“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 54, “The Future Glory of Zion”

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“This Too Shall Pass,” Yolanda Adams 

“The Future Glory of Zion,” Isaiah 54:1) Sing, O Barren, Thou That Didst Not Bear; Break Forth Into Singing, And Cry Aloud, Thou That Didst Not Travail With Child:  For More Are The Children Of The Desolate Than The Children Of The Married Wife, Saith The Lord.  2) Enlarge The Place Of Thy Tent, And Let Them Stretch Forth The Curtains Of Thine Habitations:  Spare Not, Lengthen Thy Cords, And Strengthen Thy Stakes;  3) For Thou Shalt Break Forth On The Right Hand And On The Left; And Thy Seed Shall Inherit The Gentiles, And Make The Desolate Cities To Be Inhabited.  4) Fear Not; For Thou Shalt Not Be Ashamed:  Neither Be Thou Confounded; For Thou Shalt Not Be Put To Shame:  For Thou Shalt Forget The Shame Of Thy Youth, And Shalt Not Remember The Reproach Of Thy Widowhood Any More.  5) For Thy Maker Is Thine Husband; The Lord Of Hosts Is His Name; And Thy Redeemer The Holy One Of Israel; The God Of The Whole Earth Shall He Be Called.  Job 19:25; Isaiah 44:6; Romans 3:29.

Quest Study Bible – v1-17, “What Is God Promising?”   Two things, primarily:  (1) a period when great trouble will come to God’s People and (2) a later time when the problems will end and God Will Again Bless His People.  The images in this Chapter vividly show the contrasts.  Nearly deserted, Jerusalem will again be full of people.  It will go from poverty to wealth, humiliation to respect, weakness to power, captivity to freedom.  These predictions were fulfilled when Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians in the sixth century B. C.  and when many descendants of the captives later returned to Jerusalem under Ezra and Nehemiah.  These Promises can also be understood in terms of a General Principle For The People Of God.  Jerusalem can be a metaphor (comparison) for those who Serve God.  When God’s People drift from their Commitment To Him, they will face His Judgment.  When they Return To Him, they will again Experience God’s Blessings.

Quest Study Bible – v1-6, “Who is the barren woman?”  The woman is a metaphor (comparison) for Jerusalem and Jerusalem represents The People Of God.  Isaiah describes the city as a childless, husband-less woman who has suffered a great deal (see v. 11).  God’s People Had Nothing—like a widow (v. 4) or a deserted wife (v. 6).  In ancient times, it was a disgrace to be childless.  Widows without families were left destitute and were often held in contempt.  Some say society insinuated that widows were being punished for sin.  v2, “What kind of tents can be expanded?”   A typical nomad’s tent had nine poles in three rows and was divided into two rooms by a curtain—one for men, one for women.  Such a tent could be enlarged by adding another row of poles to make another room.  However, this more likely meant, as much as possible, to straighten the poles and stretch the fabric tight.  Though people lived in houses during Isaiah’s day, they saw this as a metaphor for a coming time of growth and blessing.  v4, “Shame of your youth … reproach of your widowhood,”   Jerusalem was like a woman disgraced for sin committed when she was young.  God’s People Were Like A Destitute Widow With No Resources.  Yet God Promised To Reverse Their Shame And Humiliation.  See “Who is the barren woman?” (54:1-6).   v5, “Who called Israel’s God The God Of All The Earth?”  Only the people of God, Having Heard The Message Of His Prophets, Would Know That The Lord Was Truly The God Of All The Earth.  Other people did not have much Respect For The God Of Israel Because He Could Not Be Seen As Their Own Idols Could (see Psalm 115:2-13).  

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v1, The increase that began in Restoration From Exile (51:1-3) continues today, for The New Testament Apply’s This Verse To “The Heavenly Jerusalem” (Hebrews 12:22), “the mother of us all” (Galatians 4:26, 27).  Salvation Depends On Sovereign Grace.  v2, The Lord Encourages Zion, The Mother Of His People, To Enlarge The Family Tent For Her Many Children (49:19, 20).  v3, Expand is an allusion to Genesis 28:14, where the same Hebrew word is translated “spread abroad.”  v4, The shame of your youth refers to Israel’s Infidelity, that led to the Egyptian and Assyrian oppression (52:4; Jeremiah 31:19; Ezekiel 16:1-6).  The reproach of your widowhood refers to the Babylonian exile (vv. 6-8).  v5, The Titles The Lord Of Hosts (1:9), Redeemer (41:14), and God Of The Whole Earth Show That God Did (Not Forsake) Israel Permanently.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v1-5, Observe The Low State Of Religion In The World, for a long time before Christianity was brought in.  But By Preaching The Gospel, Multitudes Were Converted From Idols To The Living God.  This Is A Matter Of Great Rejoicing To The Church.  The Bounds Of the Church Were Extended.  Though Its state on earth is but mean (lowly) and movable, like a tent or Tabernacle.  It is sometimes a Growing State, and must be Enlarged as the Family increases.  But the more numerous The Church Grows, the more She Must Fortify Herself Against Errors and Corruptions.  Thy Maker Is Thy Husband.  Christ Is The Holy One Of Israel, The Mediator Of The Covenant Made With The Old Testament Church.  Long Had He Been Called The God Of Israel; But Now He Shall Be Called The God Of The Whole Earth.  And He Will Cleanse From Sin, And Cause Every True Believer To Rejoice In This Sacred Union.  We Can Never Admire Enough This Mercy, Or Duly (Properly) Value This Privilege.  Amen.


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