“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 42, “The Servant Of The Lord”

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“Fill Me Up,” Maranda Willis, Greater Travelers Rest (GTR) Praise Team 

“The Servant Of The Lord,” Isaiah 42:1) Behold My Servant, Whom I Uphold, Mine Elect, In Whom My Soul Delighteth; I Have Put My Spirit Upon Him:  He Shall Bring Forth Judgment To The Gentiles.  Matthew 3:17; Colossians 1:12-14.  2) He Shall Not Cry, Nor Lift Up, Nor Cause His Voice To Be Heard In The Street.  3) A bruised reed Shall He Not Break, And the smoking flax Shall He Not Quench:  He Shall Bring Forth Judgment Unto Truth.  4) He Shall Not Fail Nor Be Discouraged, Till He Have Set Judgment In The Earth:  And The Isles Shall Wait For His Law.  5) Thus Saith God The Lord, He That Created The Heavens, And Stretched Them Out; He That Spread Forth The Earth, And That Which Cometh Out Of It;  He That Giveth Breath Unto The People Upon It, And Spirit To Them That Walk Therein:  Acts 17:25.  6) I The Lord Have Called Thee In Righteousness, And Will Hold Thine Hand, And Will Keep Thee, And Give Thee For A Covenant Of The People, For A Light Of The Gentiles;  Luke 2:32; Acts 13:47.  7) To Open The Blind Eyes, To Bring Out The Prisoners From The Prison, And Them That Sit In Darkness Out Of The Prison House.  8) I AM THE LORD:  THAT IS MY NAME:  And My Glory Will I Not Give To Another, Neither My Praise To Graven Images.  Exodus 3:14.  9) Behold, The Former Things Are Come To Pass, And New Things Do I Declare:  Before They Spring Forth I Tell You Of Them.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v1, Behold:  The Lord Formerly Presents His Servant.  The Title My Servant Is Identified With Jesus Christ In The New Testament (Matthew 12:15-21).  uphold:  When God Upholds A Person, Nothing Can Bring Him Down.  The Servant—That Is Jesus—Was Filled With The Holy Spirit (59:21; 61:1; Luke 3:22) Which Empowered Him To Bring Justice To The World.  v2, The Hebrew word rendered cry out means “to cry out in distress.”  The Phrase Cause His Voice To Be Heard In The Street suggests the same idea; The Servants Rejection Is Heard For The First Time (49:4; 50:5, 6; 53:4-9).  v3, The phrase a bruised reed represents the poor and needy (41:17; 42:7).  A smoking flax represents those who have almost lost their Faith and Hope In The Lord.  v4, law:  The Servant Will Mediate The New Covenant (2 Corinthians 3:3; Hebrews 8:7-13).  v5, The Lord God Introduces Himself As The Source Of All Life—Breath—And Spirit For He Will Enable The Servant To Free People From Death And Spiritual Darkness (vv. 6-9).  v6, The Servant In Righteousness Will Deliver Israel From Sin, And Institute A New Covenant Binding Israel To The Lord (49:8).  The Prophets Refer To This New Covenant As A “Covenant Of Peace” (54:10; Ezekiel 34:25); an “Everlasting Covenant” (55:3); a “New Covenant.”  v7, To Open … Darkness  Christ Gave Sight To The Blind To Show That He Had The Power To Give Everyone Spiritual Insight (v.16).  v8, My Name:  That God Reveals His Name To His People Is An Indication Of His Wondrous Grace.   v9, Former … New:  God Through Isaiah Was Announcing New Prophecies, And These Too Would Come To Pass.

Quest Study Bible – v1, “Who Was The Servant?”  At first glance, it seems that this servant might have been Cyrus.  God Had Already Talked Of Using This One From The East (41:2) For His Purposes And Cyrus Would Do Great Things To Redeem God’s People, To Set Them Free And To Restore Their Homeland.  Yet throughout Scripture we often find Prophecies with multiple fulfillment and Cyrus, obviously not Israel’s Messiah, merely stands as a prototype (an example) of The Anointed Ruler To Come.  Many Jewish scholars see The Servant as Israel itself, suffering for the sins of humanity.  To some extent, this fits.  For example, The Servant Is Identified By Name As Jacob or Israel (44:1; 45:4, for example).  But ch. 49 adds a new angle.  The Servant’s Purpose Is To Bring Jacob Back To HIM (GOD) (v. 5) And To Be A Light For The Gentiles (v. 6).  Of course, Christians Have Always Understood The Servant To Be Jesus Christ.  In fact, At Jesus’ Baptism The Divine Voice Alluded To Isaiah, Saying:  This Is My Son, Whom I Love; With Him I Am Well Pleased (Matthew 3:17).  (Allowing for translation from Hebrew to Greek, this Phrase is the same as In Whom I Delight.)  The Servant Song Is Quoted Several Times In The New Testament In Reference To Jesus.  v6, “In What Way Would The Servant Be A Light For The Gentiles?”  He Would Welcome Gentiles As Well As Jews Into The Family Of God, Through His Sacrificial Atonement.  Jesus Christ, Who Died For All The Sin Of Humanity, Fulfilled God’s Purpose Of Reaching Out To The Whole World Through His Chosen People And Through His Promised Messiah (see 60:1-14).  

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v1-4, This Prophecy Was Fulfilled In Christ, Matthew 12:17.  Let Our Souls Rely On Him, And Rejoice In Him; Then, For His Sake, The Father Will Be Well-Pleased With Us.  The Holy Spirit Not Only Came, But Rested Upon Him, And Without Measure (Unable To Measure).  He Patiently Bore The Contradiction Of Sinners.  His Kingdom Is Spiritual; He Was Not To Appear With Earthly Honors.  He Is Tender To Those Oppressed With Doubts And Fears, As A Bruised Reed (He Will Provide Tender Care To Those With Doubts And Fears, Those That Are Bruised From The Cares Of This World) ; Those Who Are Smoking Flax, As The Wick Of A Lamp Newly Lighted, Which Is Ready To Go Out Again.  He Will Not Despise Them, Nor Lay Upon Them More Work Or More Suffering Than They Can Bear.  By A Long Course Of Miracles And To His Resurrection, He Fully Showed The Fruit Of His Holy Religion.  By The Power Of His Gospel, And Grace He Fixes Principles In The Minds Of Men, Which Tend To Make Them Wise And Just.  The Most Distant Nations Wait For His Law, Wait For His Gospel, And Shall Welcome It.  If We Would Make Our Calling And Election Sure , And Have The Father Delight Over Us For Good, We Must Behold, Hear, Believe In, And Obey Christ.  v5-12, The Work Of Redemption Brings Man Back To The Obedience He Owes To God As His Maker.  Christ Is The Light Of The World.  And By His Grace He Opens The Understanding Satan Has Blinded, And Sets At Liberty (Frees) From The Bondage Of Sin.  The Lord Has Supported His Church.  And Now He Makes New Promises, Which Shall As Certainly Be Fulfilled As The Old Ones Were.  When The Gentiles Are Brought Into The Church, He Is Glorified In Them And By Them.  Let Us Give To God Those Things Which Are His, Taking Heed That We Do Not Serve The Creature More Than The Creator. 


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