“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 54, “The Future Glory of Zion,” cont’d

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“This Too Shall Pass,” Yolanda Adams 

 “The Future Glory of Zion,” cont’d, Isaiah 54:6) For The Lord Hath Called Thee As A Woman Forsaken, And Grieved In Spirit, And A Wife Of Youth, When Thou Wast Refused, Saith Thy God.  7) For A Small Moment Have I Forsaken Thee; But With Great Mercies Will I Gather Thee.  8) In A Little Wrath I Hid My Face From Thee For A Moment; But With Everlasting Kindness Will I Have Mercy On Thee, Saith The Lord Thy Redeemer.  Jeremiah 31:3.  9) For This Is As The Waters Of Noah Unto Me:  For As I Have Sworn That The Waters Of Noah Should No More Go Over The Earth; So Have I Sworn That I Would Not Be Worth With Thee, Nor Rebuke Thee.  Jeremiah 31:35.  10) For The Mountains Shall Depart, And The Hills Be Removed; But My Kindness Shall Not Depart From Thee, Neither Shall The Covenant Of My Peace Be Removed, Saith The Lord That Hath Mercy On Thee.

Quest Study Bible – v1-17, “What Is God Promising?”   Two things, primarily:  (1) a period when great trouble will come to God’s People and (2) a later time when the problems will end and God Will Again Bless His People.  The images in this Chapter vividly show the contrasts.  Nearly deserted, Jerusalem will again be full of people.  It will go from poverty to wealth, humiliation to respect, weakness to power, captivity to freedom.  These predictions were fulfilled when Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians in the sixth century B. C.  and when many descendants of the captives later returned to Jerusalem under Ezra and Nehemiah.  These Promises can also be understood in terms of a General Principle For The People Of God.  Jerusalem can be a metaphor (comparison) for those who Serve God.  When God’s People drift from their Commitment To Him, they will face His Judgment.  When they Return To Him, they will again Experience God’s Blessings.

Quest Study Bible – v1-6, “Who is the barren woman?”  The woman is a metaphor (comparison) for Jerusalem and Jerusalem represents The People Of God.  Isaiah describes the city as a childless, husband-less woman who has suffered a great deal (see v. 11).  God’s People Had Nothing—like a widow (v. 4) or a deserted wife (v. 6).  In ancient times, it was a disgrace to be childless.  Widows without families were left destitute and were often held in contempt.  Some say society insinuated that widows were being punished for sin.  v7, “What Are The Limits Of God’s Patience?”  His Patience Is Limitless.  God Commanded The Israelites To Be Holy And Gave Them The Law And Prophets To Help Them.  When they persisted in their sins, He Had To Punish Them Because He Is Holy.  Still, He Could Not Leave It At That.  He Forgave Them And Received Them Back With Great Compassion.  He Still Does That For Anyone Who Sins Today.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v6, Like a woman forsaken … you were refused refers to Zion’s experience in exile (40:27; 49:14; 50:1).  v7, God’s Anger Against His Elect Is For A Mere Moment (26:20; Psalm 30:5).  Great Mercies Speaks Of The Affections Of God In Nurturing, Maternal Terms.  v8, I Will Have Mercy:  That Is, “I Will Love You As Only A Mother Can Love.”   v9, 10, As The Lord Had Sworn To Noah That The Waters … Would No Longer Cover The Earth (Genesis 9:11), So He Swore To Zion After The Exile That His Covenant Of Peace (42:6; Ezekiel 34:25) Would Not Be Removed.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v6-10, As God Is Slow To Anger, So He Is Swift To Show Mercy.  And How Sweet The Returns Of Mercy Would Be, When God Should Come And Comfort Them!  He Will Have Mercy On Them.  God’s Gathering His people Takes Rise From His Mercy, Not Any Merit Of Theirs; And It Is With Great Mercies, With Everlasting Kindness.  The Wrath Is Little, The Mercies Great; The Wrath For A Moment, The Kindness Everlasting.  We Are Neither To Despond Under Afflictions, Nor To Despair Of Relief.  Mountains Have Been Shaken And Removed, But The Promises Of God Were Never Broken By Any Event.  Mountains And Hills Also Signify Great Men (Noah).  Creature-Confidences Shall Fail; But When Our Friends Fail Us, Our God Does Not.  All This Is Alike Applicable To The Church At Large, And To Each Believer.  God Will Rebuke And Correct His People For Sins, But He Will Not Cast Them Off.  Let This Encourage Us To Give The More Diligence To Make Our Calling And Election Sure.  Amen. 


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