“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Matthew 27, “THE CRUCIFIXION”

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“My Redeemer Lives,” Nicole C. Mullien

“THE CRUCIFIXION,”  Matthew 27:32) And As They Came Out, They Found A Man Of Cyrene, Simon By Name, him They Compelled To Bear HIS CROSS.  Matthew 15:21.  33) And When They Were Come Unto A Place Called Golgotha, That Is To Say, A Place Of A Skull,  34) They Gave HIM Vinegar To Drink Mingled With Gall; And When HE Had Tasted Thereof, HE Would Not Drink.  Psalm 69:21.  35) AND THEY CRUCIFIED HIM, AND PARTED HIS GARMENTS, CASTING LOTS:  THAT IT MIGHT BE FULFILLED WHICH WAS SPOKEN BY THE PROPHET, THEY PARTED MY GARMENTS AMONG THEM, AND UPON MY VESTURE DID THEY CAST LOTS.  Psalm 22:18.  36) And Sitting Down They Watched HIM THERE;  37) AND SET UP OVER HIS HEAD HIS ACCUSATION WRITTEN, THIS IS JESUS THE KING OF THE JEWS.  38) Then Were There Two Thieves Crucified With HIM, One On THE RIGHT HAND, And Another On THE LEFT.  Isaiah 53:12; Mark 15:27.  39) And They That Passed By Reviled HIM, Wagging Their Heads,  40) And Saying, THOU That Destroyest The Temple, And Buildest IT In Three Days, Save THYSELF.  If THOU BE THE SON OF GOD, Come Down From The Cross.  John 2:19.  41) Likewise Also The Chief Priests Mocking HIM, With The Scribes And Elders, Said,  42) HE Saved Others, HIMSELF HE Cannot Save.  If HE BE THE KING OF ISRAEL, Let HIM Now Come Down From The Cross, And We Will Believe HIM.  43) HE TRUSTED IN GOD; LET HIM DELIVER HIM NOW, If HE WILL HAVE HIM:  FOR HE SAID, I AM THE SON OF GOD.  Psalm 22:8.  44) The Thieves Also, Which Were Crucified With HIM, Cast The Same In HIS TEETH.  Luke 23:39.    

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v32, Compelled refers to the right of Roman government’s right of impressment (the act of impressing).  The Scourging Undoubtedly Left JESUS Weak And Unable To Carry HIS Cross, so a Roman Guard Ordered Simon To Carry It.  This Simon was the father of Alexander and Rufus (see Mark 15:21).  Cyrene, located in North Africa, was home to a large number of Jews (see Acts 6:9).  v33, The reason the site was called Place of a Skull is not known for certain; possibly the hill or mound looked something like a skull.  v34, Sour wine mingled with gall would have dulled JESUS’ PAIN AND CONSCIOUSNESS.  JESUS REFUSED IT; HE WANTED TO DRINK HIS CUP OF SUFFERING FULLY AWARE OF ALL THAT WAS HAPPENING (see Psalm 69:21).   v35, In casting lots for JESUS’ GARMENTS, the soldiers fulfilled Psalm 22:18.  v36, Perhaps the soldiers kept watch to prevent anyone from trying Rescue JESUS From The Cross.  v37, Putting The Gospel Accounts Together, The Accusation Probably Read “THIS IS JESUS OF NAZARETH, THE KING OF THE JEWS” (see Mark 15:26; Luke 23:38; John 19:19).  v38,  two robbers were crucified with HIM:  This is in fulfillment of Isaiah 53:12, “HE WAS NUMBERED WITH THE TRANSGRESSORS.”  v39, Psalm 22:7 predicted the insults that would be directed at THE MESSIAH.  v40, For A Similar Falsehood At JESUS’ Trial, see 26:61.   v41-44, JESUS WOULD NOT COME DOWN FROM THE CROSS BECAUSE HE WAS THE SON OF GOD AND THE KING OF ISRAEL (see John 10:18).  HE WAS FOLLOWING GOD’S PLAN FOR HIM.

Quest Study Bible – v33-44, SCRIPTURE LINK All of The Gospel writers tell of JESUS’ CRUCIFIXION.  See Mark 15:22-32; Luke 23:33-43 and John 19:17-24.  v34, “Why did the soldiers offer JESUS a drink of wine and gall?”  Sometimes gall was mixed with wine and offered to victims of crucifixion as an anesthetic to reduce suffering–BUT JESUS REJECTED THIS CRUDE PAINKILLER.  The term gall was used for a variety of bitter-tasting substances derived from plants of tree bark.  It probably means the same thing as the myrrh mentioned in Mark 15:23.  Or it may mean that both gall and myrrh were added to the wine.  v40-42, “Did one thief repent or not?”  According to Luke, one robber had a change of heart.  The apparent between Matthew and Luke’s seem to stem from the timing of events. Matthew records earlier events when both robbers hurled insults at JESUS.  Luke picks up the story, when one of them, seeing JESUS FORGIVE HIS EXECUTIONERS (Luke 23:34), Determined That JESUS COULD BE TRUSTED.

Matthew Henry’s Exposition Of The Bible – v31-34, CHRIST Was Led As A LAMB To The Slaughter, As A SACRIFICE To The Altar.  Even The Mercies Of The Wicked Are Really Cruel.  TAKING THE CROSS WITH HIM, They Compelled One Simon To Bear IT.  Make Us Ready, O Lord, To Bear The CROSS THOU Hast Appointed Us, And Daily To Take IT Up With Cheerfulness, Following THEE.  Was Ever Sorrow Like Unto HIS SORROW?  And When We Behold What Manner Of DEATH HE DIED, Let Us In THAT DEATH BEHOLD With What Manner Of LOVE HE LOVED US.  As If Death, So Painful A Death, Were Not Enough, They Added To ITS BITTERNESS AND TERROR IN SEVERAL WAYS.  v35-44, It Was Usual To Put Shame Upon Malefactors, By A Writing To Notify The Crime For Which They Suffered.  So They Set Up One Over CHRIST’S HEAD.  This They Designed For HIS REPROACH, BUT GOD SO OVERRULED IT, THAT EVEN HIS ACCUSATION WAS TO HIS HONOR.  There Were Crucified With Him At The Same Time, Two Robbers.  HE WAS AT HIS DEATH, NUMBERED AMONG THE TRANSGRESSORS, So That We, At Our Death, Might Be Numbered Among The Saints.  THE TAUNTS AND JEERS HE RECEIVED ARE HERE RECORDED.  The Enemies Of CHRIST Labor To Make Others Believe About Religion And The People Of GOD, Things They Themselves Know To Be False.  The Chief Priests, And Scribes, And The Elders, Upbraid JESUS With Being THE KING OF ISRAEL.  Many People Could Like THE KING OF ISRAEL Well Enough, If HE Would But Come Down From The Cross; If They Could Have HIS KINGDOM WITHOUT THE TRIBULATION(,) THROUGH WHICH THEY MUST ENTER INTO IT.  BUT IF NO CROSS, THEN NO CHRIST, AND NO CROWN.  Those That Would Reign With HIM, Must Be Willing To Suffer With HIM.  THUS OUR LORD JESUS, HAVING UNDERTAKEN TO SATISFY THE JUSTICE OF GOD, DID IT, BY SUBMITTING TO THE PUNISHMENT OF THE WORST OF MEN.  AND IN EVERY MINUTE (INCREDIBLY SMALL) PARTICULAR(,) RECORDED ABOUT THE SUFFERINGS OF CHRIST, WE FIND SOME PREDICTION IN THE PROPHETS OR THE PSALMS FULFILLED.  Amen.  


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