“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 54, “The Future Glory of Zion,” III

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“Is Your All On The Altar,” Yolanda Adams

“The Future Glory of Zion,” III, Isaiah 54:11) O Thou Afflicted, Tossed With Tempest, And Not  Comforted, Behold, I Will Lay Thy Stones With Fair Colours, And Lay Thy Foundations With Sapphires.  12) And I Will Make Thy Windows Of Agates, And Thy Gates Of Carbuncles (Sparkling Jewels), And All Thy Borders Of Pleasant Stones.  13) And All Thy Children Shall Be Taught Of The Lord; And Great Shall Be The Peace Of Thy Children.  14) In Righteousness Shalt Thou Be Established:  Thou Shalt Be Far From Oppression; For Thou Shalt Not Fear:  And From Terror; For It Shall Not Come Near Thee.  15) Behold, They Shall Surely Gather Together, But Not By Me:  Whosoever Shall Gather Together Against Thee Shall Fall For Thy Sake.  16) Behold, I Have Created The Smith That Bloweth The Coals In The Fire, And That Bringeth Forth An Instrument For His Work; And I Have Created The Waster (Destroyer) To Destroy.  17) No Weapon That Is Formed Against Thee Shall Prosper; And Every Tongue That Shall Rise Against Thee In Judgment Thou Shalt Condemn.  This Is The Heritage Of The Servants Of The Lord, And Their Righteousness Is Of Me, Saith The Lord.  Acts 6:10. 

Quest Study Bible – v1-17, “What Is God Promising?”   Two things, primarily:  (1) a period when great trouble will come to God’s People and (2) a later time when the problems will end and God Will Again Bless His People.  The images in this Chapter vividly show the contrasts.  Nearly deserted, Jerusalem will again be full of people.  It will go from poverty to wealth, humiliation to respect, weakness to power, captivity to freedom.  These predictions were fulfilled when Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians in the sixth century B. C.  and when many descendants of the captives later returned to Jerusalem under Ezra and Nehemiah.  These Promises can also be understood in terms of a General Principle For The People Of God.  Jerusalem can be a metaphor (comparison) for those who Serve God.  When God’s People drift from their Commitment To Him, they will face His Judgment.  When they Return To Him, they will again Experience God’s Blessings.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v11, 12, Walls Of Precious Stones:  For a more detailed description of The New Jerusalem, see Revelation 21:18-21.  The afflicted one is Zion or Jerusalem (51:21).  v13, The children … Taught By The Lord include those Taught By Christ.  v14-17, The tongue that speaks Judgment You Will Condemn.  The accusers are not operating in The Spirit Of God, But In Breaking Unity And Bringing In Division.  (50:7-9; 1 Corinthians 1:20).  

Quest Study Bible – v15, “Does God Allow Things To Happen That He Doesn’t Like?”  Yes, He Does.  God Is All-Powerful And Can Control Everything That Happens In His World.  However, He Gives Humans Freedom To Decide Some Things For Themselves.  When they sin, for example, they have only themselves to blame for the consequences.  Of Course, God Could Prevent Evil –Including The Enemy Attacks He Mentions Here.  But Having Given Humankind Certain Authority, God Often Allows Them To Play Out Their Own Drama.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v11-17, Let The People Of God, When Afflicted And Tossed, Hear God Speaking Comfortably To Them By These Words, Taking Notice Of Their Griefs And Fears.  The Church Is All Glorious When Full Of The Knowledge Of God; For None Teaches Like Him.  It Is A Promise Of The Teaching And Gifts Of The Holy Spirit.  All That Are Taught Of God Are Taught To Love One Another.  This Seems To Relate Especially To The Glorious Times To Succeed The Tribulations Of The Church.  Holiness, More Than Any Thing, Is The Beauty of The Church.  God Promises Protection.  There Shall Be No Fears Within; There Shall Be No Fighting Without.  Military Men Value Themselves On Heir Splendid Titles, But God Calls Them, “Wasters Made To Destroy,”  For They Make Wasting And Destruction Their Business.  He Created Them, Therefore He Will Serve His Own Designs By Them.  The Day Is Coming When God Will Reckon With (Judge) Wicked Men For Their Hard Speeches, Jude 1:15.  Security And Final Victory Are The Heritage Of Each Faithful Servant Of The Lord.  The Righteous By Which They Are Justified, And The Grace By Which They Are Sanctified, Are The Gift Of God, And The Effect Of His Special Love.  Let Us Beseech Him To Sanctify Our Souls, And To Employ Us In His Service.  Amen.  


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