“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 43, “God’s Mercy And Israel’s Unfaithfulness,” cont’d

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“Consuming Fire,”  Worship You Forever, Todd Dulaney

“God’s Mercy And Israel’s Unfaithfulness,” cont’d, Isaiah 43:22) But thou Hast Not Called Upon Me, O Jacob; But Thou Hast Been Weary Of Me, O Israel.  Malachi 1:13.  23) Thou Hast Not Brought Me The Small Cattle Of thy burnt offerings; neither hast thou Honoured Me with thy sacrifices.  I Have Not Caused thee to serve with an offering, Nor Wearied thee with incense.   24) Thou Hast Bought Me No Sweet Cane With Money, Neither Hast thou Filled Me With The Fat Of thy sacrifices:  but thou Has Made Me To Serve With thy sins, thou Hast Wearied Me with thine iniquities.  Malachi 2:17; Jude 4.  25) I, Even I, Am He That Blotteth Out thy Transgressions For Mine Own Sake, And Will Not Remember thy sins.  Jeremiah 31:34.  26) Put Me In Remembrance:  Let Us Plead Together:  Declare thou, that thou Mayest Be Justified.  27) Thy first father Hath Sinned, and thy teachers Have Transgressed Against me.  Romans 5:12.  28) Therefore I Have Profaned the princes Of The Sanctuary, And Have Given Jacob To The Curse, And Israel To Reproaches.    

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v21, 22,  The Lord’s Accusation Was That The People Had Not Worshiped Him In The Way He Prescribed And With The Motivation He Demanded.  v23, 24, The exiles’ ingratitude—Nor Have You Honored Me—Contrasts With The Lord’s Forbearance (Patience)—You Have Burdened Me.  v25, For My Own Sake:  The Lord Chooses To Save And Forgive.  This Arises Out Of His Character.  v26, State your case:  The Lord Asks Israel To Answer His Charges.  v27, 28, First father  refers to Abraham (51:2).  Princes of the Sanctuary refers to the leaders of the priests in Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 24:5). 

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v22-28, Those Who neglect To Call Upon God, Are Weary of Him.  The Master Tired Not The Servants With Commands, But They Tired Him With Disobedience.  What Were The Riches Of God’s Mercy Toward Them?  I, Even I, Am He Who Yet Blotteth Out Thy Transgressions.  This Encourages Us To Repent, Because There Is Forgiveness With God, And Shows The Freeness Of Divine Mercy.  When God Forgives, He Forgets.  It Is Not For Any Thing In Us, But For His Mercies’ Sake, His Promises Sake; Especially For His Son’s Sake.  He Is Pleased To Reckon It His Honor.  Would Man Justify Himself Before God?  The Attempt Is Desperate:  Our First Father Broke The Covenant, And We All Have Copied His Example.  We Have No Reason To Expect Pardon, Except We Seek It By Faith In Christ, And That Is Always Attended By True Repentance, And Followed By Newness Of Life, By Hatred Of Sin, And Love To God.  Let Us Then Put Him In Remembrance Of The Promises He Has Made To The Penitent (Repentant), And The Satisfaction His Son Has made For Them.  Plead These With Him In Wrestling For Pardon; And Declare These Things, That Thou Mayest Be Justified (Made Righteous) Freely By His Grace.  This Is The Only Way, And It Is A Sure Way To Peace.  Amen!    


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