (Appearance) Before HIS DEATH, AND AFTER HIS RESURRECTION.  All that see THE LORD JESUS with an eye of Faith, Will Worship HIM.  Yet the Faith of the Sincere may be very weak and wavering.  BUT CHRIST GAVE SUCH CONVINCING PROOFS OF HIS RESURRECTION, AS MADE THEIR FAITH TO TRIUMPH OVER DOUBTS.  HE Now Solemnly Commissioned The Apostles And HIS Ministers To Go Forth Among All Nations.  THE SALVATION They Were To Preach, Is A Common SALVATION;  Whoever Will, Let Him Come, And Take The Benefit; All Are Welcome To CHRIST JESUS.  Christianity Is The Religion Of A Sinner Who Applies For SALVATION FROM DESERVED WRATH AND FROM SIN; he Applies To THE MERCY OF THE FATHER, THROUGH THE ATONEMENT (SACRIFICE) OF THE INCARNATE SON (GOD IN HUMAN FORM), AND BY THE SANCTIFICATION (STATE OF DIVINE GRACE) OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, AND GIVES UP HIMSELF TO THE WORSHIPER AND SERVANT OF GOD, AS THE FATHER, SON AND HOLY GHOST, THREE PERSONS BUT ONE GOD, IN ALL HIS ORDINANCES (LAWS) AND COMMANDMENTS.  Baptism Is The Outward Sign Of The Inward Washing, Or SANCTIFICATION (STATE OF DIVINE GRACE) OF THE SPIRIT, WHICH SEALS AND EVIDENCES THE BELIEVER’S JUSTIFICATION (RIGHTEOUSNESS),  Let Us Examine Ourselves, Whether We Really Possess The Inward And Spiritual Grace Of A Death Unto Sin, And A New Birth Unto Righteousness, By Which Those Who Were The Children Of Wrath Become The Children Of God.  Believers Shall Have The Constant Presence Of Their LORD ALWAYS; All Day, Every Day.  There Is No Day, No Hour Of The Day, In Which Our LORD JESUS IS NOT PRESENT WITH HIS CHURCHES AND WITH HIS MINISTERS; If There Were, In That Day, That Hour, They Would Be Undone.  THE GOD OF ISRAEL, THE SAVIOUR, IS SOMETIMES A GOD THAT HIDETH HIMSELF, BUT NEVER A GOD AT A DISTANCE.  TO THESE PRECIOUS WORDS AMEN IS ADDED.  Even So, LORD JESUS, Be THOU With Us And All THY People; CAUSE THY FACE TO SHINE UPON US, THAT THY WAY MAY BE KNOWN UPON EARTH, THY SAVING HEALTH AMONG ALL NATIONS.  Amen.          


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