“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Matthew 27, “JESUS BEFORE PILATE”

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“JESUS BEFORE PILATE,” Matthew 27:11) And JESUS Stood Before The Governor:  And The Governor Asked HIM, Saying, Art THOU THE KING OF THE JEWS?  And JESUS Said Unto him, Thou Sayest.  12) And When HE Was Accused Of The Chief Priests And Elders, HE Answered Nothing.  1 Peter 2:23.  13) Then Said Pilate Unto HIM, Hearest THOU Not How Many Things They Witness Against THEE?  14) And HE Answered him To Never A Word; Insomuch That The Governor Marvelled Greatly.  15) Now At That Feast The Governor Was Wont To Release Unto The People A Prisoner, Whom They Would.  Acts 25:9.  16) And They Had Then A Notable Prisoner, Called Barabbas.  17) Therefore When They Were Gathered Together, Pilate Said Unto Them, Whom Will Ye That I Release Unto You?  Barabbas, Or JESUS WHICH IS CALLED CHRIST?  18) For he Knew That For Envy They Had Delivered HIM.  Acts 7:9.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v11-14, The Title KING Of THE JEWS has not been used in Matthews Gospel since 2:2.  Clearly Pilate’s Charge Against THE LORD JESUS Was Prompted By Jewish Religious Leaders.  v15-18, Barabbas was notorious because he was an insurrectionist and a murderer (see Mark 15:7; Luke 23:19, 25).  Evidently Pilate assumed the Jews Would Choose Jesus To Be Released Over A Murderer Like Barabbas.

Quest Study Bible – v11, “What Did The Title “The King Of The Jews” mean to Pilate?”  The Roman government was particularly sensitive to subversive elements in society that would undermine their base of power.  Any who claimed to be a leader or a king could be a potential threat.  Jesus had been accused of rebelling against Rome and opposing payment of taxes to Caesar (Luke 23:1-2).  It was only natural for Pilate To Probe Jesus’ Political Aspirations.  In Jesus’ Case, The Title Carried A Deeper Spiritual Meaning. Since The Charge Against Carried No Real Weight, Pilate did not put any Stock In It.  See “Why wasn’t Pilate bothered By Jesus’ Claim To Be King Of The Jews?”  (Luke 23:3-4).   v11-26, SCRIPTURE LINK  Jesus’ Trial And Sentencing Can Also Be Found In Mark 15:2-15; Luke 23:2-3, 18-25 and John 18:29—19:16.

Quest Study Bible – v11-26, SCRIPTURE LINK  Jesus’ Trial And Sentencing Can Also Be Found In Mark 15:2-15; Luke 23:2-3, 18-25 and John 18:29—19:16.  v24-25, “Who was most guilty for Christ’s Death?”   Pilate was guilty of cowardice and the unjust use of his authority.  Caiaphas, who should have been the Spiritual leader and Thus Should Have Understood How JESUS FULFILLED THE PROPHECIES OF THE MESSIAH, Bore The Greater Guilt.  Though he knew about Jesus’ Miracles And Ministry, his hatred and envy caused him to condemn Jesus (see John 11:49-50).  He saw Jesus’ Popularity With The People as a threat to the political power given by the Romans that he and other Jewish leaders enjoyed.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v11-25, Having No Malice Against JESUS, Pilate Urged HIM TO CLEAR HIMSELF, and labored to get HIM Discharged.  The message from his wife was a warning.  GOD Has Many Ways Of Giving Checks To Sinners, In Their Sinful Pursuits, And It Is A Great Mercy To Have Such Checks From PROVIDENCE, From Faithful Friends, And From Our Own Consciences.  O Do Not This Abominable Thing Which THE LORD Hates!  Is What We May Hear Said To Us, When We Are Entering Into Temptation, If We Will But Regard It.  Being overruled by the priests, the people made choice of Barabbas.  Multitudes Who Choose The World, Rather Than GOD, For Their Ruler And Portion, Thus Choose Their Own Delusions (Sinful Desires).  The Jews Were So Bent Upon THE DEATH OF CHRIST, That Pilate Thought It Would Be Dangerous To Refuse.  And This Struggle Shows The Power Of Conscience Even On The Worst Men.  Yet All Was So Ordered To Make It Evident That CHRIST Suffered For No Fault Of HIS OWN, But For The Sins Of The People.  How Vain Of Pilate To Expect To Free himself From The Guilt Of THE INNOCENT BLOOD OF A RIGHTEOUS PERSON; WHOM he Was By His Office Bound To Protect!  The Jews Curse Upon Themselves Has Been Awfully Answered In The Sufferings Of Their Nation.  None Could Bear The Sin Of Others, EXCEPT HIM THAT HAD NO SIN OF HIS OWN TO ANSWER FOR.  And Are We Not All Concerned?  Is Not Barabbas Preferred To JESUS, When Sinners Reject Salvation That They May Retain Their Darling Sins, Which Rob GOD OF HIS GLORY And Murder Their Souls?  THE BLOOD OF CHRIST IS NOW UPON US FOR GOOD, THROUGH MERCY BY THE JEWS’ REJECTION OF IT.  O LET US FLEE TO IT FOR REFUGE!  Amen and Praise God!  


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