“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 43, “Israel’s Only Savior,” cont’d

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“Nobody Like You Lord,”  Maranda Willis

“Israel’s Only Savior,” cont’d, Isaiah 43:8) Bring Forth The Blind People That Have Eyes, And The Deaf That Have Ears.  9) Let All The Nations Be Gathered Together, And Let The People Be Assembled:  Who Among Them Can Declare This,  And Shew Us Former Things?  Let Them Bring Forth Their Witnesses, That They may Be Justified:  Or let Them Hear, And Say, It Is Truth.  10) Ye Are My Witnesses, Saith The Lord, And My Servant Whom I Have Chosen:  That ye May Know And Believe Me, And Understand That I Am He:  Before Me There Was No God Formed, Neither Shall There Be After Me.  11) I, Even I, Am The Lord; And Beside Me There Is No Saviour.  12) I Have Declared, And Have Saved, And I Have Shewed, When There Was No strange god among you:  Therefore Ye Are My Witnesses, Saith The Lord, That I Am God.  Deuteronomy 32:16.  13) Yea, Before The Day Was I Am He; And There Is None That Can Deliver Out Of My Hand:  I Will Work, And who shall let it? “

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v7, 8, As a blind and deaf witness, the nation of Israel did not fulfill the Prophecy of Restoration (42:18-20).  v9, 10, witnesses: The people of Israel had witnessed The Great Works Of God.  v11-13, The Lord Was Always At Work—Saving, Protecting, and Disciplining His People.

Quest Study Bible – v10, “Who Would Be God’s Witnesses?”  Israel is the witness, the servant who will Testify Of God’s Power.  God Is Setting Up A Court Battle Between Himself and idols.  Did any of the idols predict the recent events?  Could any of them save the Israelites?  Of course not; they can produce no witnesses to support their case.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v8-13, Idolaters Are Called To Appear In Defense Of Their Idols.  Those Who Make Them And Trust In Them, Are Like Unto Them.  They have the shape and faculties of men (*but no power).  But God’s People Know The Power Of His Grace, The Sweetness Of His Comforts, The Kind Care Of His Providence (Good Will) And The Truth Of His Promise.  All Servants Of God Can Give Such An Account Of What He Has Wrought  (Worked and Shaped In) To Them, And Done For Them, As May lead Others To Know And Believe His Power, Truth, And Love.  Amen. 

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