“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 18, “I Will Love Thee, O Lord, My Strength,” cont’d, A Psalm of David

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Psalm 18 is attributed to David.  The text of this Psalm is found in 2 Samuel 22 with some variations.  The superscription (writing) indicates that this Psalm was David’s Hymn of Celebration To The Grace Of God.  This may be a Psalm of Trust.  *NCBC.    

Psalm 18, Of David the servant of The Lord.  He sang to The Lord the words of this Song When The Lord Delivered him from the hand of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul.  He said:

“I Will Love Thee, O Lord, My Strength,” cont’d, Psalm 18:10) And He Rode Upon A Cherub, And Did Fly:  Yea, He Did Fly Upon The Wings Of The Wind.  11) He Made Darkness His Secret Place; His Pavilion Round About Him Were Dark Waters And Thick Clouds Of The Skies.  Psalm 97:2.  12)  At The Brightness That Was Before Him His Thick Clouds Passed, Hail Stones And Coals Of Fire.  13) The Lord Also Thundered In The Heavens, And The Highest Gave His Voice; Hail Stones And Coals Of Fire.  14) Yea, He Sent Out His Arrows, And Scattered Them; And He Shot Out Lightnings, And Discomfited Them.  Numbers 24:8; Job 6:4.  15) Then the channels of waters were seen, and the foundations of the world were discovered at Thy Rebuke, O Lord, At The Blast Of The Breath Of Thy Nostrils.  16) He Sent From Above, He Took Me, He Drew Me Out Of Many Waters.  Psalm 144:7.  17) He Delivered Me From My Strong Enemy, and from them which hated me:  for they were too strong for me.  18) They prevented me in the day of my calamity:  But The Lord Was My Stay.  19) He Brought Me Forth Also Into A Large Place; He Delivered Me, Because He Delighted In Me.

*Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v10-14, The language He Rode Upon A Cherub is similar to the description of Baal in Canaanite poetry.  Thus David is taking the words typically used to praise Baal and applying them to The Living God, The Only One Who Truly Deserves Such Praise.  The Cherub is a Royal Symbol and Thus Speaks Of God’s Power And Glory (80:1).  The reference to Darkness Speak Of The Hiddenness Of God.  He Cannot Be Completely Understood By Those Whom He Has Created.  The references to Brightness Speak Of God’s Holiness.  v15,  the channels of the sea:  This Culminates The Picture Of God’s Turning The Universe Upside Down (v. 7).  Even the most hidden passages of the sea are exposed, as are the elements that hold the earth together.  The Lord Does All This To Rescue His Servant David (v. 16).  All Of The Lord’s Fearsome Power Is Used To Save The One Who Worship’s Him.  v16-19, He Drew me Out Of many Waters:  Again, David draws from the language of the Canaanites, turning it To The Praise Of God.  The waters were regarded as dark gods in Canaan.  But according to David, God Is Lord Of All, and the waters are His Creatures.  He Delivers His Servant David From Any Power That Might Hold Him.

Quest Study Bible – v7-15, “Why Did God Appear In Such Frightening Ways?”   Because God, By His Very Nature, So Far Transcends Mere Human Experience, Those Who Encounter His Glory, Majesty And Power Are Overwhelmed.  Furthermore, the limitations of human language—even with poetic figures of speech—do not do Justice To Such An Awesome, Holy God.  v15, “Valleys of the sea … foundations of the earth”   A possible reference to the canyon-scarred Judean desert or, perhaps, God’s Parting Of The Red Sea.  The intent of this Image is to convey God’s Awesome Power.  v19, “Spacious place”  A figure of speech meaning a place of comfort and ease.  We still use the contrasting figure of speech to speak of trouble when we say that someone is in a “tight spot” or “backed into a corner.”

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v1-19, The First Words, “I Will Love Thee, O Lord, My Strength,” are the scope of the Psalm.  Those that Truly Love God, may Triumph In Him As Their Rock And Refuge, and may with confidence Call Upon Him.  It is Good for us to observe all the circumstances of a Mercy, which Magnify The The Power Of God And His Goodness To Us In It.  David was a Praying man, And God Was Found a Prayer-Hearing God.  If we Pray as he did, we shall speed as he did.  God’s Manifestation Of His Presence is fully described (in) ver. 7-15.  Little appeared of man, But Much Of God, In These Deliverance’s.  It is not possible to apply to the history of the son of Jesse those Awful, Majestic, and Stupendous Words Which Are Used Through This Description Of The Divine Manifestation.  Every Part Of So Solemn A Scene Of Terrors Tells Us, A Greater Than David Is Here.  God Will Not Only Deliver His People Out Of Their Troubles In Due Time, But He Will Bear Them Up Under Their Troubles In The Mean Time.  Can We Meditate On ver. 18, Without Directing Thought To Gethsemane And Calvary?  Can We Forget That it Was In The Hour Of Christ’s Deepest Calamity, When Judas Betrayed, When His Friends Forsook, When The Multitudes Derided Him, And The Smiles Of His Father’s Love Were Withheld, That The Powers Of Darkness Prevented Him?  The Sorrows Of Death Surrounded Him, In His Distress He Prayed, Hebrews 5:7(-10) Who In The Days Of His Flesh, When He Had Offered Up Prayers And Supplications With Strong Crying And Tears Unto Him That Was Able To Save Him From Death, And Was Heard In That He Feared;  8) Though He Were A Son, Yet Learned He Obedience By The Things Which He Suffered:  9) And Being Made Perfect, He Became The Author Of Eternal Salvation Unto All Them That Obey Him;)  God Made The Earth To Shake And Tremble, And The Rocks To Cleave (Split), And Brought Him Out, IN HIS RESURRECTION, BECAUSE HE DELIGHTED IN HIM (CHRIST) AND IN HIS UNDERTAKING.  Amen.      


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