“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 48, “Israel Freed”

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“Be Blessed,” Yolanda Adams 

“Israel Freed,” Isaiah 48:12) Hearken Unto Me, O Jacob And Israel, My Called; I Am He; I Am The First, I Am Also The Last.  Revelation 1:17; Revelation 22:13.  13) Mine Hand Also Hath Laid The Foundation Of The Earth, And My Right Hand Hath Spanned The Heavens:  When I Call Unto Them, They Stand Up Together.  Psalm 102:25.  14) All Ye, Assemble Yourselves, And Hear; Which Among Them Hath Declared These Things?  The Lord Hath Loved Him:  He Will Do His Pleasure On Babylon, And His Arm Shall Be On The Chaldeans.  15) I, Even I, Have Spoken; Yea, I Have Called Him:  I Have Brought Him, And He Shall Make His Way Prosperous (He Will Succeed In His Mission).  16) Come Ye Near Unto me, Hear Ye This; I Have Not Spoken In Secret From The Beginning; For The Time That It Was, There Am I:  And Now The Lord God, And His Spirit, Hath Sent Me (Jesus).  Zechariah 2:8, 9.  17) Thus Saith The Lord, Thy Redeemer, The Holy One Of Israel, I Am The Lord Thy God Which Teacheth Thee To Profit, Which Leadeth Thee By The Way That Thou Shouldest Go.  Psalm 32:8.  18) O That Thou Hadst Hearkened To My Commandments!  Then Had Thy Peace Been As A River, And Thy Righteousness As The Waves Of The Sea:  Deuteronomy 5:29.  19) Thy Seed Also Had Been As The Sand, And The Offspring Of Thy Bowels Like The Gravel Thereof; his name should not have been cut off nor destroyed from before Me.  Genesis 22;17; Hosea 1:10.  20) Go Ye Forth Of Babylon, Flee Ye From The Chaldeans, With A Voice Of Singing Declare Ye, Tell This, Utter It Even To The End Of The Earth; Say Ye, The Lord Hath Redeemed His Servant Jacob.  Zechariah 2:6, 7; Exodus 19:4.  21) And they thirsted not when He Led Them Through The Deserts:  He Caused The Waters To Flow Out Of The Rock For Them:  He Clave (Split) The Rock Also, And The Waters Gushed Out.  Numbers 20:11; 1 Corinthians 10:4.  22) There Is No Peace, Saith The Lord, Unto The Wicked.             

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v12, called:  For a similar reference to God’s Calling Of Israel, see 42:6.   v13, Earth and Heavens refer to the entire cosmos (13:13; 40:21, 22; 51:6, 13).  v14, Assemble yourselves probably was addressed to the nations.  v15, I, Even I draws attention to The Source Of This Prophecy:  The Living God.  v16, Me refers To The Servant, Jesus (42:1-13; 61:1), Who Has Spoken Through His Prophets (1 Peter 1:10, 11).  v17, The Lord Teaches And Leads Through His Servants (Deuteronomy 5:27), His Prophets, And His Son.  v18, A river supplies water to supply luxuriant growth.  The waves of the sea speak of power, constancy, and increase.  v19, Sand recalls God’s Promise To The Patriarchs That The Israelites Would Become Very Numerous (Genesis 22:17; 32:12).  v20, Go Forth:  The people are told to leave Babylon, forsaking its comforts.  v21, 22, They did not thirst is An Allusion To God’s Provision Of Water.

Quest Study Bible – v20, “Why Did God Tell His People To Escape From The Babylonians?”  After Cyrus conquered Babylon, he allowed the Jews to return to Judah.  Escape was not necessary, which is why they could flee … with shouts of joy.  SCRIPTURE LINK (48:21)  See Exodus 17:1-7.   When the Israelites wandered through the Sinai desert, God Miraculously Provided Water From A Rock.  This Text may allude to the Arabian desert that separated Babylon from Judah.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – 9-13, We have nothing ourselves to plead with God, Why He Should Have Mercy Upon Us.  It Is For His Praise, To The Honor Of His Mercy, To Spare Us.  His Bringing Men Into Trouble Was To Do Them Good.  It Was To Refine Them, But Not As Silver; Not So Thoroughly As Men Refine Silver.  If God Should Take That Course, They Are All Dross (Worthless), And As Such, Might Justly Be Put Away.  He Takes Them (The Redeemed) As Refined In Part Only.  Many Have Been Brought Home To God As Chosen Vessels, And A Good Work Of Grace Begun In Them, In The Furnace Of Affliction.  It Is Comfort To God’s People, That God Will Secure His Own Honor, (And) Therefore Work Deliverance For Them.  And If God Delivers His People, He Cannot Be At A Loss For Instruments To Be Employed.  God Has Formed A Plan, In Which, For His Own Sake, And The Glory Of His Grace, He Saves All That Come To Him.    v16-22, The Holy Spirit Qualifies For Service, And Those May Speak Boldly Whom God And His Spirit Send.  This Is To Be Applied To Christ.  He Was Sent, And He Had The Spirit Without Measure.  Whom God Redeems, He Teaches, He Teaches To Profit By Affliction (Refining), And Then Makes Them Partakers Of His Holiness.  Also, By His Grace He Leads Them In The Way Of Duty; And By His Providence (His Will For Us) He Leads In The Way Of Deliverance.  God Did Not Afflict Them Willingly.  If Their Sins Had Not Turned Them Away, Their Peace Should Have Been Always Flowing And Abundant.  Spiritual Enjoyments Are Ever Joined With Holiness Of Life And Regard To God’s Will.  It Will Make The Misery Of The Disobedient The More Painful, To Think How Happy They Might Have Been.

     And Here Is Assurance Given of Salvation Out Of Captivity.  Those Whom God Designs To Bring Home To Himself, He Will Take Care Of, That They Want Not For Their Journey.  This Is Applicable To The Grace Laid Up For Us In Jesus Christ, From Whom All Good Flows To Us, As The Water To Israel Out Of The Rock, FOR THAT ROCK WAS CHRIST.  The Spiritual BlesSings Of Redemption, And The Rescue Of The Church From Anti-Christian Tyranny, Are Here Pointed To.  But Whatever Changes Take Place, The Lord Warned Impenitent Sinners That No Good Would Come To Them; That Inward Anguish And Outward Trouble, Which Spring From Guilt And From The Divine Wrath, Must Be Their Portion For Ever.  Amen.    


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