“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 45, “Jerusalem To Be Inhabited,” IV

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“Alpha and Omega/The Beginning And The End”

“Be Blessed,” Yolanda Adams

“Jerusalem To Be Inhabited,” lV, Isaiah 45:11) Thus Saith The Lord, The Holy One Of Israel, And His Maker, Ask Me Of Things To Come Concerning My Sons, And Concerning The Work Of My Hands Command ye Me.  Jeremiah 31:9.  12) I Have Made The Earth, And Created Man Upon It:  I, Even My Hands, Have Stretched Out The Heavens, And All Their Host Have I Commanded.  Jeremiah 27:5.  13) I Have Raised him Up In Righteousness, And I Will Direct All his Ways:  he Shall Build My City, And he Shall Let Go My Captives, Not For Price Nor Reward, Saith The Lord Of Hosts.  14) Thus Saith The Lord, The Labour Of Egypt, And Merchandise Of Ethiopia And Of The Sabeans, men of stature, Shall Come Over Unto thee, And they Shall Be thine:  they Shall Make Supplication Unto thee, saying, Surety God Is In thee; And There Is None Else, There Is No God.  15) Verily Thou Art A God That Hidest Thyself, O God Of Israel, The Saviour.  Romans 11:33, 34.  16) They Shall Be Ashamed, And Also Confounded, All Of them:  they Shall Go To Confusion together That Are Makers of Idols.  17) But Israel Shall Be Saved In The Lord With And Everlasting Salvation:  ye Shall Not Be Ashamed Nor Confounded World Without End.  Hosea 1:7; Romans 11:26.  18) For Thus Saith The Lord That Created The Heavens; God Himself That Formed The Earth And Made It; He Hath Established It, He Created It Not In Vain, He Formed It To Be Inhabited:  I Am The Lord; And There Is None Else.  19) I Have Not Spoken In Secret, In A Dark Place Of The Earth:  I Said Not Unto The Seed Of Jacob, Seek ye Me In Vain:  I The Lord Speak Righteousness, I Declare Things That Are Right.  Nehemiah 9:13. 

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v11, Thus Says The Lord:  This Statement Points To The Certainty Of These Words.   v12, Created is the same verb used in Genesis 1:26-28 (see 43;1).   v13, The pronoun him refers to Cyrus.  v14, After The Lord Handed Over Egypt, Cush, and the Sabeans to Cyrus as a ransom, they would themselves over to Israel and its Lord.  v15, 16 God Hides Himself In His Wrath, But He Reveals Himself In The Scriptures.  v17 An Everlasting Salvation:  These Words Of Divine Promise Are Echoed In 51:6.  v18, The Lord Created The Earth To Be Inhabited, not to be desolate, as the Assyrians and the Babylonians had left the land of Israel (33:9; 44:26, 28).  v19,  Pagan diviners pronounced their oracles in secret and dark places.  The Lord’s Prophets Proclaimed The Truth Openly To All Who Would Listen.

John Gill’s Expostion Of The Bible – v14 saying, Surely God Is In thee, and There Is None Else, there is no god;  induced thus to come to the Church, and show all this Respect Unto Her, from this Consideration, That God Is In The Midst Of Her, Of A Truth, Her Name Being “Jehovah Shammah”, The Lord Is There (Present); Here He Grants His Presence, Here His Word Is Preached, And Ordinances Administered; And Hither Converts Flock, In Hope Of Enjoying The Same Blessing Also, Being Fully Satisfied There Is No Other God But In Zion, ( Zechariah 8:23 ) ( Ezekiel 48:35 ) . This passage of Scripture is thus explained in the Jewish Chronicles F25: “the labour of Egypt”, that is, Pharaoh king of Egypt: “and the merchandise of Ethiopia”, that is, Tirhakah, king of Ethiopia: “and the Sabeans, men of stature”, these are their armies:

Quest Study Bible – v15, “Why Would God Hide Himself?”  The surrounding Verses speak of other nations, idol-worshipers, Coming To Israel’s God.  From their perspective, Israel’s God Is Different Because He Is Not Made Of Wood Or Stone.  He Is Invisible—Or Hidden From Their Eyes.  God Responds By Saying He Is Not Hiding—He Reveals Himself To His People (vv. 18-19).  Also see article:  “Does God Sometimes Hide From Us?”  (Psalm 10:1).

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v11-19, Believers may ask in Prayer for what they need; if for their good, it will not be withheld.  But how common to hear God Called To Account For His Dealings With Man!  Cyrus provided for the returning Jews.  Those Redeemed By Christ Shall Be Provided For.  The Restoration would convince many, and convert some; And All That Truly Join The Lord, Find His Service Perfect Freedom.  Though God Be His People’s God And Saviour, Yet Sometimes He Lays Them Under His Frowns; But Let Them Wait Upon The Lord Who Hides His Face.  There is A World Without End, And It Will Be Well Or Ill With Us, According As It Shall Be With Us In That World.  The Lord We Serve And Trust, Is God Alone.  All That God Has Said Is Plain, Satisfactory, And Just.  As God In His Word Calls Us To Seek Him, So He Never Denied Believing Prayers, Nor Disappointed Believing Expectations.  He Gives Grace Sufficient, And Comfort And Satisfaction Of Soul.  Amen. 


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