“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 56, “Salvation For Others”

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“This Too Shall Pass,” Yolanda Adams

“Salvation For Others,” Isaiah 56:1) THUS SAITH THE LORD, Keep Ye Judgment, And Do Justice:  For MY Salvation Is Near To Come, And MY Righteousness To Be Revealed.  2) Blessed Is The Man That Doeth This, And the son of man (mankind) That Layeth Hold On It; That Keepeth The Sabbath From Polluting It, And Keepeth his Hand From Doing Any Evil.  Exodus 20:11; Isaiah 58:13.  

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v1, About (Near) To Come:  God’s Salvation Is Always Near (51:5; Philippians 4;5).  MY RIGHTEOUSNESS is a synonym for MY SALVATION (41:2; 45:8; 46:13; 51:6).  v2, Keeps From Defiling The Sabbath  Since Keeping The Sabbath Revealed Clear Commitment To The Lord, It Was Closely Associated With Righteousness And Justice.

Quest Study Bible – v2, “Why Give The Sabbath Such Importance?”  In Hebrew law, moral requirements (such as not committing murder) are found alongside ritual requirements (such as Keeping The Sabbath).  Isaiah here refers to both.  He expected the people to uphold the Moral Code (to Maintain Justice and to do what is right; v. 1) as well as the rituals (The Sabbath).  Some suggest that The Entire Law will be kept in the coming age.

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v2, Blessed Is The Man That Doth This That does Justice, and Keeps Judgment; he hereby exercises a good Conscience both towards God and men; he enjoys Communion with God in his ways, worship, and ordinances, he attends unto, and has an evidence of his right to Eternal Happiness: and the son of man that layeth hold on it; on The Salvation Of Christ, and His Righteousness; which supposes a sense of the insufficiency of a man’s own righteousness, a view of The Excellency and Suitableness Of Christ’s Righteousness; and is expressive of a strong act of Faith upon it, Embracing and Retaining it as a man’s own: That Keepeth The Sabbath From Polluting It;  by doing any servile work on It, and attending to all Religious Duties, Private or Public. This is put for The Whole Of Instituted Worship Under The Gospel Dispensation, and for any day or time in which The Church Of Christ meet together for Religious Worship: and keepeth his hand from doing any evil;  committing any sin against God, or doing injury to the persons or properties of men, INCLUDING THE WHOLE OF MORAL DUTY.  Amen.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v1-2, The Lord Tells Us What Are His Expectations Of Duty From Us.  Be Honest And Just In All Dealings.  Also Strictly Observe The Sabbath Day.  To Have The Blessing Of God Upon Employments (Your Work) All The Week, Make Conscience (Your Moral Thoughts) Of keeping The Sabbath Holy.  Have Nothing To Do With Sin.  Blessed Is The Man That Keeps His Hand From All Things Displeasing To God And Hurtful To His Own Soul.  Those Who, Through The Spirit, Wait For The Hope Of Righteousness By Faith, Will Be Found Walking In Ways Of Holy Obedience.  Amen.


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