“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 50, “Israel’s Sin And The Servant’s Obedience,” III

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“I’m Gonna Be Ready,” Yolanda Adams

“Israel’s Sin And The Servant’s Obedience,” III, Isaiah 50:10) Who Is Among You That Feareth The Lord, That Obeyeth The Voice Of His Servant, That Walketh In Darkness, And Hath No Light?  Let him Trust In The Name Of The Lord, And Stay Upon His God.  2 Chronicles 20:20.  11) Behold, All Ye That Kindle A Fire, That Compass Yourselves About With Sparks:  Walk In The Light Of Your Fire, And In The Sparks That Ye Have Kindled.  This Shall Ye Have Of Mine Hand; Ye Shall Lie Down In Sorrow. 

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v10, Who … Fears The Lord:  The Fear Of The Lord Is The Beginning Of True Wisdom (see Proverbs 1:7).  v11, Those who kindle a fire means those who are self-reliant, instead of Walking In The Light Of The Lord And His Servant (2:5; 42:6).  

Quest Study Bible – v10-11, “Why torment those with torches and reward those who walk in darkness?”   The Jews in Babylonian captivity must have felt hat they were in the dark.  God Asked For Their Trust–He Would Lead Them.  But many were tempted to abandon God, to try to find their own way, to light fires.  (Ironically, this Phrase could read play with fire.)  This would only lead to disaster.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v10-11, A Child Of God Is Afraid Of Incurring His Displeasure.  This Grace Usually Appears In Believers When In Darkness, When Other Graces Appear Not.  Those That Truly Fear God, Obey The Voice Of Christ.  A Sincere Servant Of God May For A Long Time Be Without Views Of Eternal Happiness.  What Is Likely To Be An Effectual Cure In This Sad Case?  Let him Trust In The Name Of The Lord; And Let him Stay himself Upon The Promises Of The Covenant, And Build his Hopes On Them.  Let him Trust In Christ, Trust In That Name Of His.  The Lord Our Righteousness; Stay himself Upon God As his God, In And Through A Mediator (Jesus Christ, The Great Mediator).  Presuming sinners are warned not to trust in themselves.  Their own merit and sufficiency are light and heat to them.  Creature-comforts are as sparks, short-lived, and soon gone; yet the children of this world, while they last, seek to warm themselves by them, and walk with pride and pleasure to the light of them.  Those that make the world their comfort, and their own righteousness their confidence, will certainly meet with bitterness in the end.  A godly man’s way may be dark, But his End Shall Be Peace And Everlasting Light.  A Wicked Man’s Way May Be Pleasant, But His End And Abode For Ever Will Be Utter Darkness.    


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