“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Revelation 5, “THE SCROLL AND THE LAMB”

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“What A Friend We Have In Jesus”

Lamb a young sheep.  Lambs formed an important part of almost every Old Testament Sacrifice (Numbers 6:14; Leviticus 4:32; Exodus 29:38-41).  A non-resisting Sacrificial Lamb Symbolized The Promised Messiah (Isaiah 53:7), and John calls Jesus “Lamb Of God” (John 1:29).  This Symbolism occurs also in Revelation 5:12; 7:9; 19:7; 22:1).  Christ Is Called The Christian’s Passover In 1 Corinthians 5:7.

“THE SCROLL AND THE LAMB,” Revelation 5:1) And I Saw In The Right Hand Of HIM That Sat On The Throne A Book Written Within And On The Backside, Sealed With Seven Seals.  Isaiah 29:11; Daniel 12:4.  2) And I Saw A Strong Angel Proclaiming With A Loud Voice, Who Is Worthy To Open The Book, And To Loose The Seals Thereof?  3) And No Man In Heaven, Nor In Earth, Neither Under The Earth, Was Able To Open The Book, Neither To Look Thereon.  John 1:18.  4) And I Wept Much, Because No Man Was Found Worthy To Open And To Read The Book, Neither To Look Thereon.  5) And One Of The Elders Saith Unto Me, Weep Not:  Behold, THE LION Of The Tribe Of Juda, The Root Of David, Hath Prevailed To Open The Book, And To Loose The Seven Seals Thereof.  Romans 5:12.  6) And I Beheld, And, Lo, In The Midst Of The Throne And Of The Four Beasts, And In The Midst Of The Elders, STOOD A LAMB AS IT HAD BEEN SLAIN, HAVING SEVEN HORNS AND SEVEN EYES, WHICH ARE THE SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD SENT FORTH INTO ALL THE EARTH.  Zechariah 3:9.  7) And HE Came And Took The Book Out Of The Right Hand Of HIM That Sat Upon The Throne.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v1, A Scroll … Sealed With Seven Seals cannot be read until all the Seals are opened.  The Scroll Contains The Judgment And Redemption Seen In Later Chapters.  It May Also Be The Scroll That Was Sealed In Daniel 12:4.  v2-4, No one was found worthy to Open The Seals On The Scroll In God’s Hand.   v5, The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah (see Genesis 49:8-10) and The Root Of David (see Isaiah 11:1, 10) Are Messianic Titles For Jesus Christ.  v6, The Lamb That Had Been Slain Is Christ, Whom John The Baptist Called “The Lamb Of God Who Takes Away The Sin Of The World” (John 1:29).   v7, The Reception Of The Scroll From The Father Demonstrates That Judgment And Authority Over The Earth Is Committed To The Son (see Daniel 7:13, 14).  The Scroll Is Likely The Same One Sealed By Daniel (see Daniel 12:9).

Quest Study Bible – chs. 5-10, “What are these Objects all about?”  The contents suggest that the Scrolls (5:1; 10:2) are concerned with future events.  The Seals, Trumpets and Thunders may be seen as part of the Scrolls Contents.  Each of the Seven-fold Series seems to lead us to the end of the world.  How do They fit together?  John is not a chronologist so, for example, the Trumpets do not necessarily follow the Seals in strict chronological order.  It may help to see John as an artist or musician.  If his “musical theme” is the end of the world, then each series (Seals, Trumpets, Thunders) is a “variation” that adds to the Composition.  Each One heightens and intensifies the Final, Climactic Confrontation Between God And The Forces of Evil.  It is the Theological Message, not a strict chronology, that really counts.  The Seals remind us that evil exists only By Permission From God.  The Trumpets Call People To Repentance.  The Thunders Emphasize God’s Judgment (8:5).  v5, “What is this Scroll?”  Many theories have been offered for the particular kind of Document being described here.  Some say It is a Contract, others a Certificate of Debt, others a Deed and still others a Will.  But what seems clear is that The Scroll Contains The Record Of God’s Judgments, Long Since Made, But Now To Be Enacted.  Only Christ Is Worthy To Open And Enact Those Judgments.  v5-6, “Why Is The Lion Also A Lamb?”  The Figurative Language Here Combines Numerous Images From Both The Old And New Testaments To Indicate Christ’s Ultimate Triumph.  The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah is taken from Genesis 49:9; The Root Of David alludes to references in Isaiah 11:10 and The Lamb Is A Frequent Symbol As In John 1:29.  All Are Biblical Symbols For The Expected Messiah, Each Capturing A Different Aspect Of His Nature And His Reign.  Though Slain, He Has Gained Victory And The Seven Horns Symbolize His Strength.  The Seven Eyes Symbolize That He Sees And Knows All (Zechariah 4:10).  v6, “Seven Spirits,”  See Seven Spirits (4:5).

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v1-7, The Apostle Saw In The Hand Of Him That Sat Upon The Throne, A Roll Of Parchment In The Form Usual In Those Times, And Sealed With Seven Seals.  This Represented The Secret Purposes Of God About To Be Revealed.  The Designs And Methods Of Divine Providence, Toward The Church And The World, Are Stated, Fixed, And Made A Matter Of Record.  The Counsels Of God Are Altogether Hidden From The Eye And Understanding Of The Creature.  The Several Parts Are Not Unsealed And Opened At Once, But After Each Other, Till The Whole Mystery Of God’s Council And Conduct Is Finished In The World.  The Creatures Cannot Open It, Nor Read It; THE LORD ONLY CAN DO SO.  Those Who See Most Of God, Are Most Desirous To See More; And Those Who Have Seen His Glory, Desire To Know His Will.  But Even Good Men May Be Too Eager And Hasty To Look Into The Mysteries Of The Divine Conduct.  Such Desires, If Not Soon Answered, Turn To Grief And Sorrow.  If John Wept Much Because He Could Not Look Into The Book Of God’s Decrees, (Then) Many Have (Reason) To Shed Floods Of Tears For Their Ignorance Of The Gospel Of Christ!  THAT ON WHICH EVERLASTING SALVATION DEPENDS!  We Need Not Weep That We Cannot See Foresee Future Events Respecting Ourselves In This World; The Eager Expectation Of Future Good Prospects, Or The Foresight Of Future Calamities, Would Unfit Us For Present Duties And Conflicts, Or Render Our Prosperous Days Distressing.  Yet We May Desire To Learn, From The Promises And Prophecies Of Scripture, What Will Be The Final Event To Believers And To The Church; And The Incarnate Son (God In Human Form) Has Prevailed, That We Should Learn All That We Need To Know. Christ Stands As Mediator Between God And Both Ministers And People.  He Is Called A Lion, But He Appears As A Lamb Slain.  HE APPEARS WITH THE MARKS OF HIS SUFFERINGS, TO SHOW THAT HE PLEADS FOR US IN HEAVEN, IN VIRTUE (HIGH MORAL STANDARDS).  He Appears As A Lamb, Having Seven Horns And Seven Eyes; PERFECT POWER TO EXECUTE ALL THE WILL OF GOD, AND PERFECT WISDOM TO UNDERSTAND IT,  AND TO DO IT IN THE MOST EFFECTUAL MANNER.  The Father Put The Book Of His Eternal Counsels Into The Hand Of Christ, And Christ Readily And Gladly Took It Into His Hand; FOR HE DELIGHTS TO MAKE KNOWN THE WILL OF HIS FATHER; AND THE HOLY SPIRIT IS GIVEN BY HIM (JESUS) TO REVEAL THE TRUTH AND WILL OF GOD.  Amen.   


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