“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 28, “Unto Thee Will I Cry, O Lord, My Rock,” A Psalm of David

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Psalm 28, A Psalm of lament, is attributed to David.  The Psalm Includes A Prayer against David’s enemies and a royal invocation (the act or process of petitioning for help or support) of Praise To The Lord. 

“Unto Thee Will I Cry, O Lord, My Rock,” Psalm 28:1) Unto Thee Will I Cry, O Lord, My Rock; be not silent to me:  lest, if Thou Be Silent To me, I become like them that go down into the pit.  2) Hear the voice of my supplications, when I Cry Unto Thee, when I lift up my hands Toward Thy Holy Oracle.  3) Draw me not away with the wicked, and with the workers of iniquity, which speak peace to their neighbours, but mischief is in their hearts.  4) Give them according to their deeds, and according to the wickedness of their endeavours:  give them after the work of their hands; render to them their desert.  2 Timothy 4:14.  5) Because they Regard Not The Works Of The Lord, Nor The Operation Of His hands, He Shall Destroy Them, And Not Build Them Up.  

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v1, 2, Do not be silent:  One of the ways David senses The Distance Of God Is His “Silence” (13:1; 22:1).  David might be referring only to his lack of a Sense of Intimacy With God (27:4, 5), but it is also possible that he is awaiting a Specific Word From The Lord Through a Prophet or a Priest.  The pit is one of the terms for death in the Psalms (9:17, 18; 16:10; 143:7).  David asks to be Rescued From Death So That He Might Live To Praise God.  v3-5, Do not take me away:  Again, the Psalmist is asking to be delivered from death (6:5).  according to their deeds:  David pronounces his curse on the wicked, from whom he wishes to be distinguished (4:3).  they do not regard:  The language here is similar to that of Paul in Romans 1:18-32.  One day even the wicked will have To Acknowledge God As their Creator and Give Him The Glory He Deserves.

Quest Study Bible – v1, “Rock,” See “How Is God Like A Rock?”  18:2, God Is Firm, Solid, Impregnable and Immovable–Just The Kind Of Stability Needed By An Emotional Man Like David.  He writes of a Rock large enough that he could hide on top of it from his enemies below.  A few soldiers could defend a high rock bluff against a much larger army.  Perhaps David was recalling the rocks and caves that kept him safe from Saul (1 Samuel 23:25).  v1, “Pit,”  Pits were dug to bury the dead (graves were dug into the sides of the hole).  In this way, pit became a figure of speech for death–the meaning David intends here.  See “What kind of pit was David in?”  (40:2).  v4, “Is it right to pray for revenge?”  See article:  “Is it right to pray for revenge?”  (58:6-8). 

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v1-5, David Is Very Earnest In Prayer.  Observe his Faith In Prayer; God Is My Rock, On Whom I Build My Hope.  Believers Should Not Rest Till They Have Received Some Token That Their Prayers Are Heard.  He Prays That he May Not Be Numbered With The Wicked.  Save Me From Being Entangled In The Snares They Have Laid For Me.  Save Me From Being Infected With Their Sins, And From Doing As They Do.  Lord, Never Leave Me To Use Such Arts Of Deceit And Treachery For My Safety, As They Use For My Ruin.  Believers Dread The Way Of Sinners, The Best Are Sensible Of The Danger They Are In Of Being Drawn Aside (Drawn Apart from God):  We Should All Pray Earnestly To God For His Grace To Keep Us.  Those who are careful not to partake with sinners in their sins, have reason to Hope that they shall not receive their Plagues.  He Speaks Of The Just Judgments Of The Lord On The Workers Of Iniquity, ver. 4.  This is not the language of passion or revenge.  It Is A Prophecy That There Will Certainly Come A Day, When God Will Punish Every man Who Persists In His Evil Deeds.  Sinners Shall Be Reckoned With (Will Stand In Judgment For Their Sins), Not Only For The Mischief They Have Done, But For The Mischief They Designed (Planned), And Did What They Could To Effect (or, Cause).  Disregard Of The Works Of The Lord, Is The Cause Of The Sin Of Sinners, And Becomes The Cause of Their Ruin.    


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