“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 49, “Restoration of Israel,” cont’d

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“I Understand,” Smokie Norful

“Restoration of Israel,” cont’d, Isaiah 49:18) Lift Up Thine Eyes Round About, And Behold:  All These Gather Themselves Together, And Come To Thee.  As I Live, Saith The Lord, Thou Shalt Surely Clothe Thee With With Them All, As With An Ornament, And Bind Them On Thee, As A Bride Doeth.  Proverbs 17:6.  19) For Thy Waste And Thy Desolate Places, And The Land Of Thy Destruction, Shall Even Now Be Too Narrow By Reason Of The Inhabitants, And They That Swallowed Thee Up Shall Be Far Away.  20) The Children Which Thou Shalt Have, After Thou Hast Lost The Other, Shall Say Again In Thine Ears, The Place Is Too Strait For Me:  Give Place To Me That I May Dwell.  Matthew 3:9; Romans 11:11.  21) Then Shalt Thou Say In Thine Heart, Who Hath Begotten me These, Seeing I Have Lost My Children, And Am Desolate, A Captive, And Removing To And Fro?  And Who Hath Brought Up These?  Behold, I Was Left Alone; These, Where Had They Been?  Genesis 42:13.  22) Thus Saith The Lord God, Behold, I Will Lift Up Mine Hand To The Gentiles, And Set Up My Standard To The People:  And They Shall Bring Thy Sons In Their Arms, And Thy Daughters Shall Be Carried Upon Their Shoulders.  23) And Kings Shall Be Thy Nursing Fathers, And Their Queens Thy Nursing Mothers:  They Shall Bow Down To Thee With Their Face Toward The Earth, And Lick Up The Dust Of Thy Feet; AND THOU SHALT KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD:  THEY SHALT NOT BE ASHAMED THAT WAIT FOR ME.  Romans 5:5.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v18, As I Live:  This is an Oath Formula.  Zion’s “sons” were a splendid ornament, like the jewels of a bride (61:10).  v19, Desolate means “childless” (54:1).  v20, 21, the place is too small:  This Prophecy points to the Return Of The Exiles To Jerusalem; under Ezra and Nehemiah the Exiles built a relatively small city (see Ezra 2; Nehemiah 7).  v22, I Will Lift Mine Hand In An Oath:  God Swears By His Own Character.  Standard is often translated “banner” (11:12).  v23, The nations that enslaved Israel had served as foster fathers and nursing mothers (60:9).

Quest Study Bible – v22, “What Did God Promise That The Gentiles Would Do For The Israelites?”  The Gentiles would assist with the regathering of the Jews to their land.  This was fulfilled in a way, as the Jews were aided by Cyrus, a Gentile.  Some would see later fulfillment in the twentieth-century establishment of Israel.  Amen.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v18-23, Zion is addressed as an afflicted widow, bereaved of her children.  Numbers flock to her, and she is assured that they come to be a comfort to her.  There are times when The Church is desolate and few in number; Yet Its Desolation Shall Not Last For Ever, And God Will Repair Them.  God Can Raise Friends For Returning Israelites, Even Among Gentiles.  They Shall Bring Their Children, And Make Them Thy Children.  Let All Deal Tenderly And Carefully With Young Converts And Beginners In Religion.  Princes Shall Protect The Church.  It Shall Appear That God Is The Sovereign Lord Of All.  And Those Who In The Exercise of Faith, Hope, And Patience, Wait On God For The Fulfillment Of His Promises, Shall Never Be Confounded.  Amen.  


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