“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 49, “The Servant Of The Lord,” cont’d

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“In The Midst Of It All,” Yolanda Adams

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“The Servant Of The Lord,” cont’d, Isaiah 49:6) And He Said, It Is A Light Thing That Thou Shouldest By My Servant To Raise Up The Tribes Of Jacob, And To Restore The Preserved Of Israel; I Will Also Give Thee For A Light To The Gentiles, That Thou Mayest Be My Salvation Unto The End Of The Earth.  7) Thus Saith The Lord, The Redeemer Of Israel, And His Holy One, To Him Whom Man Despiseth, To Him Whom The Nation Aborreth, To A Servant Of Rulers, Kings Shall See And Arise, Princes Also Shall Worship, Because Of The Lord That Is Faithful, And The Holy One Of Israel, And He Shall Choose Thee.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v6, Light To The Gentiles:  After Jesus’ Death And Resurrection, The Great Commission Of Global Evangelism Is Carried On By His Apostles (Acts 13:47; 26:23) and those that succeed (follow) them to end of the age (Matthew 28:18-20).  v7, Paradoxically (Self-Contradictory), The King Who Humbles Himself To Become The Servant Of Rulers Will Himself Receive Homage (Special Honor and Respect) From Men.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v1-6, The Great Author Of Redemption Shows The Authority Of His Work.  The Sword Of His Word Slays The Lusts Of His People, And All At Enmity With Them (Those That Hate Them) .  His Sharp Arrows Wound The Conscience; but all these wounds will be healed, when the sinner Prays To Him For Mercy.  But Even The Redeemer, Who Spake As (No) Man Spake In His Personal Ministry, Often Seemed To Labor In Vain.  And if Jacob will not be brought back to God, and Israel will not be gathered, STILL CHRIST WILL BE GLORIOUS.  This Promise is in part fulfilled in the Calling of the Gentiles.  Men Perish In Darkness.  But Christ Enlightens Men, And So Makes Them Holy And Happy.  v7-12, The Father Is The Lord, The Redeemer, And Holy One Of Israel, Who Sent The Son To Be The Redeemer.  Man, Whom He Came To Save, Put Contempt (Disrespect and Scorn) Upon Him.  To This He Submitted For Our Salvation.  HE IS A PLEDGE FOR ALL THE BLESSINGS OF THE COVENANT; IN HIM GOD WAS RECONCILING THE WORLD TO HIMSELF.  Pardoning Mercy Is A Release From The Curse of The Law; Renewing Grace Is A Release From The Dominion Of Sin:  Both Are From Christ.  He Saith To Those In Darkness, Show Yourselves.  Not Only See, But Be Seen, To The Glory Of God, And You Own Comforts.  Though There Are Difficulties In The Way To Heaven, Yet The Grace Of God Will Carry Us Over Them, And Make Even The Mountains A Way.  This Denotes (Is A Sign) The Free Invitations And The Encouraging Promises Of The Gospel, And The Outpouring Of The Spirit.  Amen.    


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