“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 50, “Israel’s Sin And The Servant’s Obedience”

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“I’m Gonna Be Ready,” Yolanda Adams

“Israel’s Sin And The Servant’s Obedience,” Isaiah 50:1) Thus Saith The Lord, Where Is The Bill Of Your Mother’s Divorcement, Whom I Have Put Away?  Or Which Of My Creditors Is It To Whom I Have Sold You?  Behold, For Your Iniquities Have Ye Sold Yourselves, And For Your Transgressions Is Your Mother Put Away.  Deuteronomy 24:1; 2 Kings 4:1.  2) Wherefore, When I Came, Was There No Man?  When I Called, Was There None To Answer?  Is My Hand Shortened At All, That It Cannot Redeem?  Or Have I No Power To Deliver?  Behold, At My Rebuke I Dry Up The Sea, I Make The Rivers A Wilderness:  Their Fish Stinketh, Because There Is No Water, And Dieth For Thirst.  Numbers 11:23.  3) I Clothe The Heavens With Blackness, And I Make Sackcloth Their Covering.

 Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v1, Permanent exile would have required a certificate of divorce.  If The Lord Had Issued One, He Could Not Have Taken Israel Back (see Deuteronomy 24:1; Jeremiah 3;1, 8).  If The Lord Had Sold Israel To Creditors He Would Not Have Any Authority Over Their Destiny.  But the Israelites had sold themselves.  So, God As Their Redeemer Could Buy Them Back (see 41:14; 52:3).  God Came To Israel At The Exile Through The Prophets.  Later God Came To Earth Through His Servant And Son, Jesus (41:9).  v3, Blackness may be an allusion to the ninth plague of Egypt, When The Lord Made Darkness Cover The Earth (see Exodus 10:21).

Quest Study Bible – v1, “Certificate of Divorce.”   Jewish law allowed a man to divorce his wife by writing out a certificate.  There was some debate about acceptable grounds for divorce; the view that prevailed allowed for any and every reason (Matthew 19:3, 7).  The divorce, though, was irrevocable.  Here, God Explains That There Is No Certificate And Thus His Separation From His People Can Be Rescinded.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v1-3, Those who have professed to be People of God, and seem to be dealt severely with, are apt to complain, as if God Had Been hard With Them.  Here is an Answer For Such Murmurings; God Never Deprived Any Of Their Advantages, Except For Their Sins     (Because Of Their Sins).  The Jews were sent into Babylon for their idolatry, a sin which broke The Covenant; and they were at last rejected For Crucifying The Lord Of Glory.  God Called On Them To Leave Their Sins, And Prevent Their Own Ruin.  Last of all, The Son Came To His Own, But His Own Received Him Not.  When God Calls Men To happiness, And They Will Not Answer, They Are Justly Left To Be Miserable.  To Silence Doubts Concerning His Power, Proofs Of It Are Given.  The Wonders Which Attended His Sufferings And Death, Proclaimed That He Was The Son of God.  Matthew 27:54.


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