“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Matthew 27, “JESUS BEFORE PILATE,” cont’d

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“Emmanuel,” Norman Hutchins

“JESUS BEFORE PILATE,” cont’d, Matthew 27:19) When he Was Set Down On The Judgment Seat, his Wife Sent Unto him, Saying, Have Thou Nothing To Do With That JUST MAN:  For I Have Suffered Many Things This Day In A Dream Because Of HIM,  Job 33:15.  20) But The Chief Priests And Elders Persuaded The Multitude That They Should Ask Barabbas, And DESTROY JESUS.  21) The Governor Answered And Said Unto Them, Whether Of The Twain (Two) Will Ye That I Release Unto You?  They Said Barabbas.  22) Pilate Saith Unto Them, What Shall I Do Then With JESUS WHICH IS CALLED CHRIST?  They All Say Unto him, LET HIM BE CRUCIFIED.  23) And The Governor Said, Why, What Evil HATH HE DONE?  But They Cried Out The More, Saying, LET HIM BE CRUCIFIED.  24) When Pilate Saw That he Could Prevail Nothing, But That Rather A Tumult (Uproar) Was Made, he Took Water, And Washed his Hands Before The Multitude, Saying, I Am Innocent OF THE BLOOD OF THIS JUST PERSON:  See Ye To It. Deuteronomy 21:6.    

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v19, Only Matthew record’s this incident about Pilate’s wife.  Pilate Did Not Want To CONDEMN AN INNOCENT MAN.  v20-24, The religious authorities used a tumult (uproar) to accomplish their goal.  The tenure (term) of Pilate had been rocked by conflicts with the Jews from the very beginning.  He could scarcely have afforded another one on his record.  Once again, Pilate Pronounced JESUS TO BE INNOCENT.  The washing of his hands is recorded only in Matthew.  

Quest Study Bible – v11-26, SCRIPTURE LINK  Jesus’ Trial And Sentencing Can Also Be Found In Mark 15:2-15; Luke 23:2-3, 18-25 and John 18:29—19:16.  v24-25, “Who was most guilty for Christ’s Death?” Pilate was guilty of cowardice and the unjust use of his authority.  Caiaphas, who should have been the Spiritual leader and Thus Should Have Understood How JESUS FULFILLED THE PROPHECIES OF THE MESSIAH, Bore The Greater Guilt.  Though he knew about Jesus’ Miracles And Ministry, his hatred and envy caused him to condemn Jesus (see John 11:49-50).  He saw Jesus’ Popularity With The People as a threat to the political power given by the Romans that he and other Jewish leaders enjoyed.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v11-24, Having No Malice Against JESUS, Pilate Urged HIM TO CLEAR HIMSELF, and labored to get HIM Discharged.  The message from his wife was a warning.  GOD Has Many Ways Of Giving Checks To Sinners, In Their Sinful Pursuits, And It Is A Great Mercy To Have Such Checks From PROVIDENCE, From Faithful Friends, And From Our Own Consciences.  O Do Not This Abominable Thing Which THE LORD Hates!  Is What We May Hear Said To Us, When We Are Entering Into Temptation, If We Will But Regard It.  Being overruled by the priests, the people made choice of Barabbas.  Multitudes Who Choose The World, Rather Than GOD, For Their Ruler And Portion, Thus Choose Their Own Delusions (Sinful Desires).  The Jews Were So Bent Upon THE DEATH OF CHRIST, That Pilate Thought It Would Be Dangerous To Refuse.  And This Struggle Shows The Power Of Conscience Even On The Worst Men.  Yet All Was So Ordered To Make It Evident That CHRIST Suffered For No Fault Of HIS OWN, But For The Sins Of The People.  How Vain Of Pilate To Expect To Free himself From The Guilt Of THE INNOCENT BLOOD OF A RIGHTEOUS PERSON; WHOM he Was By His Office Bound To Protect!   Amen and Praise God!  


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