“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Matthew 26, “THE PLOT AGAINST JESUS”

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“Be Blessed,” Yolanda Adams

“THE PLOT AGAINST JESUS,” Matthew 26:1) And it came to pass, When Jesus Had Finished All These Sayings, He Said Unto His Disciples,  2) Ye Know That After Two Days Is The Feast Of The Passover, And The Son Of Man Is Betrayed To Be Crucified.  Luke 22:1; John 13:1.  3) Then assembled together the chief priests, and the scribes, and the elders of the people, unto the palace of the high priest, who was called Caiaphas,  4) And consulted that they might take Jesus By Subtilty, And Kill Him.  5) But they said, Not on the Feast Day, lest there be an uproar among the people.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v1, 2, Matthew Brings The Disclosure Of The Lord To A Conclusion With The Words, Now It Came To Pass, When Jesus Had Finished (see 7:28; 11:1; 13;53; 19:1).  v3, Caiaphas was high priest from A. D. 18 to 37.   However, Luke 3:2 says both Annas (father-in-law to Caiaphas) and Caiaphas were high priests.  Although Caiaphas was officially the high priest, Annas still had influence over that office.  Annas was so despicable that the Roman government deposed from office.  However, he continued to work behind the scenes through his wicked son-in-law.   v4, The religious leaders knew they could not take Christ by argument or logic (22;46), or force (21:46).  Their only recourse was trickery.  v5, This Verse is to be compared with v. 2, Which Speaks Of Christ’s Full Knowledge Of What Was Coming And His Acceptance Of God’s Plan (see John 10:18).     

Quest Study Bible – v1-5, SCRIPTURE LINK, The Plot Against Jesus is also exposed in Mark 14:1-2 and Luke  22:1-2.  

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v1-5, Our Lord Had Often Told Of His Sufferings As At A Distance, Now He Speaks Of Them As At hand.  At The Same Time The Jewish Council Consulted How They Might Put Him To Death Secretly.  But it Pleased God To Defeat Their Intention.  Jesus, The True Paschal Lamb (Sacrificial Lamb), Was To Be Sacrificed For Us In That Very Time, AND HIS DEATH AND RESURRECTION RENDERED PUBLIC (MADE KNOWN).  Amen.   


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