“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 45, “Jerusalem To Be Inhabited,” III

Christian Living

“Alpha and Omega/The Beginning And The End”

“Be Blessed,” Yolanda Adams

“Jerusalem To Be Inhabited,” lll, Isaiah 45:5) I Am The Lord, And There Is None Else, There Is No God Beside Me:  I Girded thee, Though thou Hast Not Known Me.  6) That they May Know From The Rising Of The Sun, And From The West, That There Is None Beside Me.  I Am The Lord, And There Is None Else.  Psalm 102.15; Malachi 1:11.  7) I Form The Light, And Create Darkness:  I Make Peace, And Create Evil:  I The Lord Do All These Things.  Amos 3:6.  8) Drop Down, Ye Heavens, From Above, And Let The Skies Pour Down Righteousness:  Let The Earth Open, And Let Them Bring Forth Salvation, And Let Righteousness Spring Up Together; I The Lord Have Created It.  Psalm 85:11.  9) Woe Unto him That Striveth With his Maker!  Let The Postsherd Strive With The Potsherds Of The Earth.  Shall The Clay Say To him That Fashioneth It, What Makest thou?  or thy work, He hath no hands?  Jeremiah 18:6; Romans 9:20.  10) Woe Unto him that saith unto his father, What begottest thou? Or to the woman, What hast thou brought forth? 

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v5, 6, From the rising of the sun to its setting means everywhere (Psalm 113:3).   v7, 8, Because Cyrus Was Anointed By The True God, Heaven Would Shower Its Blessings On Earth.  v9, 10, potsherd:  Why should the created being question The Creator?  A piece of pottery doesn’t question the potter.

 Quest Study Bible – v7, “Why Would A Loving God Create Disaster?”  The best answer might rest in The Image Of God As A Loving Parent, Who Offers Care But Insists On Obedience.  The specific disaster in the minds of the readers was the captivity of the Jews, which was clearly intended as a lesson for Israel, One That Would Draw Them Into Greater Obedience.  Also see article:  “Why Does God Send Calamity?”  (Lamentations 3:38).  v9, “What should we do with our doubts and complaints?”  The word for quarrel here convey the idea of picking a fight.  There is a rich Biblical tradition of Faithful People expressing their honest disagreements with God.  Abraham, Moses, David, Job, Jeremiah and others all did this.  But their complaints actually served to Bring Them Closer To God, while the quarrels mentioned here are points of division.  We Can Tell God How We Feel Without Picking A Fight And Turning Away From Him.  v9, “Potsherd,”   A broken piece of pottery.  See “How was David like broken pottery?”  (Psalms 31:12).  

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v5-10, There Is No God Beside Jehovah.  There Is Nothing Done Without Him.  He makes Peace, Put Here For All Good; And Creates Evil, NOT THE EVIL OF SIN, BUT THE EVIL OF PUNISHMENT.  He Is The Author Of All That Is True, Holy, Good, Or Happy, And Evil, Error, And Misery, Came Into The World By His Permission, Through The Willful Apostacy (The Abandonment Of Religion) Of His Creatures, But Are Restrained And Overruled To His Righteous Purpose.  This Doctrine Is Applied, For The Comfort Of Those That Earnestly Longed, Yet Quietly Waited For The Redemption Of Israel.  The Redemption Of Sinners By The Son Of God, And The Pouring Out (Of) The Spirit, To Give Success To The Gospel, Are Chiefly Here Intended.  We Must Not Expect Salvation Without Righteousness; Together The Lord hath Created Them.  Let Not Oppressors Oppose God’s Designs For His People.  Let Not The Poor Oppressed Murmur, As If God Dealt Unkindly With Them.  Men Are But Earthen Pots; They Are Broken Potsherds, And Are Very Much Made So By Mutual Contentions (Conflicts).  To Contend (Fight) With Him Is As Senseless As For Clay To Find Fault With The Potter.  Let Us Turn God’s Promises Into Prayers, Beseeching (Begging) Him That Salvation May Abound Among Us, And Let Us Rest Assured That The Judge Of All The Earth Will Do Right.  


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