“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 45, “Jerusalem To Be Inhabited,” cont’d

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“Alpha and Omega/The Beginning And The End”

“Be Blessed,” Yolanda Adams

“Jerusalem To Be Inhabited, cont’d, Isaiah 45:1) Thus Saith The Lord To His Anointed, To Cyrus, whose Right Hand I Have Holden, To Subdue Nations Before him; And I Will Loose The Loins Of Kings, To Open Before him The Two Leaved Gates; And The Gates Shall Not Be Shut;  2) I Will Go Before thee, And Make The Crooked Places Straight:  I Will Break In Pieces The Gates of Brass, And Cut In Sunder The Bars Of Iron:  3) And I Will Give thee The Treasures Of Darkness, And Hidden Riches Of Secret Places, That thou Mayest Know That I, The Lord Which Call thee by thy name, Am The God Of Israel.  Exodus 33:12.  4) For Jacob My Servant’s Sake, And Israel Mine Elect, I Have Even Called thee By thy name:  I Have Surnamed thee, Though thou hast Not Known Me.      

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v1, To be Anointed, literally To Be “Messiah,” indicates appointment to an office, usually as king (61:1).  The bestowal of this Unique and Exalted title on the Persian king, after it had been used in Israel of such notables as the patriarchs (Psalm 105:15), David (Psalm 2:2), And The Coming Messiah (Daniel 9:25), must have shocked Isaiah’s Israelite audience (vv. 9, 10).  v2, I Will Go Before you:  This Was The Lord’s Promise To Cyrus, similar To His Promises To His People Of Old.  Babylon had one hundred gates of bronze.  v3, 4, have not known Me:  Cyrus Knew That The Lord Had Appointed him, but he did know The Lord God personally (see Ezra 1:2).  Who call you by your name refers to the specific naming of Cyrus By The Lord before Cyrus became king (compare 43:1).  God Anointed Cyrus To Establish Again The People Whom He Loved (43:1).

Quest Study Bible – v1, “How was Cyrus Anointed?”   Cyrus’s Anointing was figurative, to be sure, But God Was Empowering him For The Task Of The Returning Of The Jews To Their Homeland.  The Word Messiah Means Anointed–Because God Would Specially Prepare That Special One To Redeem His People—but Cyrus was not The Messiah.  He was just a leader Prepared By God For A Unique Task.  v3, “Treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places,”   As Cyrus conquered nations, building his empire, he took possession of great wealth.  Ancient writers commented on the legendary wealth of Lydia, which Cyrus conquered in 546 B. C.  God Was Both Equipping And Rewarding Cyrus For The Great Deed Of Freeing Israel.  (This may, however, be an illusion to the treasures that the Babylonians stole from the Jerusalem Temple, which Cyrus found and then returned to the Jews; Ezra 5:14-15.)

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v1-4, Cyrus is called God’s Anointed; he was designed and qualified for his great service by The Counsel Of God.  The gates of Babylon which led to the river, were left open the night that Cyrus marched his army into the empty channel.  The Lord Went Before him, Giving Entrance To The Cities he besieged.  He Gave him also treasures, which had been hidden in secret places.  The True God Was To Cyrus and Unknown God; Yet God Foreknew him; He Called him by his name.  The exact Fulfillment of This must have shown Cyrus That Jehovah Was The Only True God, And That it Was For The Sake Of Israel that he was prospered.  In all the changes of states and kingdoms, God Works Out The Good Of His Church.  


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