“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Matthew 27, “The Soldiers Mock JESUS”

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“Emmanuel,” Norman Hutchins 

“The Soldiers Mock JESUS,”  Matthew 27:27) Then the soldiers of the governor took JESUS into the common hall, and gathered unto HIM the whole band of soldiers.  28) And they stripped HIM, and put on HIM a Scarlet Robe.

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v27, Then the soldiers of the governor Those that were about him, his attendants and guards, took JESUS into the common hall;  the “praetorium”, or judgment hall, as it is sometimes called; the governor’s palace, into which the Jews would not enter, lest they should defile themselves: Pilate therefore came out to them, and went into the pavement called Gabbatha, and sat upon a judgment seat there; see ( John 18:28 John 18:29 ) ( John 19:13 ) , where he passed sentence on CHRIST; which being done, the soldiers took HIM into the hall of judgment; which being both magnificent and large, was fit for the scene they intended to act there. Munster’s Hebrew Gospel reads it, they took HIM “in the house of judgment”; and the Ethiopic version renders it, “out of the court of judicature”; both wrong.  And gathered unto HIM whole band [of soldiers]; the same that Judas had with him to take HIM, consisting of five hundred, and some say more: these their fellow soldiers, to whom JESUS was committed, got together to HIM, or “Against HIM”, as the Syriac and Persic versions render it, make themselves sport and diversion with HIM. Think in what hands and company our dear Lord now was: now was HE encompassed with dogs, and enclosed with the assembly of the wicked indeed; see ( Psalms 22:16 ) . The Persic version renders it, “multitudes of knaves (dishonest men) being gathered together to HIM”.  v28, And they Stripped HIM  of HIS clothes; at least of HIS upper garment: for one man to spit upon another, as these soldiers afterwards did on CHRIST, or to strip HIM of HIS garment, according to the Jewish canons, were punishable with a fine of four hundred pence F26, which amounted to twelve pounds and ten shillings of our money; but the soldiers were in no danger of being prosecuted, for stripping CHRIST. This is one part of the low estate CHRIST SUBMITTED TO:  HIS clothes on HIS back seem to be all HE had in this world, and of these HE is stripped:  and put on HIM a Scarlet Robe,  or “a red coat”, as the Persic version renders it; very likely an old coat of one of their officers. The Evangelists Mark and John say it was “purple”, ( Mark 15:17 ) ( John 19:2 ) , and so the Arabic version renders it here: whether there were two garments put upon HIM, the one a purple vest, and the other a scarlet robe over it; or whether scarlet was used instead of purple, is not certain; which was a colour wore by kings, and a sign of imperial dignity F1; and therefore put upon CHRIST by way of mockery, upbraiding HIM with the CHARACTER HE BORE,  as KING OF THE JEWS. This was an Emblem (Sign) of HIS BEING CLOTHED, AS IT WERE WITH OUR SINS, which are as scarlet, and of HIS BLOODY SUFFERINGS in the human nature.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v27, The Praetorium or Common Hall  was the official residence of the governor when he was in Jerusalem.  It was originally built as a palace for Herod the Great.  v28-30, The soldiers Mocked JESUS For Claiming To Be A King.  Note the references to the Robe, Crown, And Scepter (Reed), And The Praise.

Quest Study Bible – v27-31, SCRIPTURE LINK  Mark tells how the soldiers Mocked JESUS in Mark 15:16-20.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v26-30, Crucifixion Was A Death Used Only Among The Romans; It Was Very Terrible And Miserable.  A Cross Was Laid On The Ground, To Which The Hand And Feet Were Nailed, It Was Then Lifted Up And Fixed Upright, So That The Weight Of The Body Hung On The Nails, Till The Sufferer Died In Agony.  CHRIST THUS ANSWERED THE TYPE OF THE BRAZEN SERPENT RAISED ON A POLE (Numbers 21:9).  CHRIST UNDERWENT ALL THE MISERY AND SHAME HERE RELATED, THAT HE MIGHT PURCHASE FOR US EVERLASTING LIFE, AND JOY, AND GLORY.  Hallelujah!  And Amen.    


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