“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 18, “I Will Love Thee, O Lord, My Strength,” III, A Psalm of David

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Psalm 18 is attributed to David.  The text of this Psalm is found in 2 Samuel 22 with some variations.  The superscription (writing) indicates that this Psalm was David’s Hymn of Celebration To The Grace Of God.  This may be a Psalm of Trust.  *NCBC.    

Psalm 18, Of David the servant of The Lord.  He sang to The Lord the words of this Song When The Lord Delivered him from the hand of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul.  He said:

“I Will Love Thee, O Lord, My Strength,” III, Psalm 18:20) The Lord Rewarded Me According To My Righteousness; According To The Cleanness Of My Hands Hath He Recompensed Me.  21) For I Have Kept The Ways Of The Lord, And Have Not Wickedly Departed From My God.  22) For All His Judgments Were Before Me, And I Did Not Put Away His Statutes From Me.  23) I Was Also Upright Before Him, And I Kept Myself From Mine Iniquity.  24) Therefore Hath The Lord Recompensed Me According To My Righteousness, According To The Cleanness Of My Hands In His Eyesight.  Ruth 2:12; Matthew 10:41, 42.  25) With The Merciful Thou Wilt Shew Thyself Merciful; With And Upright Man Thou Wilt Shew Thyself Upright;  Matthew 18:32-35.  26) With The Pure Thou Wilt Shew Thyself Pure; And With The Froward (Crooked) Thou Wilt Shew Thyself Froward (Shrewd).  Leviticus 26:23.  27) For Thou Wilt Save The Afflicted People; But Wilt Bring Down High looks.  Proverbs 6:17.  28) For Thou Wilt Light My Candle:  The Lord My God Will Enlighten My Darkness.  Job 18:6.

*Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v20-24, cleanness of my hands:  David pleads his integrity, as in Psalm 17.  Contrast this language with the description of the bloodied hands of unfit worshipers in Isaiah 1:15.  blameless:  No one is completely innocent before God.  But God Enables His Servants To Pursue godliness In This Life.  v25-30, With the merciful:  The psalmist describes The Actions Of God In Terms Of The People To Whom He Relates.  God Deals With Each Person According To His Or Her Attitude.  He Opposes The Proud, But Delivers The Humble, for the humble Turn To Him For Strength.

Quest Study Bible – v23, “How could David claim to be blameless?”  See “How could David claim to be without sin?”  (17:3-5).  (v 17:3-5, David was speaking poetically.  He considered himself innocent of wrongdoing—at least when he compared himself to the violence and wickedness of those around him (v. 4).  On other occasions, however, when he saw himself in Light Of God’s Holiness, he confessed his sin Before God (51:3-4).  See “How could David claim to be blameless?”  (26:1).)   v25-26, “Why Is God Sometimes Shrewd?”  Nobody Can Outsmart God.  He Is Always In Control, Even When He Deals With Con Artists and Schemers.  Though God’s Righteous Character Means He Is Not Deceptive Or Crooked, He Can Still Deal With People In Ways That Relate To The Way They Deal With Him.   

Matthew Henry’s Compact Bible Commentary – v20-28, Those That Forsake The Ways Of The Lord, Depart From Their God.  But though conscious to ourselves of many a false step, let there not be a wicked departure from God.  David Kept His Eye Upon The Rule Of God’s Commands.  Constant Care To Keep From That Sin, Whatever It Be, Which Most Easily Besets (Threatens or Torments) Us, Proves That We Are Upright Before God.  Those Who Show Mercy To Others, Even They Need Mercy.  Those Who Are Faithful To God, Shall Find Him Everything To Them Which He Has Promised To Be.  The Words Of The Lord Are Pure Words, Very Sure To Be Depended On, And Very Sweet To Be Delighted In.  Those Who Resist God, And Walk Contrary To Him, Shall Find That He Will Walk Contrary To Them, Leviticus 26:21-24.  The Gracious Recompense (Reward) of which David spoke, may generally be expected by those who act from Right Motives.  Hence he (David) speaks comfort to the humble, and terror to the proud; “Thou Wilt Bring Down High Looks.”  And he speaks encouragement to himself; “Thou Wilt Light My Candle”:  Thou Wilt Revive And Comfort My Sorrowful Spirit; Thou Wilt Guide My Way, That I May Avoid The Snares Laid For Me.  Thou Wilt Light My Candle To Work By, And Give Me An Opportunity Of Serving Thee.  Let those That Walk In Darkness, And Labor Under Discouragements, Take Courage; God Himself Will Be A Light To Them.  Amen.


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