“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 44, “The Lord, Not Idols,” cont’d

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“Nobody Like You Lord,” Maranda Willis Leads Powerful Praise In Phoenix

“The Lord, Not Idols,” cont’d, Isaiah 44:15) Then Shall It Be For A Man To Burn:  For he Will Take Thereof, And Warm himself; Yea, he Kindleth It, And Baketh Bread; Yea, he Maketh A god, And Worshippeth It; he Maketh It A Graven Image, And Falleth Down Thereto.  16) He Burneth Part Thereof In The Fire; With Part Thereof he Eateth Flesh; he Roasteth Roast, And Is Satisfied:  Yea, he Warmeth himself, And Saith, Aha, I Am Warm, I Have Seen The Fire:  17) And The Residue Thereof he Maketh A god, Even his graven image:  he Falleth Down Unto it, And Worshippeth it, And Prayeth Unto it, And Saith, Deliver me, for thou art my god.  18) They Have Not Known Nor Understood:  For he Hath Shut his Eyes, That They Cannot See, And their Hearts, that they Cannot Understand.  Psalm 81:12.  19) And None Considereth In his heart, Neither Is There Knowledge Nor Understanding To Say, I have burned part of it in the fire; yea, also I have baked bread upon the coals thereof; I have roasted flesh, and eaten it:  and shall I make the residue thereof an abomination?  shall I fall down to the stock of a tree?  20) He feedeth on ashes:  a deceived heart hath turned him aside, that he cannot deliver his soul, nor say, Is there not a lie in my right hand?  Hosea 4:12; Romans 1:21.  21) Remember These, O Jacob and Israel; for thou Art My servant:  I Have Formed thee; thou art My servant:  O Israel, thou Shalt Not Be Forgotten Of me.  22) I have Blotted Out, As A Thick Cloud, thy Transgressions, And, As A Cloud, thy sins:  Return Unto Me; For I Have Redeemed Thee.  Colossians 1:14; 1 Peter 1:18, 19.  23) Sing, O Ye Heavens; For The Lord Hath Done It:  Shout, Ye Lower Parts Of The Earth:  Break Forth Into Singing, Ye Mountains, O Forest, And Every Tree Therein:  For The Lord Hath Redeemed Jacob, And Glorified Himself In Israel.  Psalm 69:34; Revelation 18:20.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v15, 16 Isaiah was struck by the absurdity of using one part of a log for burning and the outer part as an object of Worship.  v17, 18  you are my god:  This is a  scene of complete hopelessness.  Worshiping and depending on any object made by human hands–such as money–is just as hopeless.  v19, a block of wood:  The awful truth was that people were worshiping objects made from God’s Creation instead of The Creator Himself.  v20, He feeds on ashes:  Compare the two banquets in Proverbs 9:1-6, 13-18.  v21:  not be forgotten:  Although the exiles might have thought That God Had Forgotten them (49:14, 15), The Lord Declared That He Would Remember The Nation He Created.  v22, blotted out:  The idea of Total Forgiveness Of Sins is also found in 40:2; 43:25.  v23, The songs (12:1-6) of the Heavens and earth (1:2; 49:13) the forest (35:1, 2) and every tree (14:7, 8; 55:12) Mirror The Joy Of God’s People at The Arrival Of Salvation.

 Quest Study Bible – v16-17, “Why was Isaiah sarcastic?”  To modern minds, it might seem improper to mock other religions, but this was common practice in the ancient world.  God Regularly Showed His People That Idol-Worship Made No Sense, since those gods had no real power.  Often He Used Humor To Do This (see 1 Kings 18:27; Psalm 115:4-8).  v23, “How can mountains sing?”  See “Why describe inanimate objects as Rejoicing?”  (Psalm 96:11-13).

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v9-20, Image-making is described to expose the folly of idolaters.  Though A man had used part of a log for fuel, he would fall down before an image made of the remainder, praying it to deliver him.  Man greatly dishonors God, when he represents Him after the image of man.  Satan binds the eyes of unbelievers, causing absurd reasoning’s in matters of Religion.  Whenever men seek happiness in worldly things, or run into unbelief, superstition, or any false system, they feed on ashes.  A heart deceived by pride, love of sin, and departure from God, turns men aside from His Holy Truth And Worship.  When the affections are depraved, a man holds fast the lie as his best treasure.  Are our hearts set upon the wealth of the world and its pleasures?  They will certainly prove a lie.  If we trust to outward professions and doings, as if those would save us, we deceive ourselves.  Self-suspicion is the first step towards self-deliverance.  He that would deliver his soul, must question his conscience.  Is there not a lie in my right hand?  Return Unto Me.  v21 – 23, It Is The Great Concern Of Those Who Have Backslidden From God, like the Jews of old to hasten their return To Him.  The Work Of Redemption Wrought For Us B Christ Encourages To Hope For All Blessings From Him.  Our Transgressions And Our Sins Are As A Thick Cloud Between heaven And Earth:  Sins Separate Between Us And God; They Threaten A Storm of Wrath.  When God Pardons Sin, He Blots Out, He Dispels This Cloud, So That The Way To Heaven Is Open Again.  The Cloud Is Scattered By The Son Of Righteousness; It is Quite Gone.  The Comforts That Flow Into The Soul When Sin Is Pardoned, Are Clear (And) Shining After Clouds And Rain.  Let Not Israel Be Discouraged; Nothing Is To Hard For God;  Having Made All, He Can Make What Use He Pleases Of Any.      


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