“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Matthew 27, “THE DEATH OF JESUS,” VI

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“At The Cross”

“THE DEATH OF JESUS,” Vl, Matthew 27:54) Now When The Cenurion, And They That Were With Him, Watching JESUS, Saw The Earthquake, And Those Things That Were Done, They Feared Greatly, Saying, TRULY THIS WAS THE SON OF GOD.  55) And Many Women Were There Beholding Afar Off, Which Followed JESUS From Galilee, Ministering Unto HIM:  Luke 8:2.  56) Among Which Was Mary Magdalene, And Mary The Mother Of James And Joses, And The Mother Of Zebeddee’s Children.  Mark 15:40.

 John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v54,  Now, when the centurion  That was over the band of soldiers, that mocked CRIST in Pilate’s hall, and who was particularly over the guard of soldiers, set about THE CROSS OF CHRIST:  and they that were with him, watching JESUS:  the soldiers that were with him, who were set to watch THE CROSS OF CHRIST, LEST HE SHOULD COME DOWN, or any should take HIM down from thence; (See Gill on Matthew 27:36).  Saw the earthquake, and those things that were done;  as besides that, the Darkening of the sun, the Rending of the rocks, and particularly heard with what a LOUD VOICE CHRIST SPOKE, AND THEN AT ONCE EXPIRED:  they feared greatly;  not with a TRUE GODLY FEAR, but with a fear of punishment; lest DIVINE VENGEANCE should light on them, for their concern in this matter:  saying, Truly This Was The Son Of God;  which they concluded, not from any mediatorial performances, which they were utter strangers to, But From Effects Of DIVINE POWER; and which to them SHOWED HIM TO BE A DIVINE PERSON, WHICH HE SAID HE WAS, And The Jews Charged HIM With Blasphemy, On Account Of, And Condemned HIM For, as these soldiers might have seen and heard.  v55,  And many women were there  AT THE CROSS OF CHRIST, at some little distance from IT; but where was Peter, who had declared he would never be offended, though all men were; And Would Die With CHRIST, Rather Than Deny HIM? and where were the rest of the disciples, who said the same things? None were present excepting John, as can be learnt from the evangelists; but many women, those of the weaker sex, were there, which was a rebuke of the former vanity and confidence of the disciples, and of their present pusillanimity (cowardice):  beholding afar off;  CHRIST UPON THE CROSS, IN ALL HIS AGONIES, THE CHIEF PRIESTS AND PEOPLE MOCKING HIM, THE DARKNESS UPON THE EARTH, THE QUAKING OF IT, AND THE RENDING OF THE ROCKS:  THEY WERE WITNESSES OF ALL THIS,  being at some little distance, by reason of the crowd of people and soldiers about THE CROSS; AND THEY BEHELD WITH AN EYE OF FAITH, THEIR BLEEDING, DYING LORD, AS CRUCIFIED FOR THEM, AND AS BEARING AND TAKING AWAY THEIR SINS:  A SIGHT WHICH AT ONCE STIRRED UP THEIR AFFECTION AND LOVE OF CHRIST, THEIR CONCERN FOR HIM, AND SORROW FOR SIN; AND YET JOY AND PEACE, IN BELIEVING IN HIM:  which followed Jesus from Galilee:  WHERE THEY HAD SEEN HIS MIRACLES, HEARD HIS DOCTRINES, AND HAD BEEN SAVED (AND) CONVERTED BY HIM; AND THEREFORE FOLLOWED HIM WHEREVER HE WENT, THROUGH AN HUNDRED MILES OR MORE, AND THROUGH MANY DIFFICULTIES AND DISCOURAGEMENTS:  THEY ATTENDED HIM IN HIS TRIUMPHANT ENTRY INTO JERUSALEM, AND NOW AT HIS CROSS; NOR DID THEY LEAVE HIM WHEN DEAD, AND IN HIS GRAVE:  (Amen)  Ministering Unto HIM:  Not Now, For HE STOOD IN NO NEED OF THEIR ASSISTANCE, nor could they give HIM any; but this Respects what they had done heretofore, in their journey with HIM from Galilee to Jerusalem; when they MINISTERED TO HIM of their worldly substance, as a token of their affection for HIM; AND WHICH EXPRESSES THE LOW ESTATE AND MEAN CONDITION HE WAS IN, AND IS AN INSTRUCTION TO HIS FOLLOWERS, HOW TO BEHAVE TOWARDS THE FAITHFUL PREACHERS OF HIS GOSPEL; see ( Luke 8:3 ) .

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v55, 56, Three Women Who Were Faithful To THE LORD JESUS To The End Are Named:  Mary Magdalene; Mary The Mother Of James And Joses, The Wife Of Clopas (see John 19:25); And The Mother Of James And John, Wife Of Zebedee, Named Salome (see Mark 15:40).


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