“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 49, “Restoration of Israel”

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“Be Blessed,” Yolanda Adams

“Restoration of Israel,” Isaiah 49:8) Thus Saith The Lord, In An Acceptable Time Have I heard Thee, And In A Day Of Salvation Have I helped Thee:  And I Will Preserve Thee, And Give Thee For A Covenant of The People, To Establish The Earth, To Cause To Inherit The Desolate heritages;  Psalm 69:13.  9) That Thou Mayest Say To The Prisoners, Go Forth; To Them That Are In Darkness, Shew Yourselves.  They Shall Feed In The Ways, And Their Pastures Shall Be In All High Places.  Zechariah 9:12.  10) They Shall Not Hunger Nor Thirst; Neither Shall The Heat Nor Sun Smite Them:  For He That Hath Mercy On Them Shall Lead Them, Even By The Springs Of Water Shall He Guide Them.  Psalm 23:2.  11) And I Will Make All My Mountains A Way, And My Highways Shall Be Exalted.  12) Behold, These Shall Come From Far; And, Lo, These From The North And From The West; And These From The Land Of Sinim.  13) Sing, O Heavens; And Be Joyful, O Earth; And Break Forth Into Singing, O Mountains:  For The Lord Hath Comforted His People, And Will Have Mercy Upon His Afflicted.  14) But Zion Said, The Lord Hath Forsaken me, And My Lord Hath Forgotten me.  15) Can A Woman Forget Her Sucking Child, That She Should Not Have Compassion On The Son Of Her Womb?  Yea, They May Forget, Yet Will I Not Forget Thee.  16) Behold, I Have Graven Thee Upon The Palms Of My Hands; Thy Walls Are Continually Before Me.  17) Thy Children Shall Make Shall Make Haste; Thy Destroyers And They That Made Thee Waste Shall Go Forth Of Thee.  

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v8, In an acceptable time, In contrast to the day of vengeance (34:8; 61:1; 2 Corinthians 6:2), The Lord Will Hear The Servant’s Complaint That His Mission Toward Israel Was In Vain.  v9, The imagery of feeding implies that The Servant-King Would Be Israel’s Shepherd-King (40:11).  v10, The word thirst is an allusion to 48:21.  Heat and sun, may be an illusion to Psalm 121, a Psalm of pilgrimage.   v11, Mountains, which were once barriers, will become highways, The means of Salvation (vv. 22, 23).  v12, These Oracles (Messages) are addressed to all Israel and all the earth (48:1; 49:1).  v13, Sing:  The Lord Is The Creator Of Music (12:1-6; 44:23).  v14, The complaint The Lord Has Forsaken me resembles that in 40:27-31.  v15, The Lord Says:  I Will Not Forget You.  The verb suggests an even stronger assurance, “I Am Unable To Forget You.”  v16, Inscribed:  This may refer to The Lord’s Command of the names of the tribes to be inscribed on the stones of the Priests ephod (see Exodus 28:9-12).  When the Priest was in The Temple, the engraved names would Remind God Of His Covenant With Israel.  Thy walls are continually Before Me:  The Creator God Has His Thoughts Focused On The Welfare Of His People (see Psalm 40:5).  v17, The restored sons of Zion would carry out the decree.  Zion’s would-be destroyers were the Babylonians.

Quest Study Bible – v8, “The Time Of My Favor,”  The Time When God Decides To Redeem His People.  The Phrase may have been used for the Year Of Jubilee (Leviticus 25:10), every fiftieth year when slaves were freed and land returned to its original owners.  In The New Testament, Paul quoted 49:8, adding, Now Is The Time Of God’s Favor (2 Corinthians 6:2).  God Was Doing A Whole New Work Of Redemption Through Jesus.   v12, “North … west … Aswan,”  God Would Draw His People Back To The Land, not only from Babylon in the east, but also from other places where they had scattered.  Assyria had forcibly scattered the Northern Israelites in 722 B. C., but many others had immigrated when times got tough.  There were already Jewish settlements in many areas of the Mediterranean world, even Aswan, in southern Egypt.  v16, “Why Did God Engrave Them On His Hands?”  To Remember Them.  Tattooing was common in the ancient Middle East for religious and personal reasons.  A person might tattoo the name of a loved one on his body, or a Religious name or text.  Also, some slaves were marked with the names of their masters.  See “Why did they write God’s Name on their hands?”  (44;5).  God Used This Symbol To Express His Constant Concern For Jerusalem.  v16, “Your walls,” The walls of Jerusalem, that were broken down during captivity (Nehemiah 1:3).  God Envisioned An Established, Secure Jerusalem.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v7-12, The Father Is The Lord, The Redeemer, And Holy One Of Israel, Who Sent The Son To Be The Redeemer.  Man, Whom He Came To Save, Put Contempt (Disrespect and Scorn) Upon Him.  To This He Submitted For Our Salvation.  HE IS A PLEDGE FOR ALL THE BLESSINGS OF THE COVENANT; IN HIM GOD WAS RECONCILING THE WORLD TO HIMSELF.  Pardoning Mercy Is A Release From The Curse of The Law; Renewing Grace Is A Release From The Dominion Of Sin:  Both Are From Christ.  He Saith To Those In Darkness, Show Yourselves.  Not Only See, But Be Seen, To The Glory Of God, And You Own Comforts.  Though There Are Difficulties In The Way To Heaven, Yet The Grace Of God Will Carry Us Over Them, And Make Even The Mountains A Way.  This Denotes (Is A Sign) The Free Invitations And The Encouraging Promises Of The Gospel, And The Outpouring Of The Spirit.  Amen.  v13-17, Let There Be Universal Joy, For God Will Have Mercy Upon The Afflicted, Because Of His Compassion, (And) Because Of His Covenant.  We have no more reason to question His Promise And Grace, than we have to question His Providence (His Protective Care Over Our Lives) And Justice.  Be Assured That God Has A Tender Affection For His Church And People; He Would Not Have Them To Be Discouraged.  Some mothers do neglect their children; But God’s Compassion To His People, Infinitely Exceed Those Of The Tenderest Parents Toward Their Children.  His Setting Them As A Mark On His Hand, Or A Seal Upon His Arm, Denotes (Shows) His Being Ever Mindful Of Them.  We Have Scriptural Evidence That We Belong To His Ransomed Flock, We May Be Sure That He Will Never Forsake Us.  Let Us Then Give Diligence To Make Our Calling And Election Sure, And Rejoice To The Hope And Glory Of God.      


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