“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Matthew 1, “THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST”

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“Mercy Said No,” CeCe Winans

“THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST,”  Matthew 1:18) Now The Birth Of Jesus Christ Was On This Wise:  When As His mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she Was Found With Child Of The Holy Ghost.  Galatians 4:4.  19) Then Joseph her husband, being a Just man, and not willing to make her a publick example, was minded to put her away privily.  Deuteronomy 24:1.  20) But while he thought on These Things, Behold, The Angel Of The Lord Appeared Unto him in a Dream, Saying, Joseph, Thou Son Of David, Fear Not To Take Unto Thee Mary Thy Wife:  For That Which Is Conceived In Her Is Of The Holy Ghost.  Luke 1:35.  21) And She Shall Bring Forth A Son, And Thou Shalt Call His Name JESUS:  For He Shall Save His People From Their Sins.  Genesis 49:10.  22) Now All This Was Done, That It Might Be Fulfilled Which Was Spoken Of The Lord By The Prophet, Saying,  23) Behold, A Virgin Shall Be With Child, And Shall Bring Forth A Son, And They Shall Call His Name Emmanuel, Which Being Interpreted Is, God With Us.  Isaiah 7:14.  24) Then Joseph Being Raised From Sleep Did As The Angel of The Lord Had Bidden him, and Took Unto him His Wife:  25) And knew her not till she Had Brought Forth her Firstborn Son:  and he Called His Name JESUS.  

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v18, betrothed:  In Jewish culture, this covenant was made about a year before the consummation of the marriage.  It was during the one-year period of the betrothal that Mary was found to be pregnant.  The fact the Mary Was A Virgin At This Time is clearly implied by the phrase before they came together, and by the Righteous Character of Joseph and his desire to divorce Mary When Her Pregnancy Became Known (v.19).  v19, Joseph wanted to divorce Mary on the grounds of infidelity.  Joseph could have made the divorce a public matter, or he could have gone through a private ceremony before two witnesses.  Being a gracious and Just man, Joseph decided to keep it private.  v20, Conceived … Of The Holy Spirit:  Verses 1-17 Establish JESUS As A Legal Son Of Joseph; vv. 18-25 deny that Joseph was JESUS’ physical father.  v21-24, Behold … Immanuel (Emmanuel):  This is a quotation from Isaiah 7:14.  In this verse, the Prophet Isaiah consoles king Ahaz of Judah.  A coalition of two kings was opposing Ahaz.  Isaiah tells (him) the plans of his enemies will not succeed.  As a Sign to Ahaz, A Son Would Be Born To A Woman, And Before That Boy Reached The Age Where He Could Tell Right From Wrong, the two kings would no longer be a threat to Ahaz.  Matthew makes it clear that Isaiah’s words find their Ultimate Fulfillment In The Birth Of Jesus, A Sign To People Of All Ages That GOD WAS WITH THEM.  v25, Joseph did not know Mary physically Until She Gave Birth To JESUS.  The brothers and sisters of JESUS were younger siblings born to Joseph and Mary After JESUS’ Birth (13:55, 56).

Quest Study Bible –  v19, “Why did Joseph consider divorce?”  His wife-to-be was Pregnant and Her Child wasn’t his — a disgrace in era!  Unlike today, first century engagements were binding premarital contracts leading to marriage.  During the year of engagement, the couple behaved like husband and wife (except that they did not live together or have sex).  To break off such an engagement, a divorce was required.  v23, “Why A Virgin Birth?”  Some think it was because Adam’s original sin has been passed down to humanity through sinful parents.  They say Jesus, To Be Free Of Sin, Needed To Circumvent The Natural Method And Be Conceived In A SUPERNATURAL WAY.  More likely, Jesus’ Birth, A MIRACULOUS BIRTH TO A SEXUALLY PURE YOUNG WOMAN, SERVED TO UNDERSCORE HIS SUPERNATURAL BEGINNING—A SIGN OF HIS DIVINITY.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v18-25, Let Us Look To The Circumstances Under Which The Son Of God Entered Into This Lower World, till we learn to despise the vain honours of this world, when compared with Piety (Reverence) and Holiness.  The Mystery Of Christ’s Becoming Man Is To be Adored, not curiously inquired into.  It Was So Ordered That Christ Should Partake Of Our Nature, Yet That He Should Be Pure From The Defilement Of Original Sin, Which Has Been Communicated To All The Race of Adam.  Observe, it is the thoughtful, not the unthinking, whom God Will Guide.  God’s Time To Come With Instruction To His people, Is When They Are At A Loss.  Divine Comforts Delight (Most) The Soul When Under The Pressure Of perplexed Thoughts.  Joseph Is Told That Mary Should Bring Forth The Saviour Of The World.  He Was To Call His Name JESUS, A SAVIOUR.  JESUS Is The Same Name With Joshua.  And The Reason Of That NAME Is Clear, For Those Whom CHRIST SAVES, HE SAVES FROM THEIR SINS; From The Guilt Of Sin BY THE MERIT OF HIS DEATH (ON THE CROSS), And From The Power Of Sin By THE SPIRIT OF HIS GRACE.  In Saving Them From Sin, He Saves Them From Wrath And The Curse, And All Misery, Here and Here-After.  Christ Came To Save His People, Not In Their Sins, But From Their Sins, And So TO REDEEM THEM FROM AMONG men, To HIMSELF, WHO IS SEPARATE FROM SINNERS.  Joseph did as the Angel Of The Lord Had Bidden Him, Speedily, Without Delay, And Cheerfully, Without Dispute.  By Applying The General Rules Of The Written Word, We Should In All The Steps Of Our Lives, Particularly The Great Turns Of Them, Take Direction From God, And We Shall Find This Safe And Comfortable.  Amen.             


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