“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Matthew 27, “The Soldiers Mock JESUS,” cont’d

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“Be Still,” Yolanda Adams

“The Soldiers Mock JESUS,” cont’d, Matthew 27:29) And when they had platted a Crown Of Thorns, they put it upon HIS HEAD, and a Reed In HIS RIGHT HAND:  and they bowed the knee before HIM, and mocked HIM, saying, Hail, King Of The Jews!  Psalm 69:19; Isaiah 49:7.  30) And they spit Upon HIM, and took the Reed, and Smote HIM ON THE HEAD.  Job 30:10; Isaiah 50:6.

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v29,  And when they had platted a Crown Of Thorns What sort of thorn this Crown was made of, whether of the bramble, or of the white thorn, is not very material F2: the word used in the Syriac version, is rendered by interpreters, “white thorns”, and which were common in Judea: these, be they what they will, they made into the form of a Crown, and  they put it UPON HIS HEAD;  both to reproach HIM as a king, and to Torture HIM as a man: however, it had its significance, and was an Emblem of men (A RIGHTEOUS SIGN UNTO MEN), comparable to thorns; either of wicked men, and of HIS being encompassed with them at this time; or of good men, chosen out from among them, REDEEMED BY HIM, and accounted as a Royal Diadem (A Crown of Royal Power) WITH HIM F3: or it might represent the sins of HIS people, which, like thorns, Pierced HIM, and like a crown of them surrounded HIM every side; or else the many troubles HE was exercised with, HIS BEING MADE A CURSE FOR US, thorns and briers being the curse which was inflicted on the earth, for the sin of man: in this CHRIST was the Antitype (THE FIRST AND ONLY HOLY SACRIFICE) of the ram, caught by his horns among the thickets, which “Abraham” sacrificed in the room of his son. This may teach us many useful lessons: we may see what a curse sin brought upon man, and upon the earth for man’s sake; and even UPON THE MESSIAH, in the stead of men: we may observe the difference between us and CHRIST): we are a crown of glory, and a royal diadem in HIS HAND; we are crowned with loving kindness and tender mercies, and have a crown of righteousness, life, and glory, laid up for us, and HE WAS CROWNED WITH THORNS; as also the difference between CHRIST IN HIS STATE OF HUMILIATION WEARING such a crown, AND HIS STATE OF EXALTATION, IN WHICH HE IS CROWNED WITH GLORY AND HONOR.  The Jews acknowledge this circumstance of the SUFFERINGS OF JESUS, though they ascribe it to the elders of Jerusalem; who, they say {d}, “took thorns and made a crown of them, and put it upon HIS HEAD.”  Which are the very words of the evangelist:  and a Reed in HIS RIGHT HAND,  or “cane”; and Munster’s Hebrew Gospel uses the word, (hnq) , “a cane”, such as men walk with; and this may be confirmed from the barbarous use they afterwards made of it, bySMITING HIM ON THE HEAD WITH IT: a “reed” indeed may fitly express the weakness of HIS KINGDOM in the eye of the world: but any cane or common staff, or stick, put into HIS HANDS in the room (INSTEAD) OF A SCEPTER, would also signify the meanness (lowliness) of HIS KINGDOM, WHICH WAS NOT OF THIS WORLD, and came not with observation: they meant to REPROACH HIM WITH IT, but they will find one time or another, THAT HE HAS ANOTHER SCEPTER, EVEN A SCEPTER OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, A STAFF OF STRENGTH, A ROD OF IRON, WITH WHICH HE WILL RULE AND BREAK IN PIECES, ALL THE WICKED OF THE EARTH.  However, we may learn from hence, CHRIST does not disdain to hold a Reed In HIS HAND: nor will HE BREAK A BRUISED REED,  or DISCOURAGE, or CRUSH THE WEAKEST BELIEVER.  And they bowed the knee before HIM, and Mocked HIM, saying, Hail, King Of The Jews:  being thus clad in a scarlet, or purple Robe, or both; and having a Crown Of Thorns On His Head, and a Reed instead of a Sceptre IN HIS HAND, they carry on the mockery still further, and bend the knee to HIM, as to a prince just come to his throne, and salute as such; and in a mock way, wish HIM long life and prosperity: thus Deriding HIM in his kingly office, as all such do, who call HIM LORD, LORD, but disregard HIS Commands.  v30,  And they spit UPON HIM  The Syriac and Persic versions add, “UPON HIS FACE”, which HE DID NOT HIDE FROM SPITTING; see ( Isaiah 1:6 ) , and so what with Sweat, by being hurried from place to place, and with Blood Trickling Down From HIS TEMPLES, Scratched with thorns, and with the Spittle of these filthy soldiers, HIS VISAGE (APPEARANCE) was more marred than any man’s, and HIS Form than the sons of men, ( Isaiah 52:14 ) .  And took the Reed,  or “cane”, which was put into HIS RIGHT HAND,  and Smote SMOTE HIM ON THE HEAD;  whereby they drove the sharp points of the thorns into IT, WHICH MUST GIVE HIM INEXPRESSIBLE PAIN AND TORTURE.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v28-30, The soldiers Mocked JESUS For Claiming To Be A King.  Note the references to the Robe, Crown, And Scepter (Reed), And The Praise.

Quest Study Bible – v27-31, SCRIPTURE LINK  Mark tells how the soldiers Mocked JESUS in Mark 15:16-20.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v26-30, Crucifixion Was A Death Used Only Among The Romans; It Was Very Terrible And Miserable.  A Cross Was Laid On The Ground, To Which The Hand And Feet Were Nailed, It Was Then Lifted Up And Fixed Upright, So That The Weight Of The Body Hung On The Nails, Till The Sufferer Died In Agony.  CHRIST THUS ANSWERED THE TYPE OF THE BRAZEN SERPENT RAISED ON A POLE.  CHRIST UNDERWENT ALL THE MISERY AND SHAME HERE RELATED, THAT HE MIGHT PURCHASE FOR US EVERLASTING LIFE, AND JOY, AND GLORY.  Hallelujah!  And Amen.  


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