“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 51, “The Cup Of The Lord’s Wrath”

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“Love Lifted Me,” Bishop Leonard Scott

“The Cup Of The Lord’s Wrath,” Isaiah 51:17) Awake, awake, stand up, O Jerusalem, Which Hast Drunk At The Hand Of The Lord The Cup Of His Fury; thou hast drunken the dregs of the cup of trembling, and wrung them out.  Revelation 14:10.  18) There is none to guide her among all the sons whom she hath brought forth; neither is there any that taketh her by the hand of all the sons that she hath brought up.  19) These two things are come unto thee; who shall be sorry for thee?  desolation, and destruction, and the famine, and the sword:  by whom shall I comfort thee?  Amos 7:2.  20) Thy sons have fainted, they lie at the head of all the streets, as a wild bull in a net:  they are Full Of The Fury of The Lord, The Rebuke Of Thy God.  21) Therefore hear now This, thou afflicted, and drunken, but not with wine:  22) Thus Saith Thy Lord The Lord, And Thy God That Pleadeth The Cause Of His People, Behold, I Have Taken Out Of Thine Hand The Cup Of Trembling, Even The Dregs Of The Cup Of My Fury; Thou Shalt No More Drink It Again:  23) But I Will Put It Into The Hand Of Them That Afflict Thee; Which Have Said To Thy Soul, Bow Down, That We May Go Over:  And Thou Hast Laid Thy Body As The Ground, And As The Street, To Them That Went Over.  Psalm 66:11, 12.    

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary –  v17, 18, Awake, awake:   The same double imperative is found in v. 9 (contrast 40:1).  drunk … the cup:  For similar imagery see Jeremiah 25:15-29; Lamentations 4:21; Ezekiel 23:31-34.  v19, 20, These two things  refer to the desolation of the land and the destruction of the people.  v21-23, The cause of drunkenness was not wine, but the cup of trembling, The Terror Of God’s Judgment.  those who afflict you:  Israel’s oppressors would be made to drink “the cup of … fury (v. 22).

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v19, These two things are come unto thee  Affliction From The Hand Of God, though by means of enemies, and no friends to help, support, and comfort, as before hinted: or else this respects what follows, after it is said, who shall be sorry for thee?  lament or bemoan thee? they of the earth will rejoice and be glad, and others will not dare to show any concern outwardly, whatever inward grief may be in their breasts, ( Revelation 11:10 ) , desolation, and destruction, and the famine, and the sword;  which may be the two things before mentioned, for though there are four words, they are reducible to two things, desolation, which is the sword, and by it, and destruction, which is the famine, and comes by that, as Kimchi observes: or the words may be rendered thus, “desolation, and destruction, even the famine and the sword”; so that there is no need of making these things four, and of considering them as distinct from the other two, as the Targum makes them, which paraphrases the whole thus,  “two tribulations come upon thee, O Jerusalem, thou canst not arise; when four shall come upon thee, spoiling and breach, and the famine and the sword, there shall be none to comfort thee but I.”  v20, Thy sons have fainted  Through want of food, or at the desolation made, and have no spirit in them to appear in The Interest of True Religion: they lie at the head of all the streets;  emaciated by famine, and not able to walk, but drop down in the streets, and there lie panting and pining away; or slain by the enemy; or with the famine, and the sword, as Aben Ezra, and none to bury them; so the dead bodies of the witnesses shall lie in the street of the great city unburied, ( Revelation 11:8Revelation 11:9 ) as a wild bull in a net;
that is slain, being taken; or, if alive, however it flings about and struggles, cannot extricate itself: so it may denote such that survive the calamity, yet held under the power of the enemy; and though inwardly fretting, and very impatient, cannot help themselves, no more than such a creature taken in a toil or net; which Aben Ezra takes to be a fowl, to which a net best agrees; and the Vulgate Latin version renders it, “as the oryx snared”; which Drusius says is the name of a bird; though it is used for a wild goat. But Kimchi says the word here used signifies a wild ox or bull F26, as we render it: in Hebrew it is called “tho” or “thoa”, and very probably is the same with the “thoos” mentioned by Aristotle F1and Pliny F2, and is rendered a wild ox in ( Deuteronomy 14:5 ) , where it is reckoned among sheep, goats, and deer. It is strange that the Septuagint should render it, “as beet half boiled”; or flaccid and withering, as the Syriac and Arabic versions, taking it for an herb: and as much out of the way is the Targum, which renders it, “as broken bottles:” they are Full Of The Fury Of The Lord, The Rebuke Of Thy God;  that is, Jerusalem’s sons, The Members Of The Church Of God, professors of religion, now full of calamities, which may seem to Flow From The Wrath Of God, ( Revelation 3:19 ) and from whence they shall be delivered, and their enemies punished.  All this was literally true of Jerusalem, both at the destruction of it by the Chaldeans and by the Romans, and will be Mystically True of The Church at the slaying of The Witnesses by the sword of antichrist; when there will be a famine, not of bread, nor of water, but of Hearing The Word Of The Lord; and which will bring great Devastation and Desolation On The Interest Of Christ: by whom shall I comfort thee?There Being No Ministry Of The Word, Nor Administration Of The Ordinances, The Usual Means Of Comfort, The Witnesses Being Slain; see   ( Lamentations 1:9 Lamentations 1:16 Lamentations 1:21 )      ( 2:13 ) .  

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v17-23, God Calls Upon His People To Mind The Things That Belong To Their Everlasting Peace.  Jerusalem had provoked God, and was made to taste the bitter fruits.  Those who should have been her comforters, were their own tormentors.  They Have No Patience By Which To Keep Possession Of Their Own Souls, Nor Any Confidence In God’s Promise, By Which To Keep Possession Of Its Conduct.  Thou Art Drunken, Not As Formerly, With The Intoxicating Cup Of Babylon’s Idolatries, But With The Cup Of Affliction.  Know, Then, The Cause Of God’s People May For A Time Seem As Lost, But God Will Protect It, By Convincing The Conscience, Or Confounding The Prospects Of Those That Strive Against It.  The oppressors required souls to be subjected to them, that every man should Believe and Worship as they would have them.  But all they could gain by violence was, that people were brought to outward hypocritical (a pretense to have) conformity (behavior that is the same), for consciences (your inner mind) cannot be forced (to do what is Right). 


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