“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 42, “Song Of Praise To The Lord”

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“Fill Me Up,” Maranda Willis, Greater Travelers Rest (GTR) Praise Team 

“Song Of Praise To The Lord,” Isaiah 42:10) Sing Unto The Lord A New Song, And His Praise From The End Of The Earth, Ye That Go Down To The Sea, And All That Is Therein; The Isles, And The Inhabitants Thereof.  11) Let The Wilderness And The Cities Thereof Lift Up Their Voice, The Villages That Kedar Doth Inhabit:  Let The Inhabitants Of The Rock Sing, Let Them Shout From The Top Of The Mountains.  12) Let Them Give Glory Unto The Lord, And Declare His praise In The Islands.  13) The Lord Shall Go Forth As A Mighty Man, He Shall Stir Up Jealousy Like A Man Of War:  He Shall Cry, Yea, Roar; He Shall Prevail Against His Enemies.  14) I Have Long Time Holden My Peace; I Have Been Still, And Refrained Myself:  Now Will I Cry Like A Travailing Woman, I Will Destroy And Devour At Once.  15) I Will Make Wast Mountains And Hills, And Dry Up All Their Herbs; And I Will Make The Rivers Islands, And I Will Dry Up The Pools.  16) And I Will Bring The Blind By A Way That They Knew Not; I Will lead Them In Paths That They Have Not Known:  I Will Make Darkness Light Before Them, And Crooked Things Straight.  17) The Shall Be Turned Back, They Shall Be Greatly Ashamed, That Trust In Graven Images, That Say To The Molten Images, Ye are our gods.   

 Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v10, 11, You who go down to the sea … the wilderness and its cities:  The Command If For All People To Sing.  v12, Glory links this hymn with The Servant’s Song (v. 8).   v13, Man Of War:  The Zeal Of The Lord.  He Shall Prevail Against His Enemies:  A Similar Promise That The Lord Will Triumph Is Found In 41:11, 12.  v14, Held My Peace Describes The Lord’s Patient Delay In Acting (48:9; 57:11).  A long time most likely refers to the 70 years of captivity (2 Chronicles 36:21).  woman in labor:  The words not only speak of her cry, but of the timely bringing forth of the new age begun with The Restoration.  v15, mountains … rivers:  These words refer to all obstacles in the way of returning to the land from Exile.  v16, 17, Blind refers to the state of the exiles, forming a link with The Servant’s Task (v. 7) And The Lord’s Accusation Against Israel (v. 18).

Quest Study Bible – v11, “Kedar … Sela,”  Kedar was a nomadic tribe that settled in northern Arabia.  Sela was the Edomite capital, probably set on a towering plateau south of the dead sea.  Isaiah gives us a topographic lesson—islands and desert (Kedar) and mountains (Sela) will all Welcome The Victorious Lord.  v14, “Why Was God Silent For So Long?”  God Stood By As His People Went Into Captivity.  Perhaps God Felt The Tension Of A Parent Who Must Punish A Beloved Child.  After The Period Of Silence—God’s Inaction—God Would Again Express Himself Mightily, Crying Out In Judgment Against Babylon And Causing A Miraculous Restoration Of His People.

 Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v5-12, The Work Of Redemption Brings Man Back To The Obedience He Owes To God As His Maker.  Christ Is The Light Of The World.  And By His Grace He Opens The Understanding Satan Has Blinded, And Sets At Liberty (Frees) From The Bondage Of Sin.  The Lord Has Supported His Church.  And Now He Makes New Promises, Which Shall As Certainly Be Fulfilled As The Old Ones Were.  When The Gentiles Are Brought Into The Church, He Is Glorified In Them And By Them.  Let Us Give To God Those Things Which Are His, Taking Heed That We Do Not Serve The Creature More Than The Creator.   v13-17, The Lord Will Appear In His Power And Glory.  He Shall Cry, In The Preaching Of His Word.  He Shall Cry Aloud In The Gospel Woes, Which Must Be Preached With Gospel Blessings, To Awaken A Sleeping World.  HE SHALL CONQUER BY THE POWER OF HIS SPIRIT.  And Those That Contradict And Blaspheme His Gospel, He Shall Put To Silence And Shame; And That Which Hinders Its Progress Shall Be Taken Out Of The Way.  To Those Who By Nature Were Blind, God Will Show The Way To Life And Happiness By Jesus Christ.  They Are Weak In Knowledge, But He Will Make Darkness Light.  They Are Weak In Duty, But Their Way Shall Be Plain.  Those Whom God Brings Into The Right Way, He Will Guide In It.  This Passage Is A Prophecy, And Is Also Applicable To Every Believer; FOR THE LORD WILL NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE THEM.


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