“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Luke 2, “JESUS PRESENTED IN THE TEMPLE”

Christian Living

“Jesus Christ The Anointed One”  Our “Messiah”


“My Redeemer Lives,” Nicole C. Mullen

“JESUS PRESENTED IN THE TEMPLE,”  Luke 2:21) And When Eight Days Were Accomplished For The Circumcising Of The Child, His Name Was Called JESUS, Which Was So Named Of The Angel Before He Was Conceived In The Womb.  Matthew 1:21.  22) And when the days of her Purification according to the Law of Moses were accomplished, They Brought Him To Jerusalem, TO PRESENT HIM TO THE LORD;  23) (As It Is Written In The Law Of The Lord, Every Male That Openeth The Womb Shall Be Called Holy To The Lord;)  Numbers 3:13.  24) And To Offer A Sacrifice According To That Which Is Said In The Law Of The Lord, A pair of turtledoves, or two young pigeons.    

Quest Study Bible – v21-24, “Why these Ceremonies for parents and infants?”  To fulfill The Law Of The Lord (v. 39).  Jewish families went through at least three Ceremonies after the birth of a first born son:  (1) circumcision.  As a Sign of the Jews Covenant With God, each Hebrew boy was circumcised on the eighth day after his birth (Leviticus 12:3).  (2) Redemption of the first born.  Each first born son was presented to God a month after his birth, a Dedication Acknowledging that he Belonged to God.  The child would be “Redeemed,” that is “Repurchased,” by giving a Sacrificial Offering in his place (Exodus 2:11-16).  (3) Purification of the mother.  For forty days following the birth of a son (80 days following the birth of a daughter), a mother was considered unclean.  At the end of this ritual impurity, a Sacrifice was offered as part of her cleansing process.  See “Why would a good thing like giving birth require purification?”  (Leviticus 12:4).    

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v21-24, OUR LORD JESUS WAS NOT BORN IN SIN, AND DID NOT NEED THAT MORTIFICATION  (EMBARRASSMENT AND SHAME) OF A CORRUPT NATURE, OR THAT RENEWAL UNTO HOLINESS, WHICH WERE SIGNIFIED BY CIRCUMCISION.  This Ordinance Was, In His Case, A Pledge Of His Future Perfect Obedience To The Whole Law, In The Midst Of Sufferings And Temptations, Even Unto Death For Us.  At The End Of Forty Days, Mary went up to The Temple to Offer The Appointed Sacrifices for her purification.  Joseph Also Presented The Holy Child Jesus, Because, As A First-Born Son, He Was To Be Presented To The Lord, And Redeemed According To The Law.  Let Us Present Our Children To The Lord Who Gave Them To Us, Beseeching (Begging) Him To Redeem Them From Sin And Death, And Make Them Holy To Himself.  Amen.  


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