“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Luke, “JESUS PRESENTED IN THE TEMPLE,” cont’d

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“Break Every Chain,” Tasha Cobbs, First Baptist Church of Glenarden

“JESUS PRESENTED IN THE TEMPLE,” cont’d,  Luke 2:25) And, behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon; and the same man was Just and Devout, Waiting For The Consolation of Israel:  And The Holy Ghost Was Upon him.  26) And It Was Revealed Unto Him By The Holy Ghost, That he Should Not See Death, Before he Had Seen The Lord’s Christ.  27) And he Came By The Spirit Into The Temple:  and when the parents Brought In The Child Jesus, To Do For Him After The Custom Of The Law,  Acts 8:29.  28) Then Took he HIM Up In his arms, And Blessed God, and said,  29) Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in Peace, According To Thy Word:  Genesis 46:30.  30) For mine eyes Have Seen THY SALVATION,  2 Samuel 23:1-5.  31) Which Thou Hast Prepared Before The Face Of All people;  32) A Light To Lighten The Gentiles, And The Glory Of Thy People Israel.  Isaiah 9:2; Acts 13;47.  

Nelson’s Complete Bible Commentary – v25, 26, Simeon was waiting for The Consolation Of Israel, a Hope that parallels the Hope of national Deliverance expressed in the two hymns of ch. 1.  This Deliverance Would Involve The Work Of (The) Messiah.  Holy Spirit:  Luke Highlights The Presence Of The Spirit.  v27, 28  Into The Temple:  The location within The Temple is not given, but Mary’s presence suggests The Court of Women.  v29, 30  Simeon Identified God’s Salvation As Being Personified In Jesus.  v31, 32 A Light To Bring Salvation To The Gentiles … The Glory Of Your People Israel:  This is the First Explicit Statement in Luke that includes both Jew and Gentile.  Salvation Is Portrayed As Light (1:79).  Jesus Is The Glory Of Israel Because Through Him The Nation Would See The Fulfillment Of God’s Promises.

Quest Study Bible –  v25, “The Consolation of Israel,”  This Phrase Refers To The Old Testament Hope In A Messiah That Would finally and decisively deliver Israel from the political bondage of other nations.  Zechariah had earlier expressed this same hope (1:68-75).  v32, “How common was it to think of The Messiah Being For the Gentiles as well as for the Jews?”   This was unusual but not unprecedented.  Isaiah looked forward to the day when nations from around the world would come and Worship God In Jerusalem (Isaiah 2:2-4; 42:6).  Later, the idea that Gentiles Would Receive God’s Blessings without having to become Jews was called a Mystery (Ephesians 3:5-6).

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v32, A Light to Lighten the Gentiles  Or for the Revelation of the Gentiles; to reveal the Love, Grace, and Mercy of God, An Everlasting Righteousness, and the Way of Life and Salvation to them. Reference seems to be had to ( Isaiah 42:6 ) ( 49:6 ) . “Light”, is one of The Names of The Messiah in the Old Testament, as in ( Psalms 43:3 ) ( Daniel 2:22 ) , which passages are by the Jews F11 themselves interpreted of Christ; and is a Name often used of Him in the New Testament: it is True Of Him as God, He Is Light Itself, and In Him Is No Darkness At All; and as The Creator of Mankind, He Is That Light Which Lightens Every Man With The Light of Nature and Reason; and as The Messiah, He Is Come A Light Into The World: The Light Of The Gospel, In The Clear Shine Of It, Is From Him; The Light Of Grace In His People, who were in darkness itself, He Is The Author and Donor Of; as He Is Also Of The Light Of Glory and Happiness, In The World To Come: and Particularly, the Gentiles Enjoy This Benefit Of Light By HIM; who were, and as this supposes they were, in darkness, as they had been some hundreds of years before The Messiah’s Coming: they were in the dark about The Being and Perfections of God, About The Unity of God, and The Trinity Of Persons In The Godhead, and About God In Christ; About His Worship, The Rule And Nature Of It; and The Manner Of Atonement, and Reconciliation For Sin; The Person, Righteousness, and Sacrifice Of Christ; The Spirit Of God, and His Operations On The Souls Of Men; The Scriptures Of Truth, And Both Law And Gospel; The Resurrection Of The Dead, and A Future State: Now, Though Christ In His Personal Ministry, Was Sent only to the Jews, Yet After His Resurrection, He Gave His Disciples A Commission To Go Into All The World, To Preach The Gospel To The Gentiles, In Order To Turn Them From Darkness To Light; and hereby multitudes were called out of darkness into Marvelous Light: and this Simeon had knowledge of, and a few more besides him; otherwise, the generality of the Jewish nation were of opinion, that when The Messiah came, the nations of the world would receive no benefit by Him, no Light, Nor Comfort, Nor Peace, Or Prosperity: but all the reverse would befall them, as darkness, calamity, and misery: and so they express themselves in a certain place;F12 the Israelites look, or wait for  `Redemption; For The Day Of The Lord Shall Be “Light to them”; but; the nations, why do they wait for HIM? for HE shall be “to them darkness, and not Light”.”  But the contrary, Simeon, Under Divine Inspiration, Declares, Blessed Be God, It Has Proved True: he adds,  and The Glory of Thy People Israel;  which is true of Israel in a literal sense, inasmuch as The Messiah Was Born of the Jews, and Among them; and Was First Sent and Came to them, and Lived and Dwelled with them; Taught in their streets, and Wrought His Miracles In The Midst of them; though this was an aggravation of their ingratitude and unbelief, In Rejecting Him: The Gospel Was First Preached To Them, even after The Commission Was Enlarged To Carry It Among The Gentiles; and many of them were Converted, and The First Gospel Church Was Planted Among Them; and An Additional Glory was made to them, by The Calling of the Gentiles, and joining them to them (Jews), through The Ministry Of The Apostles, who were all Jews; who went forth from Zion, and carried The Word Of The Lord from Jerusalem, to the several parts of the world: and this also is more especially True, of The Mystical, or Spiritual Israel of God, Whose Glory Christ Is; Being Made Of God Unto Them, Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, and Redemption; they having such an Head, Husband, Saviour, and Redeemer, As He; and they Being Clothed With HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, AND WASHED IN HIS BLOOD, SANCTIFIED BY HIS GRACE, AND MADE MEET (Made Ready To Come Into His Presence) FOR ETERNAL GLORY; to which they (Gentiles) have a Right and Claim, Through The Grace Of God, And Merits Of Christ; and Therefore Glory not in themselves, BUT IN CHRIST, WHO IS THEIR ALL IN ALL.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v25 – 32, The Same Spirit That Provided For The Support Of Simeon’s Hope, Provided For His Joy.  Those Who Would See Christ Must Go To His Temple.  Here Is A Confession Of His Faith, That This Child In His Arms Was THE SAVIOUR, SALVATION ITSELF, THE SALVATION OF GOD’S APPOINTING.  He Bides Farewell To This World.  How Poor Does This World Look To One That Has Christ In His Arms, And Salvation In His View!  See Here, How Comfortable Is The Death Of A Good Man; He Departs In Peace With God, Peace With His Own Conscience, In Peace With Death.  Those That Have Welcomed Christ, May Welcome Death. 


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